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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  May 9, 2014
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #54

A WRC channel 4 news reporter supports the suspension of the student that dared ask Miss America to the prom. You know, rules are rules and must always be obeyed. Though it is up a notch in terms of severity, I guess using that logic, Rosa Parks got whatever was coming to her and Bull Connor should be applauded historically for turning lose fire hoses and police dogs on civil rights marchers. After all, rules are rules. They must ALWAYS be obeyed.

Would a lesbian have been suspended from school if she had asked Miss America to the prom?

Regarding the student suspended for daring to ask Miss America to the prom. Do schools not have detention anymore for fear that the pervert teachers can’t keep their hands off the students after hours?

Flaming homosexual cleric Gene Robinson was invited to give the benediction at the White House Easter prayer breakfast. So should others be granted such an opportunity on the basis of being aroused by peculiarities considered beyond the parameters of erotic normality? So when will it be the year for those turned on by redheads or the pleasingly plump?

A fuss is being made that by 2030 China might be the most Christian nation on earth. It is claimed in the Telegraph that the People’s Republic will have more Christians than Mexico, Brazil or the United States. But even if that nation has a higher number of Christians than the United States, does that mean that the percentage professing belief will be larger than the percentage of belief in America? There could be more Christians in China but the percentage of Americans professing belief could still be higher given that America has a smaller population. And if Mexico and Brazil are being upheld as the other nations with sizable numbers of Christians, it doesn’t necessarily mean that will improve the prospects of freedom in China given the pervasiveness of crime, corruption and debauchery in those particular Latin American countries.

Contrary to Bob Beckel, why shouldn't single mothers be required to pick up trash along side the road in order to receive public assistance? They are obviously healthy enough to reproduce and apparently limber enough to bend over with their backsides up in the air.

Ronald McDonald takes to social media and gets new outfit, making him appear more like a child molester than even before.

Outrage has erupted over LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling vocalizing disapproval over his concubine’s decision to cavort with Black folks. Shouldn’t there be greater outrage that this man is married and that this woman he was spending time with and affection on is not his wife? How can the public be sure that this tramp has not given this whoremonger cause for jealousy in the past?

Tolerancemongers are arguing how dare LA Clippers benefit financially from Black folks If he thinks so lowly of them. Are his players are going to be so principled as to refuse the lucrative paychecks he extends to them? Isn’t it a beautiful truth of capitalism that green is one of those colors that can transcend the intractable divisions of mankind?

Larry O’Connor of WMAL claims that he is offended that Sarah Palin joked that she sees waterboarding as a way of baptizing terrorists. The pundit's disapproval does not stem from a concern for potential human rights abuses. Rather, as a Catholic, he insists that baptism should only be referenced with the utmost solemnity. Given that he speaks publicly of his divorce and hints at carnal relations with women, too bad he does not esteem the concept of marriage as highly.

So in the entire history of the NBA, are you really naïve enough to believe not a single ghetto filth player has ever said anything ill mannered about White people?

Exactly what other forms of private property should be confiscated from you for enunciating politically incorrect assumptions in a conversation that is believed to be private? Should one lose their apartment lease or kicked out of their homes by their home owner association? Should one be forbidden from acquiring nutritional sustenance?

If NBA owner Donald Sterling is to be condemned as "racist", shouldn't his concubine be condemned as "classist" for only whoring about with men of considerable wealth? Would she bed someone of similar age if his only means of support was a position as a Walmart greeter or cart jockey?

NBA owner Donald Sterling can't be all that racist. Given that he's rich enough to buy any kind of mistress that he wants, it seems he settled for a non-White one. You can't even really shower Tiger Woods with those kinds of accolades.

Apparently when White Southerners oppose homosexuality, progressive Southern Baptist functionaries condemn the conviction as “redneck theology”. When assorted immigrant communities oppose homosexuality, that sociological fact is co-opted by these same ecclesiastical subversives to beat the rest of us over the head as to how far American Christianity has drifted irrespective of whether or not the congregation addressed has embraced the prevailing wave of debauchery.

The U.S. Army has recognized secular humanism as a religion. So does this mean the Pentagon will prepare manuals detailing the threats posed by this belief system the way it has been done with Christianity?

If a ministry opposed to Halloween posts pictures of its staff in costumes as children, wouldn’t that be akin to posting the picture of someone in a Playboy Bunny outfit that renounced her life at the mansion with Heff in favor of Christ?

Commentator Doug Giles is propagating the notion that hipster beards, horned-rim glasses, and the inability to change a tire are indicators of a shriveled manhood. Maybe so. But nothing screams impotence like having to travel all the way to Africa to blow to smithereens animals for the purposes of mere sport.

