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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  November 25, 2014
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #62

According to the 10/15/2014 issue of the Christian Century, a coalition of religious leftists is launching a campaign to encourage voter registration in low income and immigrant communities. In other words, populations likely to elect candidates more likely to promise the largest handout payments. This mobilization effort plans to organize under the banner of Let My People Vote. Mind you, these are likely the very same agitators insisting that the pro-life, pro-family, and pro-American policy preferences of Religious Right organizations such as Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition cheapen the cause of the Gospel.

Critics of Columbus Day have suggested that, instead of the renowned explorer, the nation ought to celebrate the culture and nation of so-called “indigenous people”. Firstly, these indigenous are no more native to these lands than the Whitey interloper or technically they would not be part of the same human species.. There is no better way to remember and honor the sacrifices of this people group than by barring travelers from other regions with diseases to which there is little immunity that can wipe out entire cultures and civilizations.

Of the Muslim prayers allowed in the structure on 11/11/14, the National Cathedral posted on its Facebook page that the service was open only to attendees and interfaith guests. So apparently the National Cathedral doesn't have a problem with religious exclusion when doing so promotes that institution's anti-Christian and anti-American agendas. Would a radical Christian sect that opposed homosexuality be allowed to promote their particular theological viewpoint within that particular edifice with the vestry's blessing, especially if the sponsors or participants advocated the use of violence or extended moral approval to those utilizing such to achieve their socioreligious objectives? Then why is this privilege being extended to Muslims having participated in such outrages?

Speaking in regards to the subpoena of the sermons of a number of Houston pastors opposing a “gender equality” statute, Dr. Scott Murray of that city's Luther Memorial Church remarked on an episode of Isssues Etc. that he would welcome such an opportunity to have his homilitetical output scrutinized by the state. He ruminated that it might be the only time that these magistrates might be exposed to a nonlegalistic version of Christianity. But is it really the proper function of civil authorities to deploy its policing powers to penalize doctrinal expression that has not veered beyond the boundaries of verbalization into the territory of physical or financial abuse?

A documentary about the band Hillsong scheduled to be shown in theaters assures that the musicians have not been changed by the world. Given than the musicians depicted in the trailer look like beatnik slobs to begin with, they were probably already living like the world to begin with.

It was said in a sermon that a humble heart was one that has no thought of itself. However, one is not obligated to remain in an ecclesiastical, business, or personal relationships where mistreatment crosses the boundary of occasional small scale slights into the territory of abuse and being taken advantage of. A statement like that mentioned in the sermon sounds profoundly spiritual. However, given what has occurred over the course of church history and what goes on behind the locked doors of many of these congregations, the pastors and theologians extolling the virtue of the diminution of the self need to be very careful as to what they mean by such admonitions.

A self-loathing Caucasoid has attempted to capitalize on a slice of the racial grievance racket through essays titled “Seven Things I Can Do That My Son Can’t” and “I Hope My Son Stays White”. In these, the author laments the lack of acceptance on the part of the White devils. In summary, he asks why are Black males still feared in White America. Frankly, it’s not the Swedes that have rampaged for months on end in Missouri and threatening more violence if the judicial system does not rubber stamp a predetermined outcome in the Michael Brown case. Perhaps the author should have been more selective with whom he decided to procreate instead of branding everybody as racist that fails to applaud his redistributionist agenda.

Regarding an incident where a breastfeeding mother was photographed in a restaurant. The best way to avoid that is for her to keep her shirt on. Unless in a strip club or a chicken joint, most patrons really don’t care to have breast on display. If it is that urgent to feed the baby, perhaps at that age they need to remain at home.

On an episode of The White Horse Inn, the phrase “church shopping” was said in a tone of disgust or derision. But what's so wrong with church shopping? If one's congregation begins to embrace false doctrine, cultural debauchery, or even clamps down too strictly on secondary matters, on what grounds is one obligated to remain? Likewise, even if the doctrine is acceptable and relations there cordial enough, why shouldn't you be allowed to find a congregation where you might be happier? After all, because unless the pastor has spent his entire Christian walk under the auspices of the congregation over which he now officiates, that is what he did when it came time for him to find a place in which to work and minister.

It was remarked by the author of “Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now” in a speech posted at Youtube that the Tea Party represents a “Give Me, Give Me” mindset. On the other hand, he congratulated the Occupy Movement as a more mature perspective. So on what grounds is a movement morally superior that defecates on police cruisers and desecrates churches to one that for the most part upholds as an ideal as little reliance upon government as possible?

Obama to be in China on Veteran’s Day. Wonder if he would pull something like that on Martin Luther King Day or one of the other concocted holidays designed to fawn over rampaging minorities.

In terms of the civilian sector, a veteran is no more entitled to a particular occupational position than any other qualified applicant. An associate knows of a veteran in the corporation where both are employed that is quite lackluster in terms of the execution of the assigned tasks and another that is an academy graduate that is appallingly indecisive in terms of management style.

The title of the cover story of the 11/10/2014 issue of The Nation reads “Abortion: No More Apologies (It's Time To Claim Abortion Rights As A Social Good”. Weren't similar things at one time said regarding Nazi racial hygiene laws, separate but equal public accommodations, and the reason why American Indians needed to be shunted away onto reservations?

Given that he praised in a sense Americans willing to prostitute themselves as ISIS breeding sows, does Albert Mohler intend to also applaud the mental case planning to wed Charles Manson?

If polls indicate that only 28% of Americans intend to go shopping Thanksgiving Day, should divine retribution still be inflicted upon the nation for that particular reason as suggested by a number of activist theocrats?

Bill Cosby probably is a sex pervert. But how is one going to prove allegations made regarding carnal liaisons transpiring over thirty years ago? For all we know, these woman might have liked the attention at the time and merely are now outraged that the famed comedian did not share more of his pudding pops with them. Given Janice Dickinson's history of chemical dependency, how do we know that what she's recalling isn't a bad LSD trip?

I posted that Eminem would embarrass America at the national Veterans' Day concert. But what do I know? Shouldn't as much fuss be expressed over George Lopez also enunciating nearly the same profanity during what ought to have been a dignified occasion? And if a performer had singled out White or Anglo veterans for special recognition the way Lopez did on behalf of Latinos, wouldn't the gesture have been denounced as racist?

So was the purpose of the national Veterans' Day concert to raise awareness of veterans or for the public to be informed of how much certainly celebrities claim to care about veterans?

A lecture hoped to dispel the stigmas and misconceptions regarding psychedelics. The question to ask was if there was a hands-on component to the program or was the presentation all just theory. Since Medstar Heart & Vascular Institute is broadcasting a commercial with someone with a thick distinctive Hispanic accent, do these healthcare providers intend to produce one narrated by a Hillbilly?

Protesters laying down in the street should be run over.

It is insinuated that authorities let Ferguson burn. Had law enforcement cracked a few noggins and run over a few protesters, Afrosupremacist racialists would pitch a fit about that as well.

Exchange of gun fire on riot scene in MS. No big deal, Obama assures. It is only those wicked rural Pennsylvanians that cling to their guns and their God that need to be worried about.

Contrary to the impression propagated by Southern Baptist functionary Russell Moore, those weren't Neo-Confederates pillaging and rioting following the pronouncement of the grand jury's decision.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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