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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  August 20, 2014
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Headline Potpourri #59

The 8/16/14 issue of Christian Century assures that in churches “Sexuality issues rarely the prime cause of schism”. That is because the vast majority of churches considering the acceptance, embrace, and promotion of these kinds of sins were in the downward trajectory in terms of the quality of their doctrine long before that point. For the most part, those with any kind of discernment or common sense about them were already well out the door. Interesting how the primary concern of this research study was the maintenance of organizational unity rather than the church declining into profound error.

On the 7/28/14 edition of the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelley went on a tirade about communication devices that undermine human interaction and aggravate addictive pathologies. Sort of like the time O’Reilly was accused in a sexual harassment suit of crank calls propositioning lewd behavior. So since Bill can’t control himself around a cellphone, no one is suppose to have a cellphone. If O”Reilly and Kelley are so concerned about alleged disengagement attributed to social media and its supporting technologies, perhaps these figures should be among the first viewers tune out in a return to a low tech lifestyle.

Democrats are now welcoming the prospect of an impeachment challenge initiated by a number of Republican and Conservative personalities. Given his contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law, it’s doubtful Obama would abdicate if voted out of office.

Aged has-been Paul McCartney reflects in the 2014: #2 issue of PETA's Animal Times, “Many years ago, I was fishing, and as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realized as I watched him fight for breath, that his life was as important to him as mine is to me.” The ontological distinction to inquire about is whether or not the fish in the anecdote grew as contemplative the still smaller fish it had consumed as its last meal. More importantly, does Paul McCartney give as much consideration to the unborn baby attempting to wiggle away as far as it can in such a confined space from the abortionist's scalpel?

A CNN functionary referred to conservatives skeptical of global warming as "fucksticks". Why should I censor what he said. I didn't originate it. Isn't he more deserving of financial ruination than Paula Deen who said her questionable comments in the privacy of her own home?

If Eric Boling on Fox News points out to everyone what a good Catholic he is, why did he just applaud the notion of shacking up prior to marriage?

Hamas and Israel agree to 72 hour cease fire. So the terrorist scumbags can shuffle the missile launchers to another civilian structure.

Interesting how the missionaries that regularly badmouth America by extolling the wonders of the Third World rush back to the United States to solve their overwhelming troubles.

Homeschool activist Kevin Swanson castigated Baby Boomers for relying on Social Security more than other generations. And exactly how are they supposed to survive if companies either eliminate pensions or eliminate workers before the qualify for pension plans? If they are to keep working, are the likes of Swanson going to keep their mouths shut when the man at McDonalds obviously has urine soaking his pants because of a botched prostate surgery or the person taking the order is so blind that they can’t either operate the cash register or even see the currency clearly enough to make change?

Homeschool activist Kevin Swanson suggested that, instead of video games (and by extension probably other forms of media) youngsters should spend time with parents. And what if the parents and the child don’t really share that many interests?

Homeschool activist Kevin Swanson laments that bookstore sales have plummeted since 2007 and that people aren’t reading anymore. That does not necessarily follow. Why should I blow twenty plus dollars on a book when I can get it for around $5 often within six months of its release at Ollies? Furthermore, for better or worse, many now acquire their reading material electronically. Many might not find that ideal or preferable, but one can’t issue a blanket condemnation about people not reading. Maybe some that use to read like fanatics as youths, as they grow older that no matter how much they read, they really aren’t getting anything out of it in terms of position, status, or increased bank account no matter how much effort they expend.

So apparently it is more productive to sit amidst a group of people you aren’t even related to or that don’t have anything worthwhile to say to you than to play a video game or watch TV.

When the CNN propagandist categorized as "f-sticks" those skeptical of anthropogenic global warming, that was probably the closest his wife or mother had been to an "f-stick" in a long time.

Regarding the episode of Perception where the murder victim was in a gay marriage. The element added nothing to the plot other than to subtly indoctrinate the viewer. That said, Daniel Pierce is still one of TV's most amusing characters.

