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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  January 9, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #63

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg underwent a cardiac procedure implanting a stint a day after experiencing discomfort. This same gnarled crone no doubt voted to uphold the Obama healthcare reforms that would require anyone else her age to submit to death panel deliberation that would decide whether or not the elderly would be worthy of continued existence. And given that her hospital admission occurred around a major holiday, under the idealized policy she advocates, anybody else would still be waiting in the emergency room.

In a prayer, an admonishing petition exhorted that the hearers would not accumulate Biblical facts but rather be spoken to by the Holy Spirit. Isn't it just as important to pray that a stark dichotomy not be drawn between these states of cognitive awareness? Within a set of hermeneutical parameters where the Scriptures are ultimately the only trustworthy venue through which God speaks to mankind, without a collection of Biblical facts and observations deduced from revelation, how else will the believer hear from God?

The White House is urging classrooms to erect shrines or memorials to Michael Brown and other victims of police violence. Does this include the Branch Davidians, Randy Weaver, Cliven Bundy, and the nursing home resident tasered to death for refusing to go to the hospital?

Jeb Bush said that, if he runs for the Presidency, he will do so as a pragmatist and not as an ideologue. Isn't that statement itself ideological?

President Obama insists that a broad immigration policy will allow for the entrance of the high-skilled labor America needs. I guess those were advanced genetically modified chickens scratching in the yard alongside the road of the rundown immigrant neighborhood I drive through on my way to church. I've lived in the area 40 years. Don't tell me it hasn't rundown. Why else am I one of the youngest Caucasians in the congregation?

DC officials are expecting mourners from, in the word of authorities, across the country for the memorial service of former mayor Marion Barry. If you travel great distances to this event, you either have too much time on your hands or need your head examined.

In remarks before the House of Representatives, a number of congressional members enunciated in reference to the Ferguson grand jury verdict and following upheaval the mantra “No justice, no peace”. Would these elected officials be as sympathetic to violence and destruction if such mayhem was instead carried out in the halls of the Capitol by thieving hordes rather than inflicted upon the property owners of Midwestern hamlet in question?

Liberals create a situation where the selling of unlicensed cigarettes is an offense worthy of fatal police intervention and the statists applaud the continual expansion of government power. These related perspectives then apparently blame certain varieties of conservatism when it is caught on tape how the totalist state actually plays itself out on the streets and in people's lives. Obama can't chicken excrement his way out of this one. Obese cigarette vendors are exactly the ones that have no place in the President's version of utopia.

One shouldn't resist arrest. However, these bureaucrats are often clearly intoxicated on their own sense of self importance these days. You are about accused of causing a disturbance at the DMV if you raise your voice for the purposes of being heard over the background roar of this anteroom of Ghenna to get your point across to the witless functionaries attempting not to apply the procedures as they are actually written and who can barely speak audible English.

At the National Christmas Tree lighting, Obama failed to name “the child” that we celebrate this time of year. Is he deluded into thinking that the story refers to himself?

Tyler Perry productions are often marketed as quality (even family friendly) entertainment. In a preview for some film featuring Perry's transvestite character Medea, comedian Larry the Cable Guy remarks something like did you hear the one about the two Black dudes and the rabbi. Medea remarks to Larry The Cable Guy did you hear about the Redneck shot for telling the one about the two Black dudes and the rabbi. Would a White producer be heralded and acclaimed like Tyler Perry if the punchline of a skit was a White character threatening to shoot a Black one over something that the White character considered to be off color?

Racialist subversive on The O'Reily Factor insists that Michael Brown should have been taken into custody without being shot because John Gotti and Lee Harvey Oswald were apprehended. However, neither of these notorious criminals attempted to snatch a police officers firearm or charge at one.

Columnist David Brooks is publishing a book titled “The Road To Depth”. Mind you, this is the same pundit that concluded Obama was fit to be President based upon the crease in Obama's pants. So how much depth can this opus actually possess? On Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson admitted that he does not like actually spending time with his grandchildren. Then what's the point of breeding if one does not like or want to be around the byproducts?

North Dakota has gained headline attention for proposing that, in order to graduate, students ought to be required to pass a citizenship test of the variety administered to arrivals seeking that particular legal status. Before looking down one's nose in disgust at contemporary youths unable to intellectually grasp the basics of being an American, shouldn't it be asked if the school system is itself teaching these basics?

In a sermon on marriage and singleness, Southern Baptist Missions Board President David Platt remarked that God did not create singleness for the purpose of playing video games and wandering aimlessly through this life. But frankly, most married people don't really accomplish anything more significant than that themselves.

