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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  November 26, 2013
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #46

It was proclaimed from a Baptist pulpit that a generalized pronouncement that one would shoot a nocturnal intruder does not exhibit a proper fear of God. Instead, the believer is to rely on the Holy Spirit to provide a solution in such a situation. But who is to say in such a self-defense situation that it is not the Holy Spirit leading the individual to blow the assailant's brains out? In Luke 17, perhaps the leper that came back to thank Jesus for the healing was a Samaritan to serve as an example that the most profound faith can sometimes be found among those that do not always run with the religious crowd.

Understanding as much of the Word of God as possible does matter. However, if one does not go along with a particular understanding of an admittedly obtuse passage, that does not mean one is guilty of neglecting this particular Christian obligation.

Perhaps if its Dean wasn't a gay-pandering atheist, the National Cathedral wouldn't have to start charging tourists a $10 admission. There may be a away around this. The broadcast story pointed out the fee would not be accessed against those coming to the Cathedral to worship. Since the structure usually holds several worship services per day, it might pay to sneak into one of these and then stay in the building to snoop around once that has concluded. The last time I visited, I saw there was cash register at the designated "visitors entrance." The trick is just to barge straight through the front door and to just keep walking like you know what you are doing.

Obamaphiles are insisting that those that have been dropped by their insurance will be able to get better policies. Thing is, such propaganda does not clarify what the definition of "better" consists of and for what parties.

Had Conrad Murray's dead patient been a Walmart cashier and not the King of Pop, this doctor would not have seen a single day in prison.

Old hag Congresswoman on Crossfire clarifies for the record she doesn't have a prostate. Thing is, I doubt anyone wants to conduct the manual examine to verify such a claim.

Shouldn't elderly men that can't get it up anymore and elderly women with shriveled wombs, not the government, be the ones to determine whether or not they need pediatric insurance coverage? If women's privates are so much more complex than a man's that they need special subsidies in the affordable healthcare act mandating free upkeep, why shouldn't women be required to pay higher premiums than a man?

Sanford police to abolish the Neighborhood Watch there in favor of one brainwashed and manipulated by law enforcement. And what is to prevent citizens from banding together and forming their own unofficial neighborhood watch. Are we getting to the point of that old Ray Bradbury story where it will be illegal to walk outside of your home?

On the CW drama Arrow, Oliver Queen sponsored a gun by back. If it is unacceptable for the average citizens of his fictional city to defend themselves against assorted criminals, on what grounds is this costumed adventurer justified running around shooting the bad guys with a bow and arrow?

Too bad World Net Daily does not take as hardline position against those that are setting dates regarding the return of Christ as the news outlet does against those that celebrate Halloween. Seems the one is explicitly frowned upon in the pages of Scripture whereas the second is a matter of personal interpretation.

“Socially moderate women” is still a euphemism for baby-killing hussies.

In an interview with Senator Ted Cruz, Jay Leno condemned the refusal of conservative Republicans to compromise their principles. Perhaps Jay Leno would like a higher percentage of personal wealth confiscation if we are suppose to go along without resistance to all of the peabrained schemes of liberalism. The entertainer obviously has extra to spare. One really doesn't need so many automobiles that one has to warehouse them in a hanger at a Los Angeles airport.

Jay Leno asked Ted Cruz why Republicans lost the last two elections. The GOP lost because a significant percentage were brainwashed into electing a candidate for no other reason than that the candidate was half Black.

Shouldn't the father having his visitation hours reduced for refusing to take his urchin to McDonald's have his delinquent child support reduced proportionally?

It is quite revealing the steps taken by factions of the New World Order to promote that agenda and undermine the critics opposed to it. For example, NBC slaps a viewer discretion warning on Revolution when all the program does is dramatize what life will be like after society collapses. But little is said before an episode of Dracula begins despite that program's copious fornication, vampirism, and the occult.

What's the big fuss about the frozen McRib photo? Is not like you are seeing a picture of the cow or whatever creature those things happen to be made of being killed.

Everyone across the Internet is enjoying a good laugh at the White supremacist whose DNA test on a talk show hardly anyone has heard of until now came back with the results that the racialist is genetically 14% sub-Saharan African. Is that enough to earn him Affirmative Action handouts and set asides? Can he now publically say the N-Word like his kinsmen without fear of violence or economic sanctions being inflicted upon him? If not, he is still for all intensive purposes White.