The Great Martian War was advertised as a documentary as if World War I was reimagined as an interplanetary conflict. And what if such a scenario was promulgated deliberately depicting Martin Luther King as a android or clone rights activist? Guess the Dough Boys weren't Black enough for the most part to be extended a similar degree of respect.

Homeschool activist Kevin Swanson laments that bookstore sales have plummeted since 2007 and that people aren’t reading anymore. That does not necessarily follow. Why should I blow twenty plus dollars on a book when I can get it for around $5 often within six months of its release at Ollies? Furthermore, for better or worse, many now acquire their reading material electronically. Many might not find that ideal or preferable, but one can’t issue a blanket condemnation about people not reading. Maybe some that use to read like fanatics as youths, as they grow older that no matter how much they read, they really aren’t getting anything out of it in terms of position, status, or increased bank account no matter how much effort they expend.

Perhaps some remain aloof from organized institutional religion because they are made to feel as if they are never good enough to participate in any way other than to keep a steady stream of funds flowing into the collection plate.

Would Marion Barry be as excited about attending the African Summit in Washington, DC if the leaders gathered there were as White as the proverbial Dutch baby's backside?

As a Jew, Geraldo says he is allowed to criticize Israel’s defense against Hamas attacks. By that standard, does that mean only White people can criticize other White people?

And is one to assume that all of the illegals pouring over the border are being duly quarantined as a precaution against these Third World apocalyptic pestilences.

Perhaps some remain aloof from organized institutional religion because they are made to feel as if they are never good enough to participate in any way other than to keep a steady stream of funds flowing into the collection plate.

Interesting. If Tim LaHaye utilizes Dispensational eschatology as the backdrop of his novels, he is accused of desecrating literature to promote religious indoctrination. Then why aren't similar allegations leveled against Stephen Spielberg for doing nearly the same thing regarding his own worldview when it comes to human/extraterrestrial half-breeds?

Adoniram Judson went through three wives as a missionary to Myanmar. After the death of the first two and as well as a number of children, wouldn't the responsible thing have been to pack it up and return to civilization at that point or not to have gotten remarried?

So long as Obama’s vacation is not disrupted by ebola, that is the thing that really ought to concern us at the moment.

Bishop Schori in a Huffington Post column gripes that most insurance companies cover Viagra yet there is not a movement to allow businesses to opt out of coverage of the pharmacologic on religious principles. That is because no unborn baby ever died as a result of the daddy taking it. If anything, a few might have been brought into existence as a result of the medication.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams enthusiastically insists Islam is reviving British values. Mind you, this is from an individual that once accepted accolades as an honorary Druid.

A Facebook theologian has repeatedly posted about his insistence that God does not love everyone and that the sinner should not be wooed with such soteriological phraseology. So if Christ and the Church is to be viewed as the ideal marriage, perhaps the proper way to pursue a women is to constantly remind her what a whore and bitch she is until she surrenders even if she is not the kind that likes the foreplay a little rough and dirty at times.

In reference to Jesse Ventura's legal verdict against the widow of a murdered Navy Seal, a Tea Party organization posted on Facebook, “Jesse Ventura has to live with the fact that if he runs into any Special Forces people (regardless of their branch of service), he'll get the crap beat out of him. Live long and suffer, you big mouthed jerk.” So apparently it is now appropriate to applaud members of the armed forces inflicting bodily harm upon Americans with which they disagree politically or morally. On what grounds do members of the Tea Party endorsing such an action complain should liberal thugs inflict a similar crime upon someone from that movement enunciating an unpopular perspective?

A theologian posted on Facebook, “The Beatles. No Christian should listen to them.” Before complying, shouldn't the reason be given a reason why? Or are we mere pewfillers expected to obey without question? Also, since we are to be led about like dimwitted herd animals to exist in a continual state of cultural panic, will there be a list provided of tunes we are allowed to listen to? And for the grand question that would probably get me stoned by some religious fanatics, if Christians are expected not to listen to the Beatles with no reason provided, how is it that those we are expected to obey without question happen to know so much about the moptops from Liverpool?

