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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  June 14, 2014
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Topic category:  Commentary/Talk Radio

Headline Potpourri #55

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling remarked that Magic Johnson did nothing for the Black community. In response, Magic Johnson replied that he has dedicated life to “urban America”. Since it has been admitted that these two categories are synonymous, shouldn't Johnson be condemned as a bigot for not doing anything for “rural America” or White people? Would an athletic figure be allowed to deliberatly target their efforts at economic improvement and development purposefully at Whites and not receive any backlash for such efforts?

It was suggested in a sermon that Christ might not have come back yet because believers pray selfishly. Doesn't such a statement carry the assumption that we mere human beings have the power to thwart Christ's return?

A Texas teen received a two day, in-school suspension for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Interesting how the values the flag stands for are no longer good enough for this brat to pay respect to but the government teat is still succulent, supple, and sweet enough to suck off what musters as education.

It was stated on CNN that players would not accept any member of Donald Sterling’s family being allowed to retain ownership the LA Clippers. Isn’t blaming others for the crimes and moral shortcomings of their ancestors or those sharing a common genetic lineage the definition and epitome of racism?

Is a 15 year old’s life in America really so onerous in America that standing for a minute in honor of liberty and justice under God creates an overwhelming ethical conflict? If this is an age where we are suppose to embrace the wisdom of other cultures, perhaps we should consult what the Red Chinese do to those refusing to participate in their simple civic rituals. One might ask if those supporting this form of protest would enjoy life under the Taliban or Boko Haram. Unfortunately, there are some from the extremist wings of Christianity that probably look to those movements as worthy ideals to aspire to in terms of actualized social policy.

In regards to illegal aliens, President Obama remarked prosecuting those just trying to make a living is not the best use of the governments resources. So why didn't that principle apply initially to Cliven Bundy?

Whoopi Goldberg is correct. If a woman hits first, she should be hit back.

Karl Rove is fussing that Hillary will be 69 years old by the time of the 2016 elections. Funny the rest of us are suppose to keep working well beyond that in the future being planned for us by elites in both political parties.

Delegate Eleanor Homes Norton is to speak at a news conference urging federal authorities to refrain from interfering in the District’s local affairs such as gun control and pot legalization. Does she intend to as enthusiastically guard the constitutional prerogatives of states to prohibit sodomite matrimony?

Did PETA ever make a fuss over government operatives slaughtering Cliven Bundy's cattle?

In an interview regarding his new book “What Works”, pundit Cal Thomas lamented debate programs where representatives from competing sides bore into each other. If not for that format, would anyone even know or care who Cal Thomas was?

In an interview about his new book “What Works”, Cal Thomas remarked that movie goers are tired of “car chases and violence”. Unless it’s a Rod Sterling-esque masterpiece where two characters are describing some pending horror, what man is going to pay to see a movie where the characters do nothing but drone on about their “feelings”. If a movie does not have a gun, sword, robot, spaceship, or a dragon, its barely worth watching.

It was claimed that there is no quicker way to clear out a church than to preach election and predestination because doing so supposedly separates the sheep from the goats. Within that statement is also the assumption that non-Calvinists are going to Hell. However, why is someone obligated to remain in a congregation that will do little more than create mental despair and emotional depression? Because in such congregations, not only is one constantly berated and belittled for the least little offense but are constantly beaten over the head that God created you for no other reason that to let you fall into the Hellfires of eternal damnation.

According to the medical establishment, because of the respiratory pestilence originating in the Middle East, it is now inappropriate to greet someone with a handshake. However, if one recoils in disgust at the prospect of one man inserting his privates into the rectal orifice of another, the individual vocalizing such a sentiment is to be subject to a financial penalty and profession ruination.

A bridge in Washington, DC has been renamed in honor of Ethel Kennedy. It would be a good place for police to conduct sobriety checkpoints in honor of the famed booze hound.

A California Christian school finds itself in a heated legal quandary. The question at hand is whether or not the civil rights of educators were violated when they were terminated from their positions for being Roman Catholic. The school claims students should only be exposed to teaching in compliance with the sponsoring church’s doctrinal statement. The fired teachers insist that they did not attempt to manipulate students into embracing Roman Catholic peculiarities. In all fairness, unless the teachers were deceptive about their denominational allegiances or switched teams mid game, the school ought to be punished for extending an offer of employment only to snatch it back once revivalist fanaticism sweeps through the institution.

Regarding religionists that oppose the concept of Christian counseling. Why is it OK for such theologies to make a living off of their talents but not for those more gifted with insight into the more emotional aspects of life?

Franklin Graham remarked that pastors should speak out against homosexuality and abortion because God hates cowards. And well they should. However, it must be asked, how many bodyguards does he have on his security detail? And did he offer this kind of advice to his father since Billy Graham didn't always have the strongest ministry against error in the later years of his own ministry? And what of the comments against Mormonism quietly removed from their ministry's website in order to curry favor with the Romney campaign?