In Thor: The Dark World, the antagonists were elves from before the creation of the universe that flew around in what resembled a spaceship, fired lasers, and tossed around devices that were for lack of a better term singularity grenades. Now that's a movie that understands that the extraterrestrial menace is not so much interplanetary but rather transdimensional.

In terms of comic books, I am not as familiar with Thor as I am Spider-Man, Superman, or the Fantastic Four. So in the Marvel universe, does Midgard just refer Earth or does that include the entire galaxy? If so, does that mean that Asgard and the assorted “heim's” in the film also consist of numerous planets like our own realm?

Things go from one extreme to another. Marvel is getting too big for its own britches to the point where the brand must be placed now in front of the title of the particular TV show or movie. I remember back when if you even read comics you were looked at as if you were almost some kind of deviant.

If the Thor films depict assorted Nordic deities as transdimensional beings, are there any plans to show Freya and her cat-drawn chariot?

Seems his wife Calista accompanies Newt Gingrich to many of his public appearances. Guess that's what you got to do when a marriage begins as a result of an affair. She must think he's on the hunt for her replacement the way he first hooked up with her.

Isn't blaming the cancellation of the insurance plans on being substandard rather than on Obama akin to blaming the Holocaust on the Jews because they failed to be sufficiently German? Monster Survival Guide is broadcast on the National Geographic Network. Though always laced with evolution propaganda, I remember back when things connected with that name at least exhibited an air of scientific and scholarly class about them.

As an example of disrespect she believes is being directed at President Obama, Oprah mentioned the member of Congress that allegedly shouted “liar” during Obama's remarks to a joint session of the national legislative body. So why isn't it disrespectful to condemn as “racist” those that question the President on policy grounds?

A Baptist pastor I've been listening to an audio sermon tirade against the existence of cinema has linked to the spread of debauchery those seeking pain relief (especially that related to child birth). He then proceeded to denounce the contemporary American as soft and lazy. That's basically code for wanting the pews filled with the brainwashed fanatically doing as they are told. Ministers such as these would probably be quite happy and content in the ranks of the Taliban.

The cover of the 11/25/2013 issue of The Nation is titled “The Grand Old Tea Party: Why Today's Whack Birds Are Just Like Yesterday's Wingnuts”. Accompanying the title are caricatures of Ronald Reagan, Jesse Helms, Newt Gingrich, Joe McCarthy, and Barry Goldwater. Say what you want about these figures. But unlike the Occupy movement of the pages of this publication best suited to line the bottom of a bird cage, none of these men ever defecated on the side of a police cruiser.

If this wench became Zimmerman's girlfriend since his assent to notoriety, she knew what she was getting into and is probably nearly just as much at fault as he is in their domestic incident and might have even egged him on.

If Paula Deen had been scheduled to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her accomplishments in gastronomic broadcasting and just days before the award was bestowed upon her it was revealed that decades earlier she uttered the “N-Word” to her husband after a gun had been put in her face, should she have still be extended this honor? If not, then why was Oprah Winfrey still allowed to receive her's despite salivating on national television over the prospect the deaths of elderly White people?

According to a story in a local paper, apparently sexually assaulting someone after they get liquored up after playing beer pong is a greater outrage than sexually assaulting someone after simply getting them liquored up. So is it that there is something inherently more immoral about beer pong or that the state is somehow not getting a tax cut from a gaming element being added?

The cover story of the 12/3/2013 issue of the Nation Magazine is titled “Leaves Of Poison: Why Are Children Working In America's Tobacco Fields?” From the tone of the title, would it be better if these youngsters were harvesting licensed medical-grade cannabis instead? It's not like the children are necessarily compelled to sample the product.

Katty Perry's geisha routine was less offensive than the video where she was humped by a space alien.

Sometimes a snarky response is exactly what is required.

A wild bird seed presented as a product in a game on The Prince Is Right was advertised as being fortified with vitamins and minerals. But even if I toss them dirt cheap generic birdseed, my feathered associates are getting more vitamins and minerals than I am obligated to provide. Just see how many vitamins and minerals they get if they get their tail feathers up on their shoulders and I don't feed them at all.

Congressman Charlie Rangel suggested that President Obama simply rule by executive order. If so, then why should Charlie Rangel be receiving a lavish government salary and other assorted perks if he believes Congress should not exist or merely serve as some kind of ceremonial body?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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