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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  October 8, 2014
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #61

SheTaxi is a taxi new service that employs only female drivers and accepts only female passengers. What if someone wanted a taxi driven by someone other than an Al Qadea poster boy who can barely speak a lick of English? What if a passenger demanded a driver other than a vehicularly incompetent Asian woman? What if a transportation company refused to pick up anyone but White customers?

Wonderful news. Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly dismissively assured that the Travyvonies rampaging through the supermarket wasn't really so bad after all since both White and Black people where beaten over the heads with pumpkins within inches of their respective lives.

President Obama is to give a speech regarding ISIS at 9 PM, Wednesday on 9/10/14. You will probably get more accurate insight into the intelligence and counterterrorism process if you instead tune into “Legends” starring Sean Bean and Ali Lauter broadcast on TNT at that same time.

The same leftists in media and activism agitating for an increase in the minimum wage often get around having to pay their entry level help altogether by categorizing such positions as “internships”.

If Frau Obama's nutritional guidelines forbid hardboiled eggs as inappropriate for school lunches, shouldn't the annual White House Easter Egg Roll also be canceled? After all, through it's hard to say for certain given the kinds of moral permissiveness applauded by this regime, no parent in their right mind would bring their child to participate in a White House hypodermic needle toss or condom follies.

On the cover of the Fall 2014 edition of Aztlan: A Journal Of Chicano Studies is a picture of a figurine of Marilyn Monroe in her famous pose struggling to hold down her blowing skirt in “The Seven Year Itch”. The figurine has been painted so that it is now Black. Would UCLA publish an academic journal with the cover disrespecting a legendary minority celebrity in a similar manner? The question is particularly relevant if the title of the journal was an allusion to a mythical idealized realm the name of which possesses connotations of a desired racial superiority or ethnic supremacism as does the term “Aztlan”.

Biologically, actress Sara Gilbert is not expecting her first child with her wife. The child is with whomever was duped into denoting his man sauce.

In suggesting educational reforms, pundit Greg Gutfeld commented that students should be taught to build rather than blog. But as a media personality, isn't he not much more than a glorified blogger?

The National Council Of Churches on 8/18/2014 issued a statement regarding the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The statement read in part, “These killings, as well as those of hundreds of the hands of increasingly militarized police forces is a great and growing concern. A peaceful, healthy society requires trust...between citizens and law enforcement.” One must stop and ask if the National Council Of Churches was as morally reflective and critical of Communists and Socialists when the organization was snuggling up to these kinds of regimes, movements, and revolutions during the Cold War years.

Contrary to homeschool activist Kevin Swanson, just because the term “educational neglect” can't be found in a concordance, it does not follow that it is not a spiritual problem that the Christian should be on the guard against.

President Obama insists that ISIS is not Islamic because no true religion advocates violence against innocents. So do leftwing academics of which Obama is a foremost example now intend to stop blaming the Crusades on Christians? Because, by the definition employed by the President, the Crusaders were not necessarily true Christians.

Obama insists that the Islamic State State In Iraq & Syria is not really Islamic. To justify this claim, the President insists that no true religion condones the killing of innocents and that the majority of the terrorist group's victims have been Muslims. Indoctrinating their spawn as soon as they squirt from the birth canal to embrace violence, these savages do not nuance the concept of innocence as we do in the civilized world. They blow apart their coreligionists exactly because they view these people as guilty for embracing a form of religion that may not be as doctrinally rigorous as that espoused by these fanatics.

In his address to the nation outlining his approach to the ISIS threat (which the President insists is not Islamic despite that moniker distinctively highlighted in the organization's name), Obama decreed, “I have the authority to address the threat. But I believe we are strongest as a nation when the president and Congress work together. So I do welcome congressional support for this effort in order to show the world that Americans are united in confronting danger.” In other words, our glorious leader is extending each of us the privilege to endorse his predetermined policy. Wasn't this the way Palpatine was ruling between the time when Darth Vader bordered Princess Leia's ship in the opening scenes of Star Wars and when Moff Tarkin makes his first appearance in the scene aboard the Death Star announcing that the Emperor has abolished the Galactic Senate?

Secretary of State John Kerry clarified that President Obama's strategy against ISIS will consist of many different parts. In other words, it is one of those Rube Goldberg contraptions that really won't accomplish much of anything.

As part of his strategy to confront ISIS, Obama vows to lend increased support to the Free Syrian Army. In other words, the terrorists we will be facing in about twenty years during World War 5 or 6. I've started to lose count.

As a medicare patient, from what I understand, a distant relative was turned down by a particular chain of healthcare providers that positions themselves as being at the forefront of confronting one of mankind's most dreaded diseases. Perhaps they should modify their television commercials where they emphasize that their approach consists of treating the entire person to instead make clear that the only lives worth saving are those of the financially well endowed.

It certainly exposes as to whose side Obama is on when he has no problem bestowing municipal and university police forces with advanced military weaponry but refuses to fortify the border in a similar fashion.