To mollify terrorist sympathizers, the treasurer of the Virginia Republican Party was driven from office for simply questioning online President Obama's insistence that Muslims were the ones that built the fabric of American society. A spokesman for one jihadist front group remarked how profoundly offended his coreligionists across the country were at the comment. Is such outrage directed by Muslims at adult Muslim insurgents seizing girls as young as seven to be defiled as child brides or the murder on the streets of those failing Koranic trivia? It is fascinating that Obama would rhetorically celebrate Islam's alleged contributions to America yet go out of his way to insist on foreign soil that America is not a Christian nation. If elected officials cave so easily to the demands of these savages at this point, on what grounds ought we to believe that our government will protect the American people when these heathens commence their homicidal uprising?

The same ones insisting that they can't afford basic school supplies for their children at late summer discount prices probably have the latest Iphone though. If you are that poor, perhaps you ought to refrain from the copulative act that results in procreation.

So if the President or the First Lady were to visit the Dartmouth campus, would their Secret Service detail be required to leave their firearms off the property?

A toddler breached the White House perimeter. Given the paradigm applied by President Obama to border violators, shouldn't the child now be granted lifetime residency there?

The girl denied the opportunity to carry her legally concealed weapon on the Dartmouth campus to protect herself from a psychotic stalker should carry it anyway. How will anyone otherwise know if she is packing heat unless the scumbag tries something? At that point wouldn't survival trump the possibility of being kicked out of school?

At a state dinner, President Obama celebrated his African blood. If someone equated a similar biological basis for Germanic greatness, wouldn’t they be condemned as a Nazi sympathizer?

So if someone dies thirty years following an injury, are all perpetrators automatically charged with a crime or only if the victim is considered more important than the common dregs of humanity?

A Facebook theologian posted “We need to return to the era where men and women were very easily distinguishable by dress and appearance.” Such a sentiment sounds reasonable in an era with exposed knockers jiggling about so much that they could easily poke someone’s eye out. However, just as often the platitude is invoked in many a fundamentalist sermon as justification why women can’t wear pants and in some circles why they shouldn’t be allowed to cut their hair. Women should probably also be forced to wear a corset to the point of catatonia for good measure. To those invoking such rhetoric, who gets to determine what just isn’t sufficiently moral but adequately feminine, just other men?

CNN propagandist Don Lemon assures that he understands the St. Louis riots even if he does not agree with such actions. Did he extend such dismissive sympathy to Paula Deen when, in proper Maoist self-denunciation, she confessed to verbalizing a questionable word in the PRIVACY OF HER OWN HOME to her husband after a gun was held to her head? Not a single business was pillaged by Paula Deen. Would Lemon express such solidarity with this ghetto rabble if had been the CNN studio torn to Sheol?

I guess eventually, if you are given to spurts of comedic insight interspersed between periods of melancholy, that will be grounds to be taken into custody by the mental health establishment.

I guess the Christian exuding all of the politically correct platitudes one is expected to enunciate if one is to be embraced as an acceptably docile member of the COMMUNITY will lavish praise upon the Trayvonite insurgents in St. Louis for liberating the people’s goods blockaded by the capitalists.

If the little Sandheathen is holding a severed head, why are his eyes being blacked out if we are expected to stomach the sight of a detached cranium? This brat’s face should be exposed for all the world to see and a drone missile prepared with the brat's name on it.

The FBI to probe the police shooting of unarmed St. Louis teen. Does the agency also intend to investigate the police shooting of a 95 year old Chicago-area nursing home resident that refused to go to the hospital or was he not Black enough?