Pastor Perry Noble suggests that, if the church is analogous to a human body, those leaving a congregation must be the excrement. But wouldn't that make the one squeezing them out (often the pastor) the anus? That part of the anatomy remains attached as a permanent fixture and remains caked with lingering stench and filth no matter how well intentioned its regular cleaning. Unless one is on the payroll or holds some kind of position of responsibility in a particular congregation, there is nothing in Scripture saying you have to articulate any specific reason why you might decide to leave and go elsewhere.

On an episode of MSNBC's “Morning Joe”, Mika Brzezinski ran off stage while a story was being reported where 19 were hospitalized following a chemical attack at a fury convention in Chicago. Would correspondents expressing shock and contempt upon learning exactly what it is that their colleague Rachel Maddow does in pursuit of carnal pleasure still be employed by that network? As warped as they might be, at least there is still the possibility for those at the fury convention to pair off with members of the opposite sex.

Outrage has broken out over forced feeding at GITMO. Fine. These heathens can have all of the pork barbecue and porkchops they can eat or they can just starve themselves to death.

A survey concludes that nearly 50% of Americans would not want their sons to play football. So what? It is up to the parents to decide what recreational pursuits that they will allow their children to pursue. There is nothing in Scripture demanding participation in organized athletics whatsoever. Should these youngsters be catastrophically injured during a game, are those elevating participation on the gridiron nearly to the status of an obligation going to pick up the expenses for hospitalization or longterm care?

Bill Cosby in essence stated that he only trusts the Black media. He certainly didn't mind rubbing himself all over a number of White women.

Rejoice, America. For Michelle Obama deems you worthy of her condemnation and chastisement. During her “incognito” trip to Target a few years ago, a mere peasant requested that the First Lady assist her to retrieve an item from a shelf. But was that because she was confused with ranking among the servile classes as she insists transpired or because she is built like a Sasquatch? So the next time you find yourself in a retail setting and you see individuals of a particular demographic that become human bobbleheads whenever they go to open their mouths, you will probably get less grief if you hold to the assumption that they are probably too lazy to work to begin with.

How come calling Sandra Fluke will allegedly result in violence against women but calling for violence against police won't result in violence against police?

As a result of his participation in the lawsuit filed by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio regarding attempts by the Obama Administration to prevent the deportation of millions of illegals, WMAL categorized Larry Klayman as a “gadfly attorney”. Would the broadcast outlet dare say something similar regarding Gloria Allred (whose primary motivation of jurisprudence is penis envy) or former Senator and infamous whoremonger John Edwards?

In a prayer, a pastor insinuated that it is wrong to read the Bible in search of a blessing. That attitude might be wrong if one is doing so to obtain a material blessing. But why bother reading the text if not to get something --- either spiritual or intellectual --- out of such a mental exercise?

In the account of the birth of Christ, the text informs that the census was taken during the reign of Caesar Augustus. Contrary to a SermonAudio sermon, that fact is not provided as a reason why the Roman Empire missed out on the birth of Christ. That tidbit is provided more for the purposes of placing the birth of Christ in the context of history rather than the tales of mythology.

So on what grounds do protesters pleased by the murder of two random police officers get bent out of shape over collateral damage in the war against terrorism?

A number of historians conjecture that the flush toilet may have done more to expand the human lifespan than nearly every other medical advancement.

Therefore applying the principle that public safety personnel are for some reason entitled to complimentary meals, does that mean plumbers and sewage treatment workers should be lavished with free healthcare?

Isn't a Congressman speaking at a function sponsored by David Duke less offensive than Congress sponsoring a group called the Congressional Black Caucus if liberals are going to insist the impropriety of considering color in any circumstances?

It was observed from a pulpit of the sinful hypocrisy to praise God during a church service to just moments later commenting on how someone their was inappropriately dressed. Do does that invalidate sermon after sermon delivered from the same pulpit that droned on and on over the alleged impropriety of women wearing pants?

Regarding these police officers that turn their back on the Mayor of New York. You as worthless taxpayer and citizen see what happens when you turn your back on a police officer when they demand attention and respect.

French police responded to the AK 47 attack on the editorial office armed with bicycles and lyrical accents. No disrespect to the fallen, but can unarmed personnel even really be considered police?

A pastor remarked that the Devil can use even godly music to direct attention away from Scripture. Can't the same thing be said of sermons that are imbalanced in reference to what the homilist decides to emphasize rhetorically and exegetically in relation to divine revelation?

A pastor admonished that doublemindedness in a home creates bitterness and anger in the heart of a child. So can rules for the sake of rules that have little to no rational basis in Scripture and are ultimately just reflections of the pastor's individual opinions and peculiarities.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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