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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  December 20, 2013
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #47

Viewing the detailed technicalities of Old Testament law as the epitome of morality rather than in certain instances as a temporary ethical way station as man was being elevated from pagan squalor to greater spiritual splendor, a number of Christian Reconstructionists are hinting at the propriety of polygmany. So apparently there really isn't much inherently wrong with more than one wife. Yet these are the same theologians that would probably forever forbid a man that married a divorced woman from holding church office. Some advocates of this perspective would probably devise a syllogism why the divorced that remarry and those that marry them should be put to death (especially the women) since the movement still holds that execution is the proper punishment for adultery.

Isn't 8:30 am on Thanksgiving when a sizable percentage might not even be out of bed a little early to activate the telephone prayer chain? So it's worth the risk of someone getting up and breaking a hip forcing them into the hospital because someone else is on the way to the hospital? God's last name is not Gallup or even Zogby. He's not more likely to answer a prayer the way that you want it just because that petition's polling numbers are on the rise.

A segment on Fox News claimed it was detailing what to lookout for in order to avoid the Knock Out Game. Yet not a single word was enunciated that the assailants are overwhelmingly Trayvonite Obamaphiles. Apparently, political correctness is once again more important than public safety or survival.

Doesn't “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” convey the message that a thief that returns what belonged to you to begin with should be rewarded? The special should have ended with his corpse hanging from the tree in the town square. If the Who's in Whoville weren't so soft on crime, the Grinch would have been too afraid to loot their village.

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas” The Jew that wrote that sure made a boatload off Christmas.

Hard economic times must have hit Narnia as well. Seems Aslan is the new spokescat for Food Lion in commercials.

TBN founder Paul Crouch has died at the age of 79 from degenerative heart disease. One's sympathies naturally extend to the families that have lost loves ones that aren't serial killers and terrorists. However, one cannot help but observe in these situations that when you, mere pewfiller, fall ill that to these faith healers it is because of some unconfessed sin in your life (usually the refusal to send a direct deposit each month into the bank accounts of these religious charlatans). However, when such tragedy befalls these types the event is spun in terms of them going home to the eternal reward that they so richly deserve.

Fanatic homeschooler Kevin Swanson is continuing to condemn the Hunger Games series on what he insists are Biblical grounds. As in regards to the first film, he insists that David in the Old Testament sets a better example for Christian youth because the Hebrew shepherd boy was so deferential to authority that he would not assassinate a slumbering Saul when the opportunity presented itself. Yet their seems to be no indication as of yet in the Hunger Games cinematic storyline of Catniss or any of the other protagonists getting so horny that they have their romantic rivals murdered so they can get their freak on.

Obamacare website said to be 80% repaired. Perhaps we should only send in 80% of the taxes we owe. Whether Republicans cheer for the triumph or demise of Obamacare, that has no bearing on the functionality of the program's webportal.

If the Obama administration insists that Nov. 30th should not be looked to as the date by which its proposed healthcare system should all be in order, why should they expect us to have all of our revenue ducks in a row by April 15th?

If it is wrong for authors to write stories where a dictatorial regime uses brutal entertainments and public displays to keep a terrified population in line such as The Hunger Games, wouldn't it be wrong to write about similar accounts taking place in the Roman Empire? In particular, by this guideline, wouldn't it then be wrong to propagate the story of one such person condemned as a troublemaker who was nailed upon a cross but whom some say ultimately rose from the dead?

Government propagandists a part of Frau Obama's anti-obesity initiative Let's Move have produced public service announcements geared toward American Indian and Hispanic populations featuring music from those respective cultures. Will there be comparative broadcast spots targeting respective White demographics? Will Rednecks get a PSA with bluegrass playing in the background? Will science fiction enthusiasts have an announcement produced in their honor set to the tune from Star Wars or the classic version of Battlestar Galactica?

If we are to curtail artistic, literary, and analytical criticism of a particular religion of peace for fear of sparking a homicidal rampage in these otherwise docile spiritualists, does Chairman Obama intend to condemn Paris Hilton for cavorting three-quarters naked in the geopolitical backyard of those we are suppose to censor ourselves over for the purposes of mollifying?

