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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  September 28, 2013
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #42

In an attempt at outreach, a church has decided it will go with all White greeters. How is that really appreciably worse than Southern Baptists so obsessed with minority outreach that the Convention’s current president was selected largely because he’s Black and the numerous ministries in that association now shoving their noses up the backsides of certain ethnicities?

In commenting on the weakness of the contemporary church, home school activist Kevin Swanson ridiculed the propensity of some to gravitate towards megachurches. But other than pewfilling, what other ministry opportunities are available in smaller churches with so little turnover that the same handful hold what few positions that there are decade after decade?

In condemning an alleged consumerism that prompts many contemporary Christians to quest for a church that answers a longing that sometimes isn’t necessarily doctrinal or even liturgical, can’t that criticism also be an attempt on the part of church leaders to justify their own second-rate service or product?

Contrary to what a fanatic homeschooler mused, why shouldn't you leave a church where your child is mocked for being overweight?

Those calling for more of an emphasis on the Old Testament, in all likelihood, won't be satisfied with increased doses of Psalms, Proverbs, or the Messianic prophecies. In a manner similar to the way these same theologians enunciate the lamentation that no Christian candidates are running in a particular election as code that no candidate embraces their particular brand of theocratic extremism, this call is for a renewed emphasis on the Old Testament is actually a longing to see many of the obscure laws and customs intended specifically for ancient Israel to be imposed upon the world of the early mid twenty-first century.

A fanatic homeschooler threw a tizzy about a growing trend of people being buried alongside their pets. So long as the animal's life is not prematurely ended, does it really matter? It is claimed that this practice undermines the preeminence of human relationships. So I guess you are also a heathen now if your family doesn't feed those assembled to gawk at your corpse that wouldn't pass gas in your face when you were alive.

An ecclesiastical catch 22. The ones that insist that church is such a serious matter that it is not enough to have a youth group that balances the needs for study and recreation but that the truly pious church should have no youth ministry at all wold turn around and condemn any recreation or socialization that takes place beyond the bounds of the church.

The churches that don't believe in any age-targeted or specific activities are the same ones that would preach hellfire and brimstone if the youth want anything other than prune juice and oat bran at a church picnic or don't sit as still as a arthritic 90 year old.

So if God had the Gospel preached at those He did not so much knew would not accept Him but rather He interfered with their volitional ability to decide for themselves as to the veracity of the message presented just so He could up the temperature of Hell a few degrees, wouldn't that make Him a bit of a snot?

If President Obama had a son, would he look like Erin Alexis?

For decades, Americans have been conditioned to believe that what someone does in the privacy of the bedroom is no one else’s business. Legislators and bureaucrats have now reversed themselves, deciding that these private matters should now become part of the public record. The Obamacare reforms will compel doctors to collect dossiers detailing the sex lives of their respective patients. Unless one is seeking medical attention over puss oozing from one’s privates, these sordid details of one’s life should not be pried into by the medical establishment. And what of those that insist that they lead chaste and celibate lives? Will they end up being charged with perjury and forced to undergo more intrusive forms of scrutiny? After all, the true freak these days is the one that does not live like a harlot or a nympho.

In regards to the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, President Obama assured that the service of the victims to the nation will be honored. Yet no doubt everything will be done by this President’s administration to deny these individuals benefits due those having been injured in combat or by acts of terrorism.

President Obama remarked that the attack on the Navy Yard should be construed as another mass shooting. So does this mean that now it seems that military and former military personnel are carrying out these events, that military and law enforcement should be denied access to firearms in a manner similar to the way these elites conspire to disarm the American civilian population?

Eliminating workplaces because of workplace gun violence is as logical as eliminating guns because of workplace gun violence.

Fuss is being made that President Clinton implemented an executive order forbidding most personnel on U.S. Military bases from carrying firearms. Will there be similar agitation questioning as to why that executive order was not rescinded by President Bush?

Reports indicate that the Navy Yard Gunman began his rampage after emerging from the restroom. Should we now commence a campaign calling for the abolition of restrooms?

Catheter commercials make these medical devices seem so glamorous it's like you are missing out on something if you can control your own bladder.

So now that a mass casualty incident was instigated with the kind of shotgun we were urged to acquire by Vice President Biden, how long until leftwing radicals advocate the confiscation and prohibition of this class of firearm as well?

If fuss is to be over President Clinton implementing an executive order than restricted access to firearms by military personnel at US defense instillations, will fuss be made to inquire as to what steps President Bush took to rescind such an odious decree?

If any trace of an individual in the mental health system will be enough to deny them their Second Amendment rights and protections, won’t they be reluctant to seek this kind of help when they need it?

The Navy Yard Gunman worked for a company called "The Experts". Doesn't that sound like an organization that would participate in mind control experiments?

It is now being emphasized that the Navy Gunman was not happy with America. In other words, before it is all over with, you will be encouraged to snitch to Homeland Security on anyone that you know of that speaks of the Obama administration in anything but the highest of regards.

Eventually, going out of one’s way to avoid direct contact with neighbors will be enough to get your firearms confiscated from you. And if you don’t own any, it will probably be enough to get some kind of conspiracy charge slapped against you because it probably means you never acquired any as a result of deliberation that the government was one day going to come after you anyway.

Interesting how steady exposure to video games supposedly leads one to perpetrating horrifying acts of gun violence but a constant media barrage of three-quarters naked unmarried bodies rolling around in the sack with one another never stirs one towards fornication.

Since the President decided to turn the Navy Yard memorial service into grandstanding on behalf of increased gun control, perhaps someone should point out that maybe the lunatic might not have wreaked so much havoc if more personnel at the Navy Yard had ready access to firearms.

In the 14th issue of the 2013 edition of the Accuracy In Media newsletter, SE Cupp’s conservative credentials are called into question because she is a woman that has never married nor spawned. Yet nothing is said about Gingrich’s three marriages, during two of which he was already holding tryouts for replacements in the sack before these unions were legally dissolved.

If President Obama is so concerned about children mutilated by horrifying chemicals, does this mean he will unilaterally act in the way he does in so many areas policy areas to curtail and even abolish abortion?

If a child can be punished by a school over a recreational activity the student participates in during the student's own time on the parent's property, what is to prevent educational authorities from punishing students that attend a house of worship violating the school's diversity and inclusion police?

Under Obamacare, it is projected that men will be forced to pay higher premiums than women despite the fact women are exempt from expenses for the upkeep of their privates. In an era of equality, shouldn't feminists be agitating that all recipients pay the same irrespective of gender?

If Bette Midler can accuse Ted Cruz of not being a “real Christian”, can she be accused of not being a “real Jew” without tolerancemongers falling into apoplexy?

Pope Francis wishes good will and peace to the people of Egypt. Wonder if he will direct the same kind sentiments to Protestants which, unless he's going to cave in regards to this issue as he seems on the verge of doing in regard to so many others, he doesn't even view as real Christians as part of a real church.

In a homily, Pope Francis has suggested that God be sought through Mary. While she is of impeccable moral character for an individual stained by sin needing a Savior like the remainder of humanity, if you really want to have an encounter with God beyond the literary or historical, you are going to have to go through His only begotten son. As in the case with her Son, the Virgin Mary is no doubt embarrassed at times by what some of her well intended but errant followers have to say about her.

The army has proposed a new rule regarding tattoos that would forbid recruits from exhibiting these pictographic bodily mutilations below the elbow or knee or above the neckline. If this would prevent recruits from voluntarily enlisting in times of peace, would the regulation still be in effect during a draft? If so, would the best thing to do during such a time be to go out and get a tattoo?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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