Parents probably wrapped up in the Hollywood lifestyle are more responsible for the CA mass shooting than the NRA.

In condemning the NRA in response to the the CA mass shooting it was asked what about the victim's rights. What about the victim's right to shoot back?

Would a school punishing a student for seeing a gun in the clouds have punished him if he said that the meteorological formation reminded him of a giant floating penis? If schools don't like the responses provided by students when asked what the clouds look like to them, then don't ask the question.

A Japanese band was attacked by a crazed fan wielding a saw. When is the world going to take seriously the threat posed by unregulated access to hardware and home improvement supplies?

So is the NRA also responsible for the stabbing murders that took place as part of the CA mass murder incident?

It is amazing how granting others the determination as to when you can operate your air conditioning is marketed as a good thing.

Does the grieving parent blaming the NRA for the CA mass murder incident also intend to convene a press conference blaming parents attempting to purchase their children's love with increasingly lavish material mementos to the point where the offspring is incapable of coping with life's routine disappointments and letdowns?

Explosive devices were set off in a number of Metropolitan Washington cinemas. When is the general public going to realize there is no justifiable reason that they need to possess closeable containers in which liquids can be transported.

Apparently hard cider is growing in popularity because it is gluten free. So apparently these beatniks don't like digestive distress when it is caused by wheat but don't mind it when it is caused by booze.

Mass murderer Elliot Rodger was from a broken home. Will there be as much condemnation of divorce as easy access to firearms?

An Associated Press study concludes that the average CEO earns over $10 million per year. WMAL pundit Larry O’Connor remarked that these individuals are deserving of such reimbursement for all of their hard work. But are such individuals rewarded for their labor or for embracing the platitudes and presuppositions of the globalist elite contending that the common dregs of America have too much, must have what little property they have seized for redistribution, and that those permitted to survive after a systematic depopulation campaign be herded into relocation settlements?

A Facebook meme insinuating that salvation is not determined by whether or not one places faith in Jesus Christ but rather if one submits to Calvin’s soteriological ruminations reads “Preaching predestination is like preaching in a cemetery…there are a lot of folks around…but no one is listening.” Technically, if this hermeneutic is the correct one, that is nobody’s fault but God if the individual has no choice in the matter.

Regarding the plot of this year’s “24”. Aren’t the parents of the “innocent children” blown away in the drone attack on the terrorist compound even more at fault than the Heller administration? After all, the parents are terrorists --- not camel ranchers or decorative calligraphers.

A Facebook meme consisted of the following Spurgeon quote: “I believe that one reason why the church of God at this present moment has so little influence over the world is because the world has so much influence over the church.” Shouldn’t predestinarian Calvinists rejoice since that is exactly how their version of God sovereignly willed things to be?

An article at Ligonier Ministries asks “Predestination: Why Some Believe It & Some Don’t”. Doesn’t any exposition simply saying because God picked some to believe and some not to believe expose the self-referential incoherence of the basic presupposition?

I don’t remember the media coming to a screeching halt over the death of writers that could actually write like Ray Bradbury or Tom Clancy. Guess they weren’t Black enough.

In his condemnation of a man that ducked from a baseball bat hurling in his direction, Allan West heralded the woman that caught the bat as a “true Valkyrie, a strong woman of Sparta”. Besides mixing his mythologies, shouldn’t we now stop to ask some serious questions about Allan West if he intends to uplift Sparta as some kind of ideal to aspire to? It must be pointed out that Sparta was among the most communal of Greek city states where unfit children were deemed unworthy of continued existence, where youth were subject to state sanctioned pedophilia, and wife swapping was common. Apart from military prowess, Sparta actually had quite a bit in common with the platform of the Democratic party. If Colonel West finds it appropriate to mock a man instinctively getting out of the line of fire, should he be elected President, does that mean that he intends to forgo Secret Service protection?

Eugenicist ghoul Ezekiel Emanuel is giddy that within the next decade most private employers will no longer offer health insurance. Then why ought anyone bust their backside for an employer?

If we have so much to learn from the “wise Latinos” as President Obama enunciated in his justification for nominating Sonya Sotomayer to the Supreme Court, perhaps U.S. immigration detention policy and tactics should be modeled on the manner of restraint and abuse utilized against American veterans that wandered unbeknowningly into the turd bowl of a country to America's south.

The Fox reality series Utopia bills itself as being bound by no laws other than those the contestants themselves decide to implement. So what happens if a majority decide to murder a particularly obnoxious contestant or, if there are more male than female contestants, the majority decides that rape or sexual assault are acceptable in their contrived society?

Wonder how long until this millionaire sponsoring scavenger hunts for cash prizes is slapped with tax and permit violations by government wanting an additional cut.

In South Korea, women-only parking spaces are being established. Why is a 35 year old female porn star or yoga instructor that can twist like a pretzel more deserving of a preferred parking space over a 35 year old man with spinal stenosis because one has a vagina and the other a penis?