A fuss is being made that the American education system is coming in near at the bottom. At this point in the social decline, is it really going to matter? Unless you are good at boozing and carousing, it’s not like busting your hump on the books is going to get you anywhere anyway above the lower end of average. Even in Christian circles, you are going to need a tale sprinkled with at least hints of debauchery if you expect anything to be dropped into your outstretched hand. Reflecting upon the death of Nelson Mandela, former Secretary of Defense William Cohen remarked that our poisoned politics might be resolved by adopting the spirit of this departed world leader. So does that mean we are to move forward by conducting acts of terrorism against public infrastructure and acts of violence against our political opponents?

A courageous South Carolina sheriff has refused to lower the flag to half staff to commemorate the passing of Nelson Mandela. If this honor was not extended to Margaret Thatcher or Vaclav Havel, why should this Turd World rabblerouser be considered worthy? If a world leader said of Blacks what this global luminary has said of Whites, he would have instead been destroyed by the mainstream media. Years ago, one would hear nearly constant reports on the nightly news how bad it was in South Africa under apartheid. And it was. But interesting you barely hear a peep about the skyrocketing crime and corruption in that country now that dictatorial Blacks have taken it over.

So apparently, if you utter the N-Word to your husband in the privacy of your own home after a gun is put in your face, you should be destroyed financially. If it is on record that some of your favorite works of artistic expression glorify violence against White folks, there is a possibility that your funeral will one day compete with that given year's twelve days of Christmas.

Even at 95 years of age dieing in a hospital, Nelson Mandela's daughter assures that her father was teaching her things until the bitter end. Yet doesn't Obamacare insist that the chronologically advanced have ceased contributing anything of value well before such an advanced age? Regarding the 6 year old that kissed a girl on the hand during reading class. In the smut that probably passes for literature in some of these schools these days, it's a safe bet the characters are a kissin and a lickin more than the back of a gal's hand.

A 10 year old PA lad has been suspended for pretending a pencil was a bow and arrow. Would school officials on the bankroll of big pharma prefer he pretended it was a penis in a Viagra commercial? A 10 year old has been suspended for pretending a pencil was a bow and arrow. Would one pretending it was an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile be accused of crimes against humanity?

An educational conundrum. Should students be suspended for reenacting scenes from the life of Nelson Mandela where one student pretends to place a tire around the neck of another, filling it with gasoline and setting it on fire? If one says yes, aren’t you being racist by condemning the actions of the Left’s messiah of the week?

The same educrats wanting a lad suspended for kissing the hand of a female classmate at 6 years of age will probably be having the exact same 6 year olds when they are 14 roleplaying assorted safe sex scenarios as part of the physical hygiene curriculum.

Does Greenpeace possess the courage to produce a video threatening to cancel Ramadan if the eco-terrorist front group’s demands aren’t met?

In the past, the sign language interpreter featured at the Mandela memorial was accused of crimes such as attempted rape and murder. In other words, he was a typical Obama voter.

President Obama referred to the reading material in doctor's offices as "old people's magazines". Could President Bush have referred to reading material flippantly as "Black people's magazines"?

Could it be that a medical journal study concludes that vitamins do no good for your health because they are often readily available off the shelf and undermine the cut going to Big Pharma? We are suppose to toss them out now because they are of no proven health benefit. However, we are constantly bombarded with commercials where we are suppose to happily stuff ourselves with pills where it is admitted that a possible side effect is DEATH.

Benefits have been cut to disabled veterans so Sandra Fluke can keep her legs spread high in the air.

Regarding the comments made by the cast member of Duck Dynasty, a reprobate interviewed on CNN demanded that the times were changing and that the Robertsons had better get in line. Wasn't nearly that exact same thing said to Jews as they were marched onto the box cars headed to the death camps?

If the vast majority have to live in constant fear of their lives being destroyed over saying something displeasing a minuscule percentage of the population, isn't that the fundamental definition of tyranny.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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