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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  January 21, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #64

An interesting Time Magazine cover featured Mark Zuckerberg. The caption read, “Half The World Is Not Enough: Mark Zuckerberg's Plan To Get Every Human Online”. But what if every human doesn't want to be online? One must be cautious in making definitive prophetic pronouncements. However, it almost sounds like the techmogul aspires to be the False Prophet of the Apocalypse if he wants to make participation in the digital realm mandatory.

A church should encourage those in attendance to be evangelistic. However, that does not mean everyone's form of evangelistic outreach will take place under the auspices of the formal institutional church.

It was insinuated that people might be suffering from serious illness such as cancer or financial hardship because they did not attend prayer meeting. How is coercing people into church attendance through threats of hardship and tragedy much different than the likes of Joel Osteen promising riches and prosperity for those that show up. My grandmother regularly attended all kinds of church services their entire lives. The last month of her life was spent with a breathing tube shoved down her throat. Such illnesses are just a fact of life and have little to do with how many times your church punch card is stamped.

World leaders marching through the streets of Paris won't do one thing to stop global terrorism. These are the same figures whose mindless adherence to a spineless multiculturalism results in these violent savages rampaging out of control in the first place.

I'd rather have leaders willing to slit the throats of Jihadists as they sleep than to march down the streets of Paris.

An online meme depicts a woman's cold and a man's cold. The woman is depicted going on with her daily activities while the man milks it for all it's worth languishing in bed. Unless the meme is animated, I guess it is too difficult to artistically depict the woman still raising a fuss five years down the road over the approach each took to that specific illness. To be even more accurate, the image would need to show the issue of the cold being raised in relation to an additional dispute that isn't even illness or medical related.

A pastor gave an exposition on the early church through an examination of Acts 2:42-47. The passage was particularly emphasized for the chastisement of those that attend church just an hour per week. Highlighted deliberately was the passage detailing, “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts.” However, that does not necessarily translate as what we think of nowadays as a traditional church service. In that era, that would probably mean more akin to the Christian tuning in to the nightly news or logging onto social media. These interactions did not necessarily have to be pastorally led or a member of the formalized hierarchy there to police everything being said.

WMAL host Larry O'Connor noted the demonstration participated in by numerous world leaders by positively remarking how throngs in Paris have often taken to the streets in defense of Western values. Perhaps he should also point out how these were often followed by the looting of churches and mass executions.

Larry O'Connor of WMAL says we are socially obligated to remove the bags and wrinkles under our eyes. Given that he has divorced his wife with children and as much as he rambles on about Broadway showtunes, shouldn't he just come out and admit that he is likely a Sodomite? It was remarked in a podcast that “real church” includes fellowship with man as well as God. Criticized especially were those that dart out of their pew once the services is completed. So how long are you required to linger if you don’t really have anything to say and it is quite obvious that no one really has anything to say to you?

A pastor has been accused of stopping a funeral mid-service upon learning that the deceased was gay. It would have probably been best to just finish out the proceedings. In the future, this development should serve as a lesson to determine the backgrounds beforehand of those over whose departures one will be officiating if an aspect of their character violates your convictions.

CNN propagandists insist that the network will not broadcast images of the prophet Muhammad for concern of offending Muslims. Wouldn’t it be more honorable to just go ahead and admit that the management does not want to deal with death threats or terrorist assaults against personnel and property?

The new James Bond film is scheduled to premiere 11/6/15. Hopefully, that won't be as much of a disappointment as the previous installment of the series upon learning that the eponymous Skyfall from the title was not some kind of satellite weapon or an asteroid some mad scientist had manipulated into a collision course with the Earth but merely the name of his ancestral home. As was remarked sarcastically on an episode of The Simpsons, don't you just love it when James Bond no longer does any James Bond stuff.

In admonishing those with an unhealthy fascination with sports, a pastor claimed that a number of those verbally overly enthusiastic at sporting events don't really have much to say in church. But is church really the place for the cheering and hooting that is acceptable as part of athletic spectatorship? Furthermore, is the pastor merely soliciting applause for himself or is he really interested in soliciting real time feedback from the pews where those in attendance would be free to blurt out what they are really thinking when they believe that the pastor is in doctrinal or homiletical error the way one would over a play or call with which one was in profound disagreement?

In praising the nation of Israel for its technological innovations, Southwest Radio Church on a Jan 2015 broadcast singled out for special mention a device that can allegedly biometrically quantify the intent of a hostile individual in an airport. So think about this for a moment. A ministry that markets itself as prophetically aware is celebrating a form of the technology that could be deployed by the Anti-Christ to determine whether or not those under surveillance are actually worshiping the image of the Beast given life by the False Prophet. Would those developing such technology be held up for adoration if they had not been Jews?

If bobbing for apples is sufficient grounds to open oneself up to Satanic attack because of participation in something pagan in origin, should we assume that someone that dies on a day from Sunday through Saturday also dabbled in the occult by referring to these demarcations of the solar rotation by their pagan monikers?

At the State of The Union, among those scheduled to be exploited like livestock on display is a 13 year old alleged to have written a letter to Santa claiming that all the child wanted was safety. What 13 year old, unless they are “developmentally delayed”, still believes in Santa Claus as an actual being?

Obama is promising a $500 tax credit for couples where both partners work outside the home. Why not for couples where only one partner works outside the home? Why not for single people as well? Weather bureau propagandist assured that the good news is that the snow will only impact roads in the far outlying areas. You, know, out where those White rednecks live. After all, it is “Black lives matter”.

ISIS is targeting educated women. To be consistent with the standard that they enunciated in reaction to the Charlie Hebbdo massacre, are Pope Francis and William Donahue of the Catholic League going to insinuate that these individuals will also be getting what they deserve for blatantly offending the Islamists?

The Obama Administration is outraged that the Speaker of the House invited without prior approval the Israeli Prime Minister to address Congress. It is claimed that the action constitutes a violation of diplomatic protocol. But a breach of protocol is not necessarily a violation of law. It is not only protocol but a matter of constitutional provision that the actions of the Executive Branch be authorized by statutes enacted by the Legislative Branch rather than by fiat executive order. However, Obama certainly isn't that concerned with procedural precedent any other time.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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