Regarding missionaries. Ann Coulter did not verbalize anything the average God-loving pewfiller hasn’t thought as missionaries on deputation denigrate America attempting to guilt-trip you into filling the collection plate so they can return to the heathen lands where they will proceed to pump out another half-dozen kids.

A report on WMAL warned it was going to announce disturbing details regarding the hanging of Robin Williams. Do they as softly tip toe around the details of every other homicide (most at least at the hands of someone else) in this area?

Regarding Dan the Auctioneer from Storage Wars, was he actually "out of town" when those episodes were filmed or was the euphemism for his nearly being killed by a brain aneurysm?

Why is pole dancing on the Ocean City boardwalk any more of a moral outrage than the exposed boobs and backside portions jiggling beyond the perimeters of some skimpy swimsuits? There are probably professional pole dancers that perform with more concealed than some of these beachgoers.

Ibrahim Hooper of the Counsel on American Islamic Relations wants the vandalism of a Northern Virginia mosque investigated as a hate crime. Wonder if he has released a statement condemning atrocities committed by his fellow coreligionists such as the beheading of toddlers, the molestation of underage brides, and the burying alive of religious dissidents. Or are we to conclude that his group of jihadist sympathizers view these as acts of spiritual charity and compassion?

Tolerancemongers are outraged at a second police shooting in the vicinity where a Missouri teen was fatally wounded in an altercation with law enforcement. But what else should four armed masked-men expect rampaging in a riot zone where moments before a woman was shot in a drive-by?

Supposedly we are expected to excuse Robin Williams taking his own life because he "couldn't help himself". But neither can most serial killers, child molesters and wife beaters.

It has been announced that military advisors being sent to Iraq will not be engaging in combat. Then what is the point of sending them?

If Michelle Obama can rearrange our lives because she thinks we are fat, then why can’t psychiatrist Keith Ablow suggest that the First Lady is fat? In response, meteorologist Janice Dean snapped as to the impropriety of a man telling a woman to drop a few pounds. If mouthy broads don’t want comments made, they should keep their mouths shut regarding those areas in which they don’t want to hear criticism.

A public service announcement assures that, if you are over 50, you can still be an organ donor. Nothing makes you still feel so young as knowing that cannibals and zombies are still willing to provide a place for you on their dinner menu.

Fox News’s Shephard Smith is being criticized for referring to Robin Williams as a coward for taking his own life. While it is commendable that light is being shed exposing the despair of depression, it should be remembered exactly who Williams is and what exactly it is that he has done. It’s not like this is the 1800’s and Williams has broken down into fits of uncontrollable crying that he can’t explain nor has he just birthed a baby. It’s not like he was unaccustomed to seeking professional help. How many other acts ought to be excused and praise lavished upon the individual because they feel irresistible impulses within their minds prompting them to behaviors outside the social norm? Applying the example of Robin Williams, instead of financially destroying Paula Deen for confessing to the utterance of a questionable word in the privacy of her own home where not a single human life was lost, shouldn’t she be honored and celebrated like never before? And what about child and wife beaters? Not comparable liberal elites will snap. But hasn’t Williams abused his family in about the worst way imaginable?

So why is it proper to condemn Rush Limbaugh for blaming the leftist nihilistic perspective in part for the suicide of Robin Williams but laudatory to blame the racetrack vehicular homicide involving Tony Stewart on NASCAR’s southern masculine ethos?

Rush Limbaugh is correct in part about the suicide of Robin Williams being contributed to in part by the leftist mindset. However, it might have been more accurate to formulate the tragedy as the outcome of the materialistic mindset of which leftism is that worldview’s primary socio-political manifestation. For if this world is all that there is and there is no assurance of an Afterlife to take comfort in or aspire to which could result in an eternity worse than the misery we experience here if we do not throw ourselves on the mercy of Jesus Christ, why should we resist the temptation to end it all when the burdens of this life seem unbearable without any chance of improvement?

