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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  July 23, 2014
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #57

In defense of a strident understanding of predestinarian soteriology, a meme has been posted on social media pointing out that a sheep cannot become a goat and a goat cannot become a sheep because they are born that way. If this holds true, what is the point of discussing religion whatsoever other than to preen about like a peacock strutting one’s theological erudition and ecclesiastical finery? For with the exception of the Transhumanists, no one goes around advocating why one ought to alter one’s inherent ontology. Of course, you will find those mesmerized by their own doctrinal navals that parrot that God predestinates the means as well as the ends. Those holding that one is bestowed a degree of choice in determining one's eternal destiny are often accused of idolatry. However, if the Calvinist hegemony holds true, isn’t the retort against free will itself an even greater act of idolatry? For its basic assumption, if clerics holding to it are going to continue to berate their co-religionists on the grounds of insufficient evangelistic zeal, that God’s sovereign choice can somehow be thwarted by His minions failing or refusing to implement it.

In an interview at Socrates In The City, pundit Bob Beckel snidely quipped that Newt Gingrich is likely the only person to have never had an unspoken thought. But at least those that the former Speaker of The House verbalizes on national television are usually coherent. That is more than can be said of those regularly spewing forth from Beckel.

In an appearance at Socrates In The City, Fox News personality Bob Beckel denounced the lack of opportunity in America’s cities because of corporations that head south where, in his words, Rednecks decide to work for $4.00 per hour. Would he rather these Rednecks become more like their able-bodied shiftless urban counterparts that surrender completely to lives of government dependence during what ought to be their productive years?

In a condemnation of faddish allergies, homeschool activist Keven Swanson kept verbally linking bedwetting with sin-based behavioral issues. Unless a child deliberately lets loose with aforethought, how is this a sin? Isn't it more a sin on the part of lazy parents fussing about not wanting to change the sheets? Is it a sin that someone has fallen asleep so deeply that they do not notice the body's signals that they need to get up? I guess those really wanting to press this issue could emphasize texts about our rest instead being in Christ's or passages against slothfulness.

In addressing the issue of church leadership, homeschool activist Kevin Swanson rhetorically inquired in his 7/1/2004 podcast if female bloggers are running the church. Technically, unless the blogger is on the church payroll or holding a formalized position within the ministry, how can she be accused of leading the church? The only way that can occur is if the pastor is negligent somehow in the execution of his ministerial duties in terms of either being too lenient or in a growing number of instances perhaps even too strident. As someone in the congregation as either a member or frequent attender, anyone (either male or female) can use the technology available to them to speak out as to what is transpiring in the public ceremonies, liturgy, or doctrinal teaching taking place within the assembly. To say otherwise is to introduce a procedural gnosticism leading to the festering of a cultic atmosphere potentially leading to the harm of both soul and body. And if you are going to be that secretive, don’t go complaining about how the Mormons and the Masons run things so secretively.

Referencing congressional Republicans outraged at the President’s threats to bypass the process of authorizing legislation, Obama flippantly responded “So sue me.” However, given his contempt and disregard for constitutional procedure and systematics, would the Chief Executive abide by a judicial ruling rendered against him in regards to these matters?

In reference to Hillary Clinton claiming that the Bible is her favorite book, on the Daily Show Bill Maher gushed that that is not where the Millennials are. I am sure the same could be said of swarms of youth in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

Fascinating how these ministries that condemn education anywhere but in the home and the concept of youth groups altogether rather than just those administered in a liquefied kidney expellant impoverishment manner rank among the first to condemn and ridicule those not married by the time they are 22.

So of if there is to be a gay pride Whopper that celebrates slipping the thick meat between the buns, will there be a heterosexual marketing campaign for those that like to wiggle their chicken tender around in the dipping sauce container?

Will Matt Lauer still refuse to use the word “illegal” when migrants crash the wages of aging has-been news anchors?

Apparently Burger King is formulating advertising campaigns to appeal to assorted alternative lifestyles. Perhaps fastfood establishments selling extra-value meals and the like can target polygamist families.

Fuss is being made over the photo of "two gay dads" welcoming "their son" into the world. Given the biomechanics of male anatomy, that must have been one tiny baby. Most men are floored by a mere kidney stone passing through the same appendage.