A police chief and wife are correct that the hardships of celebrities do not compare with those endured by military personnel. However, we should also be slightly concerned about law enforcement officers in uniforms handing down pronouncements regarding what is and is not acceptable speech.

A legalistic Baptist condemning those that “date the church” claimed that those that do so to avoid getting involved. Frankly, what if there is nothing going on in a local church that interests them or they as an individual are not deemed good enough by those in leadership?

A pastor opposed to church hopping remarked that church is not about being a spectator but about serving. But what if one is not allowed to serve in a church unless one has exhibited a degree of personal and doctrinal perfection that has next to nothing whatsoever with the tasks at hand?

Local news anchor remarked that he’d be concerned about the heat if the World Cup was held in Qatar. Shouldn’t one be more concerned about the possibility of terrorism in that turd pile?

According to the June 2014 issue of Teaching Philosophy, the next great campaign we must embark upon is the elimination and prevention of microaggressions. Microaggressions are “words and behaviors that happen in everyday interactions that send denigrating messages to certain individuals because of their group membership.” These can only “be experienced by people who are members of certain disadvantaged groups. As such, whites (especially men) can only be 'insulted”.” With continued conditioning, expect these verbal distinctions to become more prominent in the workplace and law enforcement environments. Examples of microaggressions enumerated in the article include failure to make eye contact, making too much eye contact, or pulling one's belongings closer to one's body while in the presence of certain individuals. Thus, in the future, expect charges to be filed against a White person hurrying out of a minority neighborhood with the police letting off the hook Trayvonite hooligans that shouted the vilest of slurs at the individual. Such miscreants might even be rewarded with additional benefit handouts.

It is insisted that the return of Bergdahl should be celebrated even if he did defect to the terrorist enemy. Would he still be deemed worthy of a hero's welcome if he uttered the “N-word” or enunciated opposition to gay marriage?

Bergdahl wandered away from his post. Most likely because Afghanistan is the Bourbon Street or Miami Beach of the Third World.

Eleanor Holmes Norton suggested caution in condemning Bergdahl as a deserter. Was she as judicious regarding George Zimmerman, Paula Deen, Donald Sterling, or even Dan Synder?

Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nicholas served as veterans. Does that mean we are obligated to overlook their crimes against the American people?

I guess Bergdahl wanted to speak with Taliban so he could conduct missionary outreach with them.

Obama insisted that it is a principle no one wearing a uniform gets left behind. However, if you are a quadriplegic left in your own excrement in a VA hospital, that's another story.

So if we are to hold the military in suspicion any other time, why should we believe the claim that Bergdhal served honorably?

Regarding news of the first female to play defensive end on the collegiate level, Larry O’Connor WMAL remarked that it was never acceptable to lay hands on a woman. In certain circumstances, why not? Though the assailant ultimately ended her own life, utilizing the broadcaster’s logic it would have been inappropriate for a man to subdue one of the aggressors in the Las Vegas shooting incident leaving a police officer and Walmart Shopper dead. Likewise, should O’Connor be targeted by a woman on the streets of DC as part of the knockout game, is he going to sit there and take it?

Apparently Bergdahl is the one veteran having endured the hardships of war that is getting medical treatment promptly as needed.

The new presidential spokesman is named “Josh Earnest”. That's a fitting name for the functionary charged with spewing the President's lies at the American people.

If the Obama Administration deems a terrorist worthy of release on the basis of a book the detainee might have read, might the government decide to detain individuals on the basis of what books they have read?

The Obama Administration is considering the release of a number of Gitmo detainees. One has aspirations of establishing a honey farm. Another was taught “human being [awareness] as a child.” No doubt an awareness of them as targets. And what of the victims of these turds? They won’t get to realize their dreams or be aware of any human beings (at least in this life) because THEY ARE DEAD! And in the case of the attacks on the World Trade Center, the families of the victims can’t even realize the dream of honoring the remains of their loved ones graveside BECAUSE THEY WERE INCINERATED AND VAPORIZED as they went about their daily tasks as productive members of society.

Obama makes a spectacle of himself going to Starbucks. Are high priced White House chiefs unable to handle a cup of tea?

Regarding many of the conservative Evangelicals properly outraged over the gay rights flag hoisted over the U.S. embassy in Israel: do they plan to criticize Israel as vehemently for the establishment of a flourishing homosexual tourist industry in the Holy Land? The Jews Are Always Right portion of Fundamentalism certainly doesn’t mind bashing the Roman Catholic Church over the head for the slightest doctrinal deviation or shortcoming.

In “How To Train A Dragon 2”, it is hinted that one of the characters is gay. Homeschool advocate Kevin Swanson has already forbade his children from seeing it on the basis of a single line. But if one imposes an outright prohibition over something that is more inferred at this point by someone with an adult understanding rather than on the level of a child excited to see the dragons, aren’t you going to end up creating a greater fascination and obsession over this movie?

The Islamic State In Iraq and Syria is attempting to create a country transcending the boundaries of these two established states. So does this mean the very same movement some want to arm in Syria is who we could end up fighting in Iraq?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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