In an exposition on the verses from Romans 14 teaching that two Christians can hold differing convictions on a matter and still each be within the will of God, it was insisted that it is still the prerogative of the pastor to expound their particular interpretation given the nature of the homiletical act. And it is the prerogative of the average believer if they feel so called to use social media to analyze and critique such oratorical pronouncements.

If mixed swimming is to be frowned upon because it might lead to impure thoughts if members of the opposite sex catch site of one another in their bathing trunks, shouldn't same gender aquatics also be discouraged since such might exacerbate latent homosexual inclinations?

It is often requested during opening prayers that those gathered in the House of God be there solely for God alone rather than out of a sense of tradition or because of friends. But is it really an either/or proposition? For the most part, is it not good or at least a potential good that these days that the person is there at all? Why can't those things such as tradition or friendship which God created for good be used to draw someone to the Lord?

And the point being of “Jesus was never involved with politics”? There were plenty of things Jesus was never involved with. He likely never used toilet paper as we know it nor ever road in an automobile. Does that mean we shouldn't partake of those either? When I pointed out that Jesus never used Facebook either, I get the typical reply that I am the one that doesn't know what they are talking about.

It is said that some have a conviction against attending movie theaters because of the inappropriate “laying on of hands” that at times takes place in such establishments. Don't some refrain from attending certain kinds of churches (and sometimes even all churches altogether) for the exact same reason?

The Clintons worked the grill at Tom Harkin's annual barbecue. That is probably the first time Hillary has fondled any meat in Bill's presence in years.

Refusing to admit that ISIS terrorists are Muslim is akin to insisting that the Japanese did not attack Pearl Harbor.

And why are you obligated to tip the garbage man now? For are they not government employees or contractors?

Obama is sending 3000 American troops to Africa to combat ebola primarily by building hospitals However, the result of his healthcare reforms here will likely contract the availability of medical services which will no doubt reduce the number of hosptials in America.

President Obama assures that there is little likelihood of ebola spreading to the United States. He also said that, if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.

A ten year old goldfish underwent surgery to remove a tumor. Unless the thing pukes gold coins, it is really worth it? About the only memorable thing those things do is die.

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has enunciated more than his dislike of homosexuals. He has also made known his disapproval of fat kids, city dwellers, men that like cats, and females not married by the age of 15. In one episode, his wife insinuated that it is inappropriate for unmarried couples to hold hands. Wonder if they will make similarly doctrinaire statements regarding their granddaughter shaking her backside in a skimpy outfit on national TV. Or, as “Christian leaders”, do they get the customary exemption from the standards we non-celebrities are expected to adhere to.

A Facebook theologian suggested that, if an elected official falls ill, it should be assumed that the public figure is likely not living up to their constitutional obligations. If the theologian making such an insinuation falls ill, should we assume that they are being divinely punished for handing down definitive pronouncements in regards to matters over which mere mortals do not possess metaphysical certitude?

Maybe if the NFL did not chastise players wearing Jesus shirts, there might be fewer players birthing strings of bastards by nearly as many women as their kids and not as many players knocking their harlots unconscious in elevators.

The NFL has released a statement in essence claiming that morality is to be determined primarily by the fans and the sponsors. So if any of these got to the point of not wanting to see teams field minority players, the league should openly celebrate racial segregation?

Study claims liberals and conservatives smell different. That’s likely because filthy beatniks are less likely to bathe.

A pastor mentioned that, during Puritan times, if someone in the congregation nodded off during the sermon, the somnolent could be whacked by a roving usher. The pastor joked that perhaps we should return to our heritage. If one is to hold to the sola scruiptura of rigorous Protestantism, in what passage is such a use of force called for? How about pastors introducing or suggesting ideas nowhere called for in the pages of the Bible being beaten with a rod?

Where does it say if you are committing a sin when Jesus returns that you will be punished for that throughout all of eternity if you otherwise embrace Christ as Lord and Savior? And why is that moment any different than at the moment of a traditional death? What if you see a car barreling towards you and the moment before you die you shout “HOLY SH-T”? Even Paul admitted that he did that which he did not want to do.

A pastor remarked that there is no greater service than Christian service. The pastor than limited Christian service to those instances where one directly shared the Gospel. But given that we are not solely spiritual beings, shouldn't service intending to meet these other needs if those are the specific fields one has been called to address as one's vocation also be considered Christian service? Do you really want a Christian fireman to be exegeting the Scriptures to you when he should be putting out your house fire? Wasn't one of Protestantism's initial goals to correct this kind of errant perspective that had crept into medieval Christianity?

Radio news intoned we are not supposed to drive automobiles on Car Free Day. So because some authority body tells us to do something, we are obligated to comply just because they say so? Does this include throwing bricks and stones through the windows of Jewish owned businesses? Don't think it can't happen? What about Kristallnacht? Given the nature of the United Nations, such an atrocity occurring again in the future is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Given the standard Obama applies to the border, shouldn’t OMAR GONZALEZ (an Irish or Nordic name if there ever was one) now be allowed to remain in the White House once he got in? He merely wanted to enjoy the nice things there. Isn’t it RACIST to deny him that opportunity.