On an episode of Stand Up For Truth, theologian Scott Alan Buss condemned American culture for not adhering to an allegedly Biblical concept of viewing 13 year olds as adults. If his portrait at is accurate, when is he going to start looking like an adult and cut his hair if he is going to demand such rigorous perfection from the rest of us? If we are going to live hardcore Biblical, does not the Scripture teach it is shameful for a man to have long hair?

An execution was allegedly botched in Oklahoma. Given that the accused eventually died anyway, why should we care? It was still a more peaceful death than that he inflicted upon his victim.

Contrary to pundit Doug Giles, there is nothing in the Bible indicating men are required to enjoy killing animals just for the sake of killing animals.

In a story about a church that meets in a strip club, a number of broadcast commentators go out of their way to make a point of their reluctance to call such a hellhole a “gentlemen’s club”. It is pointed out that a gentleman would not pay money to watch women remove their clothes. Interesting how remarks are never made that the women engaged in such acts are lewdness are not ladies. Many of them want to participate in such lewdness and would refuse to work in more respectable trades, crafts, or professions.

In comments regarding sexual assault, Vice President Biden claimed that only 13 percent of college rape victims report the crime to law enforcement. If we are going to make this a statistics-based argument with a very specific figure as to why we need additional government intrusion into our lives rather than rely on the laws and regulations already in place to address these acts of violence and dehumanization, what is the evidence that the other 87% even took place?

The same ones wanting the issue of sexual assault among young adults addressed on the federal level are among the same ones that toss a fit when it is suggested that the vast majority of these incidents would be prevented if abstinence was drilled into the minds of young people, if young woman were instructed to not dress like tramps, and if both sexes refrained from booze in most instances. One actor participating in this propaganda effort was Steven Carell. Carell starred in a film titled “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, ridiculing an individual having lived their life in that fashion. Make fun of those characterized by such a state of chastity all that you want. However, it is doubtful that such individuals ever raped anybody.

Fascinating. Factions in Hollywood create the impression that you are some kind of weirdo if you aren’t out fornicating with anything that moves and, when a sufficient number embrace the philosophy that the baser instincts must be fulfilled at all costs, they paint you as an ever bigger weirdo if you question the propriety of addressing from the federal level the rotten fruits resulting from this warped outlook.

In a discussion of the impact of digital media on the family, it was observed that many contemporary youth have little contact or awareness of the “adult world” up until the age of 28 or thereabouts. If that means these youngsters are not engaged in some kind of gainful employment, that is wrong. However, if that is a nebulous reference to realities the speaker is not willing to discuss further such as the adoption of an affectation of contrived stuffiness, does it really matter? There is nothing requiring you to dress like an old person or take up golf if you don’t care for the game in the first place. Most adults aren’t all that willing to relinquish much of the status or power that they would naturally lose as part of an expanded social circle anyway.

A Facebook meme was posted insisting that fear of punishment and desire for reward are weak motivations for accepting Christ. But without these, what is the point? More importantly, why do preachers arguing such rail on incessantly about sin and often against things that really aren’t sin after all?

Nancy Floreen of the Montgomery County Council is demanding that more residents participate in the Capital Bike Share Program. Apparently to these liberals out to control every aspect of the lives of those that they rule over, it is no longer enough to ride bicycles. Now these vehicles should not be one that you own but rather one that is lent to you by the COMMUNITY.

A number of questionable assumptions were expounded in an elocution on national repentance based upon the Book of Joel posted on For example, for true repentance to come about the pastor insisted that first one was required to first conduct a “fast of the spirit”. Apparently, it is not enough to abstain from that which is merely sin. One must also abstain from those desires that find their origin in the flesh but are otherwise legitimate. So does that mean if your backside itches, you can’t scratch it? Giving up that which one is not required to does not earn brownie points with God. If anything, it merely takes one dangerously closer to works-based righteousness “at best” and at worst might push one over into a proto-gnosticism that denigrates materiality and embodiment. Secondly, this pastor went out of his way to spoof those that prefer to deal with there in the pew any conviction they might be under from the Holy Spirit rather than going forward to make a, shall we say, spectacle of themselves in the front of the church. Instead, in times of judgment, repentance must be made public. So apparently, not only can’t you scratch your own backside, you’ve got to cop before an audience to each time you’ve stolen a glance of someone else's backside Frankly, on what grounds do these variety of Baptists then complain about Roman Catholic ritualism such as confession, unnecessary penance, and bodily mortification?

In justifying why a pastor must never be seen in a Hawaiin shirt, a fundamentalist Baptist insisted that the world needs to see that we are like God and not the world. So how is such a perspective markedly different than those that insist ministers should wear clerical collars and vestments rather than business suits? Isn’t it that the business suit is the clerical collar and vestment of most hyperlegaistic fundamentalists?

