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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  April 14, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #69

At a missions conference, it was suggested that a Christian should give up one meal that week and instead use that time to pray for global outreach. Is there some reason this contemplative petition being incorporated into a pre- or post-meal prayer is insufficient?

At a missions conference, it was asked how generous are you with what the Lord has given you. Now is the person making the inquiry doing so from a genuine position of detached pious altruism? Or are they positioning themselves in the hopes of getting a percentage of what you are being manipulated out of?

President Obama urged Americans to be more like Ted Kennedy. That's certainly what the nation needs, additional Communist-sympathizing, homicidal drunken whoremongers.

In a discussion of whether or not Christians should look favorably upon the American Revolution, a minister insisted that Patrick Henry's slogan of “Give me liberty or give me death” undermines the sovereignty of God. So is it just as wrong to emphatically assert what you will be having for supper tonight?

Gays seem to enjoy pursuits considered traditionally female in nature. Why don't they just set up their own wedding cake bakeries, florists, and nuptial photographers?

Greg Gutfeld said that the upcoming election is about a leader unifying a divided American people. Didn't the Nazi's say similar things in Germany following the turbulent economic era of the 1920's and during the ascent of Adolf Hitler?

Dana Parino suggested that it was progress that activists are working to remove the anti-gay marriage plank from the Republican Party platform. Would it be better categorized as a sign of cultural regress?

If a rape victim is uncomfortable around someone that merely resembles her attacker but never laid a hand on her to the point that her psychosis begins to kick in, isn’t it her obligation to remove herself from the situation rather than to force the innocent male to have his own life ruined?

It was said in a sermon that it is selfish to work for wages or from a perspective of what can you get out of it. Would the homilist prefer we otherwise not work at all? Where do they think the money slipped into the collection plate otherwise comes from? Selfish ambition would be more using immoral means to acquire what one desires or to somehow cheat the individual with whom has entered into a contractual arrangement thought to be mutually beneficial to the involved parties.

In a sermon, men were rhetorically challenged that, as their lives were ending, would they have rather spent their lives watching every episode of their favorite TV program or having given oneself to the faithful service of God’s church. But in this era of DVR’s, DVD’s and even Youtube, is this really an either or decision? Why can’t one do both? But more importantly, given that the sermon addressed the topic of leadership positions within the church, what if one’s church situation does not allow for such opportunities or attach so many extra-Biblical regulations governing the position that filling the office is not worth the trouble?

A radio report categorized the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act as not friendly towards homosexuals. What about the number of court rulings handed down inimical to the adherents of particular religious convictions that require this variety of legislative response? This statute could be carefully modified to protect industries, artisans, and craftsmen below a certain size. Large corporations, for the most part, don’t oppose the disputed lifestyle. They have, after all, been at the forefront of indoctrinating the American people into embracing this form of social decay.

CNN propagandist Chris Cuomo, in violation of his professed Roman Catholicism, exasperatedly in a defense of gay marriage asked a Christian rhetorically offered up in the arena to the lions, “You cannot fix gay, do you understand that? This is who these people are.” So why is the only apparently inalterable aspect of the human psyche that which pertains to whom you enjoy rubbing your privates against? So what if the Christian turned this interrogation around and responded “This is who we are. You can't alter our beliefs against our will. Don't you understand that?” Why are Christians obligated to violate their nature? Why must the carnally licentiousness be allowed to revel in who the are but not the religiously devout?

So if a gay performer shows up at an audition and the script promotes an explicitly anti-homosexual message, can such a thespian be compelled to participate in the production against their will? If not, on what logical grounds should an Evangelical or Roman Catholic photographer be compelled to document a sodomite nuptial?

In light of the anti-religious freedom position maintained by activist Sodomites, the KKK ought to compel a Black fried chicken joint to cater one of that sect's rallies.

Juan Williams remarked on The Five regarding a case of a teen cut from a volleyball team and by the rules of her particular league forbidden from trying out for another team if you get cut from a youth's sports team, you get cut and that's just life. He otherwise did not vocalize much sympathy. Than why all the hoopla some years ago about him getting CUT from National Public Radio? Wasn't that “just life”?