Mental health functionaries are questioning the propriety of releasing the details of the suicide of Robin Williams. It is claimed such specifics could push those tottering on the abyss into taking the leap into oblivion. But if there is no God or morality binding upon all irrespective of circumstances, what does it matter if someone decides to take their own life or not? Almost just as important, if we are to conceal these specifics because of the few that might attempt this, why is little done to curtail the romping of sack to sack on prime time TV? Still others insist that the intricacies of human reproduction and the physiology of pleasure should be introduced to students from the first day of kindergarten. Yet only a small handful actively seek to end their own lives. Nearly anybody under the right stimuli can be lead towards carnal temptations.

Hitler committed suicide. Does that mean he is beyond criticism because his significant intellectual shortcomings were the result of whatever biochemistry it was flowing through his warped mind?

A Facebook meme for the verse about putting away childish things pictures a man tossing teddy bears into the garbage. So is their an approved list of hobbies or things that a man is allowed to collect. And shouldn’t it be one of the most childish things that can be thought of as to allow the COMMUNITY to dictate what items that do not violate Scripture that an adult is allowed to collect?

I guess some have doubled in size over the past 20 years foraging in farmer's markets and glutting on celery. Whenever I visit these Farmer's Markets, the beatnik filth is gorging themselves on the same deep fried swill as everyone else.

In response to Ann Coulter’s observations regarding the narcissistic martyr complex often exhibited my missionaries, a Facebook theologian quipped that Albert Mohler is more doctrinally sound than Ann Coulter. Perhaps comprehensively, but not in regards to this issue. What Coulter has enunciated here is merely a different interpretation. It can no more condemned than Paul wanting to head in one direction to evangelize and Barnabas wanting to go in another. Coulter’s missiological strategy enjoys a sounder Biblical foundation and relies less on mere human opinion than Mohler’s insistence that the unmarried over the age of 22 in a congregation are little better than street whores that should be pressured into marriage by the COMMUNITY whether they want to be one not irrespective of whether or not they have kept themselves out of each others pants.

In discussing the death of James Brady, Albert Mohler described the weapon used as a “cheap handgun”. Would the event have been less tragic of it had been committed with weapon characterized by artisanal craftsmanship?

Planned Parenthood is now dispensing advice on erotic horsewhipping. Do they also offer advice on lingerie for those that like their luvin a little more on the tender side?

No word yet of Eric Holder authorizing a Justice Department probe to investigate the police shooting of that elderly nursing home resident that didn’t want to go to the hospital.

If Whites rampaged every time they were let down by a White President, there wouldn’t be much of the country remaining to burn down.

Following the Missouri riots, Senator Rand Paul is calling for the demilitarization of the police. Does that include those manning the barricades surrounding the U.S. Capitol. Nothing quite leaves an impression on a tourist to Washington like having a machine gun aimed at the bus they are riding.

Senator Claire McCaskill has categorized the police response to the Missouri riots as heavy handed. So should similar human debris lay siege to the U.S. Capitol while the Senate is in session would she suggest that government cheese and cellphones be dispersed to the disgruntled throng in the attempt to get them to disperse?

CNN headline makes a fuss about women in the 60's being unable to get a credit card without their husbands cosigning for it. What's so wrong with that for either spouse if each can be legally ruined by the other's profligate spending? After all, the Bible teaches that two are one flesh.

Al Sharpton is excusing the Missouri riots in part because the city is majority Black ruled by White elected officials. The implication of such a statement is that Black leaders should govern Black jurisdictions and populations. If that is the case, why should Whites vote for anyone other than other Whites?

Government scientists are attempting to manipulate citizens into complying with the environmentalist agenda by claiming that recent torrential rains are the fault of global warming. However, in light of such a pronouncement, President Obama has not curtailed his promiscuous galavanting. So why should the rest of us?

Regarding all of these funds collected on behalf of missions, wonder if anyone has considered establishing some kind of covert ministry similar to the Blackwater Corporation that would assist persecuted populations in acquiring armaments and weapons. While the Bible does say some will be given over to execution and such, I've never understood this mindset where those characterized by pietistic exuberance have actively sought out their own deaths without some kind of fight. God created the survival instinct. I don't know why it should be so maligned.

