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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  October 10, 2014
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Topic category:  Entertainment/Cultural Silliness

Snobs Demean The Economics Of Cosplay

Granted, some cosplayers are psychotic weirdos that are mentally imbalanced.

But so are some that have to be in church every time the door swings open even if they aren't on the payroll.

To a number, it is merely a creative outlet.

I guess opponents would rather a number of these artists instead descend into mental illness so they can be reamed for that from the pulpit as well.

A column by James Pethokoukis posted at opens by pointing out the number of Japanese young adults that have turned to this form of recreation who hold low-paying contract jobs.

Shouldn't the emphasis be on low paying jobs.

It seems these individuals do seem to be working.

And so long as they are not on public assistance as they pursue this hobby, is this really anyone's business.

Unlike the analyst posting this article, not everyone can land a prestigious gig at the American Enterprise Institute.

by Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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