It was remarked in a sermon that contemporary Christianity has departed from the slave mentality initially taught by the faith. The believer might technically be Christ’s slave. However, you certainly aren’t the slave of the church or those that administer that religious body.

At the White House Easter Breakfast, President Obama verbalized his concern that a number of Christians comport themselves in a less than loving manner. At the numerous Islamic functions Obama is eager to commemorate, does he vocalize disappointment towards activist adherents of that particular religion committing numerous atrocities such as widespread decapitations and child rape? About the worst thing Christians have done as of late is refuse to bake wedding cakes for certain people. At the White House Persian New Year celebration, did Obama speak out against Iran’s efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction?

A 12 year old was denied the $20,000 ESPN prize for completing nearly perfect March Madness brackets because he is under 18. However, had the lad wanted access to an abortion or birth control, the same corporatists would enunciate little objection. Too bad Walt Disney, the parent company of ESPN, is not as eager to protect the underaged from molesters as they are apparently statutorily objectionable financial gains.

It is supposedly racist for fans to prefer White actors for traditionally White superhero roles such as the Human Torch and even now Spider-Man. This perception has become so widespread that some are excited over the prospect of Miles Morales rather than Peter Parker becoming the defacto friendly neighborhood wall crawler in the Marvel cinematic universe. In a story about the role of Spider-man being recast posted at, it was observed that since actor Mateus Ward auditioned for the role, “Second, based on the photo, it's safe to guess that Ward auditioned to play Peter Parker and not Miles Morales.” has chastised those critical of a Black actor playing the Human Torch and suggested that fans should expand our horizons to embrace a non-White Spider-man. As such, shouldn't we be inclusive enough to accept a non-Black actor depicting Miles Morales?

Contrary to what Al Shapton is suggesting regarding nationalized police forces, those certainly did Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidians a lot of good.

Given the number of gays and minorities in Hillary's debut campaign commercial, what does she intend to do for Straights and Whites?

Will those that have complained incessantly about Jesus and the Apostles being “too Anglo” in certain narrative Bible productions speak out about John the Beloved appearing as Black in the AD miniseries. I thought it was Simon of Cyrene before figuring it out.

Among the differences with Cuba that President Obama vows to respect include that regimes mistreatment of Black Cubans?

Obama insists that he is not interested in battles that started before he was born. Does that mean that he will finally shut the Ghenna up regarding race? In the 1980’s, Jim Bakker’s racket was resort hotel timeshares. Now it seems to be survivalist rations.

In peddling survivalist rations, does Jim Bakker also intend to provide the firearms to prevent the theft of such provisions by rape gangs?

If Christian ministries hawking survivalist rations are afraid or reluctant to suggest firearms are necessary to secure such provisions against bandits because of government involvement into their affairs should they speak out in such a manner, they should admit as such. They should not retreat into the Evangelese cop out about how they will instead rely upon God to protect them. For if they are relying solely upon God's provisions, why are they stockpiling rations but not guns?

In analyzing the decline of Christianity in America, does Jim Bakker acknowledge the role he played in that?

If we are to believe David Wilkerson had powers of precognition beyond deductive observation and analysis, why didn’t he foresee the traffic accident that took his life in a manner that could have prevented this tragedy?

In a chapel address at a Christian school uploaded onto, the pastor admonished that he did not want students giggling during what the minister considered the discussion of a mature topic. But if youngsters giggle during a topic that makes the students uncomfortable, shouldn’t that be considered a blessing that the pupils still possess a degree of innocence? For does not the Scripture lament those no longer able to blush?

In a chapel address, a pastor remarked to the assembled students about the Christian tendency to condemn fellow believers for behaviors and decisions that are not necessarily sins. But don’t many pick up a number of these peculiarities from the litany of regulations imposed upon them in their formative years in the Christian schools that they are expected to attend? If not, is the student going to be allowed to slide by if at this school if they smuggle a Harry Potter novel or even a G.I. Joe comic book were smuggled onto the campus?

In asking students why they thought it was wrong to take certain drugs, a pastor chastised a group of middle schoolers for responding that doing so harmed the body. At their age, what's so wrong with utilizing a little good old fashioned fear or shame to keep the youngsters in line?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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