Some of the same ones all weepy over Robin Williams would probably verbally bash you over the head as a Hellbound wretch if you have anything on your face other than one of those plastered on grins symptomatic the Jimmy Swaggart or Oral Roberts background singers.

A highway patrol official joined with the demonstrators on the riot scene in Missouri. So would he be allowed to retain his position if while executing his duties he joined a throng of pro-life or traditional marriage marchers?

How's that hands-off, solidarity with the protesters policing working for you.

Institutional and systemic racism are euphemisms for insufficiently large welfare checks and not enough self-loathing on the part of Whitey.

One cannot help but notice that it is the Islamic for the most part Kurds rushing to the rescue of the persecuted religious minorities in Iraq. Just think how inspirational it would be if an armed native Christian population were able to do the same thing?

In a sermon illustration where one elaborates an historical incident where a group of Christians were lost at sea almost to the point of death and their rescuers offered them a touch of alcohol as a gesture of good will to ease their obvious suffering, is there really a need to condemn the crew for offering in a spirit of generosity from their own possibly limited rations? It's not like a child bride was offered as a tension reliever. Likewise, should such Christians necessarily be celebrated for refusing what might have been the only medicinal or beverage on board? In the age of sailing vessels or even steamships, one doubts that there would have been a comprehensive list of bottled waters and pain relievers to select from.

All Christians have a spiritual gift. However, can those in a congregation homiletically be bored a new one about not using their spiritual gifts in the context of a particular congregation if that congregation does not have opportunities in which specific spiritual gifts can be used or does not allow an individual to exercise the spiritual gift that the individual believes that they may possess?

It was complained that some would rather give money than to volunteer in church. But what if the church making the complaint will only accept your money and not allow you to volunteer unless you jump through a number of hoops that don't have very much to with determining whether or not you are on some kind of offender registry. And if it seems that the church making this complaint is around $500 in the red each week on the budget, shouldn't they just shut their mouth and be glad people are contributing that they can?

During the introduction to an episode of his broadcast ministry, Creflo Dollar remarked that he was disturbed by Christians that otherwise live by what they profess but that seem insufficiently transformed by grace. But so long as they live by what they profess, is it really a pastor's business as to the details of the person's life beyond that? Not everyone is going to be a superstar Christian. Often, those that present themselves as such result in the largest theological and existential trainwrecks that end up soiling the name of Christ. And just what does it mean anyways to be sufficiently transformed by grace. Is that some kind of code or euphemism that such souls have not targeted a sufficient amount of funds for Creflo Dollar ministries specifically?

Technically, isn’t the KKK raising funds for the legal defense of the police officer involved in the Ferguson shooting less morally reprehensible than the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party stoking the population to the point of upheaval? One has a right to a legal defense. One does not have a right to loot and rampage.

The Dean of the National Cathedral is calling for prayer regarding the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Since he categorizes himself as a “Christian atheist”, he should be asked what is the point of asking for assistance from a God that does not exist. According to his theology, it might be more beneficial to flip on the Batsignal.

How many autopsies were done on the 95 year old bladder infection patient that didn’t want to go from the nursing home to the hospital killed by police?

Other than to stir up additional looting, is there really a point in elaborating forensic evidence in a news conference months if not years before a trial?

Maybe it would be beneficial to replace Black History Month with a “We Walk On The Sidewalk Not In The Street” month to review commonsense pedestrian safety lessons apparently neglected in URBAN COMMINITIES.

If we aren’t supposed to look at race, why are we constantly reminded what color street thug Michael Brown happens to be? Is it less tragic should a police officer shoot a White belligerent? Or is it that contemporary Whites are less prone to rampage as deranged mobs?