Regarding the intruder that made it into the White House, President Obama was said to be concerned about the incident because that is where his family lives. Our families live in the United States. But this administration expects us to remain silent when our nation's perimeter known as the border is continually violated.

Wonder if those filthy beatniks calling for the end of capitalism at the environmentalism rally in New York realize that, without the free market system, it is doubtful that that the IPHONE they camped out overnight in line for would have been developed.

In a Larry King commentary, it was remarked that Americans don't seem to like anything anymore in terms of corporate, government, or media leaders. But isn't that more the fault of these institutions having screwed us over so many times? Shouldn't a man married multiple times be the last to complain about pickyness and fickleness in others?

On an episode of Generations Radio, it was discussed how the brain processes information has changed since the advent of the Internet. But is that really a matter of right and wrong necessarily or the rise of a culture based on a different technology? During the time of the Reformation, didn't a number of traditionalistic Papalists enunciate similar condemnations regarding the rise of the printing press?

Regarding concealed guns licenses in DC. Provided one's record is clean and one has undergone required training, one should not have to enunciate a reason as to why one wants the permit. Should one have to have an acceptable reason as to why one wants a driving license or why one desires to purchase a particular item of food?

China and India aren't showing up at the climate conference. In other words, the purpose of this international forum is to further erode and destroy the American free market system.

A caller to the Chris Plante show on WMAL said that we ought to set aside the notions of “liberalism” and “conservatism” to do what is right for America. That sounds wonderful on paper and makes for a stirring oration. But on what grounds does one then decide what is right for America? When such admonitions are enunciated, why are those that believe that the the individual, for the most part, guided by traditional or religious conceptions of morality is the one most capable of procuring the best possible livelihood for themselves expected to fall into compliance with those that believe large overwhelming bureaucracies ought to determine how it is that you will live your life and when you are capable of making these kinds of decisions on your own? Still don't think notions of conservatism and liberalism have relevance in American political and ideological discourse?

An article in the 2014: #4 issue of Conscience: The Newsjournal Of Catholic Opinion (of a variety advocating infanticide) is titled “Manufacturing Stigmatism: How Faith-based Organizations Stigmatize Abortion”. And why shouldn't they? Should an animal rights organization be required to applaud the cultural diversity surrounding cock fighting? Should a feminist newsletter be expected to admit that, in some relationships, that corporal punishment might be the agreed upon corrective to errant behavior?

Maybe the 3000 that have already perished from the illness can be assured that the Ebola virus is difficult to contract.

Apparently the privacy of a single Third World savage is a higher priority than the survival of Western civilization.

Why isn't travel from Africa to the United States being banned? Africans don't have some kind of inherent right to come here.

If parents can be tossed off public transportation for singing to their child about make believe pigs, why can't Muslims be kicked off of public transportation for wearing their concealing heathen regalia?

Sojourners Magazine is patting itself on the back for erecting a number of billboards opposing alleged assaults against Muslims. These edifices read, “Love Your Muslim Neighbors”. All well and good to a certain extent. Will the magazine sponsor similar public advertising in the vicinity of the facilities where Christians are being ritualistically sacrificed in Syria urging “Love Your Christian Neighbors”?

Some comedy bit on Rush Limbaugh mocked young adults still living with their parents. Will their also be one mocking those married four times with none of the marriages ending in the death of the spouse, those being so addicted to painkillers that it blows out their ears, or getting caught returning from the Third World with Viagra in someone else's name when you claim to be more chaste than the Pope?

Of course those on public assistance should be exempt from the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Tax. Such individuals need funds for new tattoos and the latest iteration of the Iphone.

Walmart plans to eliminate health insurance coverage for its part time employees. I told you that was why years ago the corporation produced a commercial featuring aspiring thespians with a vacant brainwashed gaze to their visages articulating how much they supported the healthcare reform act on behalf of all Americans.

The cover story of the 10/2014 issue of Christianity Today is titled “Asian American Ascent: They...Are Connecting With People Others Cannot Reach”. So does the magazine intend to sing the praises of the White race to a similar extent? Secondly, from that title, are we to assume that only Asians can reach other Asians? If so, doesn't it follow that only Whites can reach other Whites? And if that is the case, would the Whites reaching out to their fellow Caucasians be required to chastise them for their racism? If so, are Asian evangelists condemning the ethnic supremacism from others of their own phenotype?

Tolerancemongers want Columbus Day reformulated as Indigenous People Day. Perhaps it can be celebrated with liquor store sales and special Indian casino promotionals.

The Roman Catholic Church will probably lavish praise and honor for heroism all over the missionary priest that died from Ebola. So is the institution going to do anything for the nursing assistant that contracted Ebola from the priest?

Critics are appalled at Leon Panetta for publishing a memoir and analysis of President Obama's appalling foreign and military policy blunders. Panetta did not take an oath to the President. A president is only owed loyalty if a president is loyal to his own oath of office. It has been insisted that Panetta should have kept his concerns to himself until Obama left office. Would the same ones applaud Rommel for having ignored what his Christian conscience was telling him about Hitler's moral failings and evils?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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