So if no one is to consider sexuality in determining human value, why is it only the selfie of the baby born allegedly to "two gay dads" that has gone viral and not that of a child born to a real family?

Regarding the Palestinian teen beaten and burned to death allegedly in retaliation of three murdered Israeli youths. Is their definitive evidence that this attack was itself not perpetrated by Islamic Jihadists?

In a Newsmax radio commercial listing a number of potential 2016 Republican presidential contenders, Ben Carson was addressed with the “doctor” title but Rand Paul, who is just as much a medical doctor as Carson, was not. Is the Kentucky Senator not Black enough to be fawned over in such a fashion?

Obama administration claims minor illegals cannot be immediately deported because that is the law. Since when did this aspiring tyrant ever care what the law said (including those he wanted implemented)?

Bill O’Reilly snapped that Hillary Clinton being confronted about Benghazi during a book signing was an ugly incident. So was the mutilation of the ambassador and the murder of the security personnel attempting to defend the embassy.

Obama needn't feel bad. Heinrich Himmler got nauseated in the camps he himself set up as well.

If topless beaches are allowed in Australia or New Zealand, on what grounds do feminist marms from Down Under complain about a flight safety video from that part of the world starring bikini models?

John McCain was instructed that he could not bring a cellphone into an Obama detention camp because the children have a right to privacy. So why do these non-Americans possess a right that real Americans walking the streets do not?

If these foreigners swarming here are so multilingual, how come at a local hospital there are signs in MULTIPLE languages (some of them in heathen chicken scratch) how it is a patient’s RIGHT to have access to health services in their own tongue? How about a right to doctor’s that don’t sound like they are working the drive in window PA system down at the fast food place?

So if people donate to the Robotech Academy kickstarter campaign and it flops, like so many other proposed Robotech projects over the past three decades it seems, will they get their money back?

On a Gay Pride Whooper advertisement, a child exclaims that we are all the same on the inside. If that is the case being uplifted as the most important truth, why are these preferences even being mentioned and everyone conditioned into accepting this particular lifestyle? You don’t see Dairy Queen going out of its way to market to men that like a little more bounce to the ounce in that department.

The Crone Pelosi has proclaimed that men have no place deciding judicial cases regarding birth control. If so, then on what grounds is it justified to compel men to pay insurance premiums for these substances, contraptions, and services for which they have no need?

In a newspaper profile, a local publisher said "emotional biodiversity" was an influence upon his poetry. Is this just a fancy way of saying he felt like crap when he wrote it?

An area poet revealed in a newspaper profile that he “wants to target young Hispanics” so his publishing company can achieve “its goal of engaging youth in unconventional poetry and bilingualism.” If someone made a similar proposal regarding “Aryan” or even just “White” youth, he'd sound like a lunatic and probably be subpoenaed to testify before the contemporary equivalent of the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

It is being claimed that 33% of the migrant children swarming over the border are being sexually assaulted. Given this tragedy occurs on the Mexican side of the border, why is that the responsibility of we Gringos? Doesn’t such a tragedy speak more to the flaws inherent to Third World cultures?

A Washington Post profile of a Honduran woman here illegally attempting to smuggle her offspring into the United States as well asks what’s so wrong with those coming here simply wanting a better life for themselves and their children. Given that he’s such a big fan of amnesty, according to this kind of logic why should squatters in one of Bill Gates’ many spare rooms be evicted?

The same liberals jacked out of shape over Stephen Spielberg hunting a dinosaur probably mock Christians believing in a literal seven day creation account.

In addressing the theology of hunting in “Rise, Kill & Eat” by Doug Giles, too bad theologian and apologist Kevin Boling did not ask the author why it is necessary for Americans to travel to Africa to kill animals. If you are rich enough to travel to Africa, you have more than enough money to procure food and clothing from other sources.

Interesting. Some of the same radical homeschoolers indoctrinating that young women should be denied the opportunity to attend college are now suggesting that your Christianity is second rate or less than acceptable if you don’t ship the youngins off to some Third World sewer pipe.

In a podcast condemning American Evangelicals reluctant to ship their progeny to the foreign mission fields, it was suggested that Westerners were guilty of greed while the noble savages (these days referred to as indigenous populations) were not guilty of such. I guess that’s why they’ll sell their kids for a pair of blue jeans and hack each others hands off in the attempt to gain control of diamond mines.