Regarding the militarization of police and the Michael Brown shooting. I don’t believe he was shot by an officer decked out like an Imperial Stormtrooper or Cobra Commander.

So apparently it’s an outrage for Tim Tebow to bend his knee in worship of Christ in the In Zone but, when players enter the field with hands lifted on high in honor of Lord Trayvon and his apostle Michael, it is worthy of celebration?

Militias are accused of complicating things along the border for attempting to uphold a number of laws that the Obama administration border patrol is failing to enforce. However, not a single militia has looted a business or vandalized property. Do CNN propagandists that insist upon detailing the ideological nuances and distinctions found among the Ferguson, Missouri protesters intend to point out this fact just elaborated?

Did these CNN propagandists ever go out of their way to celebrate Tea Party activists exercising their First Amendment Rights as they are that of rampaging street rabble?

Congressional candidate Michelle Nunn is proposing a bill that would forbid members of Congress from becoming lobbyists upon leaving the legislative body. That is a noble sounding sentiment. But would that be a violation of the First Amendment?

So after having his eye socket shattered, was the Missouri police officer instead of defending himself supposed to cry out in ecstasy, “Thank you, sir. May I have another”?

Is it that TSA screeners did not know what the District of Columbia was or were they merely adhering to the draconian provisions of the Real ID Act where certain jurisdictional ID's are no longer deemed sufficient as identification in federal settings?

Perhaps a "disproportionate" number of Blacks get stopped in the St. Louis area because, as they have shown the world, they obviously can't behave themselves.

If Michael Brown's family did not want upheaval and agitation to take place, why in the name of Sheol did they invite Al Sharpton?

Why shouldn't someone that lunges at a police officer with a knife be shot?

Comments constantly made about the militarization of the police. Any comments about the militarization of the protesters?

In calling for the demilitarization of police, do the FBI, ATF, IRS, and even the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION assault teams also intend to surrender their protective gear, high caliber firearms, and armored vehicles?

It was lamented on the propaganda forum of infamous boozehound Chris Matthews that America allows for the murder of young Blacks. Yet, when authorities attempt to resolve the tragedy, the efforts are denounced as militarizing the police.

A headline at the New York Times reads, “Quiet night turns confrontational.” In other words, the night ultimately wasn’t quiet at all. Isn’t this categorization of the lawlessness in Missouri akin to saying “a little bit pregnant”?

The same ones insisting that Michael Brown's juvenile criminal record has no bearing on the altercation with police are among the same ones insisting that Paula Deen should be destroyed for something she said in a private discussion over 20 years ago despite a lifetime of gainful employment and entrepreneurialism.

In his threats of increased violence if a verdict is not rendered meeting with his approval in regards to the Ferguson, Missouri shooting, Spike Lee insists that the education system is in part responsible for the plight of Black youths. And how is Whitey at fault if those of that demographic refuse to crack open a school book?

The rampaging in the St. Louis area is being blamed in part on White flight. But if violence and destruction are the ways certain populations respond to news not particularly to their liking, why should Whites with the opportunity and ability to leave remain in an area where they and what they have worked for are open targets?

President Obama admonished that, to overcome the mistrust between many COMMUNITIES and their local police, Americans would be required to "listen and not just shout." Does that include certain populations listening regarding the impropriety of their propensity to destroy property upon learning of news not to their liking and that sidewalks (rather than streets) are designated for pedestrian perambulation, and that when a vehicle approaches you on the street you get out of the way quickly and without haste?

In an oration titled “Do You Understand What You Are Reading: The Christian Faith & The Call To Teach”, Southern Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler remarked that the Internet is a horrible place to attend seminary. And what if distance education is the only way that someone can acquire knowledge of this variety either because it is they only way that they can afford, don’t have the time for a traditional approach to education, or simply because they have not jumped through assorted hurdles such as traditional church membership or ministry involvement? There is nothing in the Bible about restricting knowledge solely to a select elite. That is more of a Gnostic perspective.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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