A Facebook status update claims that because of a Michelle Malkin column exposing the perversions of alleged pedophile Bryan Singer, we will never be able to view the director’s films the same way again. So does this same standard apply to the allegations we hear surfacing about Bob Jones University and Pensacola Christian College. Or when these sorts of shocking surface in our own camp, we are suppose to turn a blind eye?

In terms of coercing compliance irrespective of whether or not that which being called for is a clearly delineated issue, pastors often emphasize the Hebrews 13:17 calling for obedience of those that rule over you so that their task might be joyful. What about the verse where those in authority (especially parents) are urged not to provoke those under them to wrath?

An article title in an academic journal laments “The Still All-White World Of Children’s Books”. In an age of self-publishing, don’t minorities have no one to blame for that but themselves? In light of reaction to Cinco De Mayo celebrations on the part of certain disgruntled agitators, frankly if White authors wrote about minority characters, those of such a literary inclination would probably see their lives threatened and any good name they had ruined with the charge of “cultural misappropriation”. Like the new euphemism of “climate disruption”, the allegation sounds like a crime worthy of a Nuremberg tribunal but ultimately doesn’t really mean much of anything. Lastly, if minority children don’t want to read about White characters, why should White children want to read about minority characters?

A pastor condemned a fellow minister for making an idol technology because he did not return a phone call after several attempts but replied to a text within 30 seconds of receiving one. What we have here is not so much a sin but rather a difference in personal technological preference. So would condemnation on part of an Amishman or a Luddite of the minister conducting his communications through telephone rather than through written correspondence or perhaps face to face also be valid or would that simply be viewed as fanatic overkill? And what of those that condemned the proliferation of the printing press during the days of the Reformation?

Licentious progressives demand such uniformity of mindset that those privileged to be spotlighted in the media targeting that particular demographic must not be allowed to formulate streams of cognition contradicting this ethical hegemony even when these reflections are not highlighted in the information such personalities are contracted to convey. For example, HGTV removed from its lineup a new program titled “Flip It Forward” because the Christianity espoused by the hosts of the program opposes gay marriage and abortion. Never mind the fact that it would be Christian beliefs that would motivate an individual to assist the destitute in acquiring shelter. That should teach the hosts a lesson. Perhaps they should just use their skills at carpentry and real estate to accumulate wealth for themselves with those unable to do so allowed to fritter into destitution and ruination in compliance with the Darwinian hypothesis. Yet when there is the possibility that a small segment of the media is at least open to the possibility of allowing for the expression of a broadly traditionalist or theistic perspective in a public format, these very same licentious progressives rampage how this one outlet is suppressing dissent. This is particularly evident in liberal opposition to Fox News. Derangement against that news organizations is so widespread and vehement that some time ago, liberals about pulled their hair out how the network was featured in episodes of 24 (a drama that tends to skewer conservative in terms of its viewership) even though Fox (the network upon which 24 aired) and Fox News are owned by the same company.

Shouldn't we be troubled by Michelle Obama holding a hashtag sign reading "Bring Back Our Girls" in reference to the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls? Technically, they are no more her girls than the scumbags kidnapping them.

In response to those worked up into a frenzy over the kidnapped Nigerian girls. Aren't they normally the ones insisting no culture is superior to any other and remind "WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE?" Why didn't anyone give a tinker's darn when Boko Haram burned fifty-one boys alive?

The Nigerian government is refusing to let the American advisors entering that toilet bowl of a nation to bring weapons. To that, we should say good luck finding these children ALL ON YOUR OWN you Third Word savages.

If Hillary Clinton expresses an interest in girls in regards to the abducted Nigerians but didn’t bat an eye when 59 boys were burned alive, shouldn’t that be viewed as potential evidence of her likely lesbianism?

In a podcast discussion regarding doctrinal distinctives in the church, it was remarked that one should not seek a likeable pastor when searching for a church. That said, neither is one obligated to remain in a church with one where you constantly bash heads or where one feels belittled. If you aren’t careful, Jonestown can result.

In a podcast discussion of doctrinal distinctives, a caller remarked that like an oak tree, once you have been planted in the church, you don’t leave. That is until they carry you out after have swigged from the doctored Kool-Aid or carried out on a stretcher following the ATF raid. You leave anytime you feel in your spirit that things aren’t up to snuff.

To curry favor with his fellow globalists in the United Nations, Pope Francis has enunciated his support for legitimate global income redistribution. Since the Pontiff said this is about promoting a “spirit of generosity”, perhaps Vatican coffers should be among the first looted by the UN. Perhaps the golden toilets surrounded by pornographic paintings could be auctioned off. As proof of his sincerity, perhaps the Pope should consent to seizure of Roman Catholic funds to be distributed to less successful denominations and ministries without the Pope having any say or oversight as to the destinations of such moneys.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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