Other than to squash dissent, what other reason would there be for the Justice Department to investigate a parade float consisting of an outhouse titled “The Obama Presidential Library”?

Since when did Obama not like photo ops? He's the biggest media whore to ever hold office and makes Chuck Schumer seem like a Amish grandmother.

Overly enthusiastic activists vandalized a Westminster MD Army Reserve Facility intending to detain illegal migrants by spray painting on the structure “No Illegals Here. No Undocumented Democrats”. Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. But why should the perpetrators receive a harsher sentence than if someone had painted “Welcome conquerors!” Furthermore, why is this act a more profound transgression of the law than the border violation that sparks this response. Shouldn’t this expression be celebrated as protest art? These ne’er-do-wells have caused less property damage than the Occupy Movement.

Regarding these Emergent Church beatniks wrapped up in the Slow Food Movement. Just think, if a greater percentage of income goes into the food budget, that means less for the collection plate.

Pope Francis is urging the United States to welcome the immigrant flood. Maybe some of the overflow can be shipped to the Vatican to enjoy those posh digs.

It has been announced that Archie will lose his life in defense of a homosexual acquaintance. Not getting as nearly as much press is that the gay character is a senator campaigning for increased gun control. So if Archie had been allowed to retain and exercise his Second Amendment rights, this comic hero might have been able to foil the assassination attempt without having to sacrifice his own life. Hopefully, conservatives will make as much fuss over how such narratives paint as an ideal the willingly giving up our own lives for elites thinking that they know how to run our lives better than we do.

Scripture says that greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his brother or friend. So will the pro-gay crowd denouncing Biblical morality condemn Archie for not keeping his morality to himself in taking a bullet for a friend practicing that particular alternative lifestyle?

The Pope has admonished that nations should be more welcoming of the immigrants flooding over their borders. So does that mean tourists should be allowed to storm the papal apartments and gorge themselves upon whatever treats might be in the private papal pantry? Can whoever wants to without prior approval take a leak in the Vatican bathroom with the nudie paintings on the wall?

A radio news story said world leaders are demanding rebels grant access to the crash site of the airliner downed in Ukraine. And what if they don't grant access? They are rebels, after all. You might put some sort of pressure on Russia to reign in their proxies. However, isn't making demands of the situation akin to herding cats?

Russian media claims CIA downed the airliner in Ukraine. Wonder how long until Ron Paul supporters start beating this drum.

Bill O'Reilly remarked that it is petty to begrudge and criticize President Obama's relaxation and recreation. Maybe the American people would not have as much a problem with the President enjoying his leisure time if this chief executive did not devote so much of his time in office curtailing the extent to which most of us are able to enjoy our own lives. For example, under his reign, Obama promised utility rates would necessarily skyrocket. Under Obama, no longer do many Americans debate to go to the seashore or the mountains on holiday. Instead, the agonizing decision to be made now is does one really want to expel the gasoline for a quick outing to Walmart or can the excursion be put off another week to make the grocery run more economical. Even worse, if his crone has her way, most of the snacks on the shelf there will taste like cardboard and won't be worth eating anyway as a result of restricted sugar and salt content.

Italian multinational corporation Beretta is being applauded for its principled defense of the Second Amendment by planning to move it operations from Maryland because of that state’s firearms restrictions. Do they also plan to withdraw from Italy as well in opposition to characteristically strict European gun control laws or are we obligated to ignore rank hypocrisy?

Regarding pub crawl permits. I don't drink or bar hop. But how can a government impose permit requirements if one person invites 2 people to a bar, these people invite two more, etc etc until a swarm forms? So long as they are within their legal occupancy limits, are these establishments then suppose to turn away paying boozers?

As a publicity stunt, Jorge Ramos of Univision swam across the Rio Grand. On the O'Reilly Factor, this propagandist remarked upon that body of water's contamination and dangerous currents. I guess we are obligated to now provide Coast Guard or Naval transports to ferry the border violators across.

President Obama has confessed to not watching the news. Will this revelation be mocked as evidence as diminished intellectual capacity as it was in the case of President George W. Bush? Or will this revelation be celebrated as proof as to how enlightened and advanced Obama is beyond we mere mundane human beings?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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