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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  July 20, 2013
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #38 is utilizing the story of an alleged 94 years old Nazi war criminal living in Minnesota to spread Communitarian propaganda. The headline link for the story read on the news organization's webpage, "Know Your Neighbor: Nazi Leader With Alleged Tie To Atrocities Lives In US." So just how deeply are we suppose to poke around in our neighbors' backgrounds? It's not like this is the kind of information one usually shares freely. Are we to turn them over to authorities at the slightest aversion to compulsory communalism?

Those accusing the whistleblowing NSA contractor of being a traitor or criminal for violating oaths and what not need to answer the following questions. On what grounds do we then condemn defendants at the Nuremberg Trials for their claim of only following orders or express sympathy for Nazis punished for violating their oath to their Fuehrer?

Senator Lindsey Graham insists that the GOP is in a “death spiral” unless the Republic Party panders to Hispanics. However, it is doubtful he will surrender his own posh lifestyle for a life where the only words that come out of his constantly running mouth are “Hello. Welcome to Walmart” and he is awakened in the middle of the night by blaring Mariachi music.

If you can turn on your lights on and off or adjust your thermostat remotely, who else can turn your lights on and off or adjust your thermostat remotely? Shouldn't the average American be just as outraged and perhaps even more so than at the prospects of having their emails recorded?

If John McCain is so concerned about the treatment of prisoners that he opposes waterboarding, what does he have to say about cannibalism on the part of his Syrian associates?

At the National Catholic Reporter, Michael Sean Winters counsels in regards to contemporary conservatism, "...we should be wary of becoming close with people whose worldview is so mean and vicious, where concern for the poor is lacking." Perhaps individualist conservatives should cast similar eyes of suspicion not so much upon grassroots American Catholics but rather upon those advocating the centralized planning of the Vatican internationalist agenda not so much concerned with elevating the status of the downtrodden but rather more bent upon inflicting a similar degree of economic misery upon all mankind.

The cover story of the 6/15/2013 issue of The Economist asks “Have America’s intelligence agencies gone too far?” This magazine is published in Great Britain. It is often claimed, per capita, that the island nation has one of the highest concentrations of security cameras on earth. It is also interesting that Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor bringing the issue of government Internet surveillance into a broader public awareness, sought refuge in a jurisdiction ruled by Red China. Aren’t these Communist and former Communist regimes the last ones that should feign shock and outrage at American abuses of privacy? In the United States, the government might track where you go online and with whom you are communicating. However, unlike in Communist China, the government for the most part does not determine what public information resources you will be allowed to consult. And, unlike in Putin’s Russia, in America there are very few instances of critics mysteriously disappearing, never to be seen again or their bodies uncovered having expired under questionable circumstances.

President Obama remarked that we no longer live in fear of nuclear annihilation. That might be an end preferable to the aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse attack or even the lingering yet constantly accumulating social decline of economic collapse.

In the 2013 #2 issue of PETA's Animal Times, there is an illustration depicting a mermaid. The caption reads, "Try To Relate To What's On Your Plate." However, a fundamental axiom of nature is that the big fish eats the little fish. So if human beings are nothing more than animals in the minds of those advocating this radical perspective on animal rights, there is nothing wrong whatsoever with humans eating other animals. However, it is only human beings as an order of existence going beyond the level of an animal that are even capable of empathizing with another creature that the brain would otherwise register as "prey".

Too bad that the mainstream media is not as eager to expose the knockout game where Black youth pick a White victim to see how many punches it takes to render them unconscious as these mass communications outlets are the verbal improprieties of Paula Deen.

Paula Deen is accused of wanting Black waiters to play the parts of slaves at a Civil War themed wedding. If this is wrong, why is it OK for Hollywood to produce dramas set during that historical era?

Maybe President Obama should come clean regarding what anti-White comments he has made over the decades.

So long as Black folks would not have been forced to play slaves at Paula Deen's Civil War wedding, why should that have been an outrage? I guess they should have instead be granted the roles of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson.

Interesting. Paula Deen using the N-word in reference to a gun being pointed at her head is inappropriate but Gordon Ramsay berating people at the top of his lungs makes for quality television.

So I guess the first thing out of Paula Deen's mouth following a gun pointed at the side of her head during a bank robbery was suppose to have been a call for increased welfare checks and reparations payments.

Ocean City is considering an ordinance that would criminalize saggy pants. But unless there is a provision specifically stipulating "say no to crack", how is seeing a portion of underwear worse than some of these swimsuits both men and women gallivant around in? Most comfortable underpants are less revealing and cover over more.

Discussing immigration reform with Senator Rand Paul, Stewart Varney remarked that the proposed period of a decade between once and illegal is legalized and granted status of full American was unduly harsh. Isn't it an act of deleterious beneficence to allow such individuals to remain here at all?

Same ghetto wench at the Zimmerman trial claiming that "creepy ass cracker" isn't racist would probably participate in a riot targeted at Paula Deen's linguistic stumbles.

That ghetto wench at the Zimmerman trial insisted she don't read no stinking cursive. Bet she knows how to use that subsidized Obama phone though.

Does the IRS intend to investigate the tax exempt status of the National Cathedral for ringing bells in celebration of the gay marriage ruling?

Is it really wise to invite to dinner adherents of a faith that has little problem with cannibalizing its victims?

Time Magazine laments that Blacks are more likely than Whites or Hispanics to make less than $10,000 per year. And we should feel guilty about this why? Most of the time, it is because of their own fault and because of the failure to control their own base impulses.

Akin to if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it does it make a sound, is it a sin not to attend a cancelled prayer meeting that the pastor makes a fuss he intends to hold anyway?

Apparently, because of the sequester, there wasn't sufficient funds for fireworks displays to celebrate Independence Day on U.S. military bases. Miraculously though, enough pennies were scraped together to cover Obama’s African safari, spousal benefits for federal gay domestic partners, and no doubt future Black History celebrations.

Same liberals clamoring to keep Mandela kept alive on life support probably the same ones that clamored to have the plug yanked on Terri Schiavo.

So Senator McCain supports aide to the Islamists attempting to oust the regime in Syria but won't support those trying to oust the Islamists in Egypt.

The publisher of a Paula Deen graphic biography assured “We do not condone her use of racial insensitivities and think that intolerance has no place in a just society.” So should we assume the publisher has no problem with sticking a gun in the face of a person during a robber? There was no statement regarding such in this press account.

In his latest book, Mark Levin is calling for a convention to amend the Constitution. The attorney assures this would not necessarily result in a constitutional convention. But wasn't that what happened the first time? And if the same thing was to take place this time as well, what is to prevent the entire Bill of Rights from being flushed down the toilet? And with things on the razor's edge as they are now, if the states deadlock over what new amendments to pass or what provisions of the Constitution to abolish, what will prevent a full blown Second Civil War from erupting?

I guess police are on standby in Florida to prevent Amish quilting bees and Carmelite bingo games from breaking out following the jury verdict.

A talking head on Fox News suggests that we all come together in the name of Trayvon. In the future, will Trayvonism become a religious movement? More importantly, will those pointing out Trayvon's numerous character flaws be condemned the way those are now that point out that Martin Luther King was anything less than a flawless Messiah?

NAACP outraged that Trayvon Martin's right to life was violated. To bad this leftwing frontgroup is not as exorcised regarding this deprivation inflicted upon their unborn racial kin.

A woman told Fox News that she is dismayed over the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial because of the future of her “mixed race” children. Perhaps she should have been more selective with whom she decided to breed.

If George Zimmerman is sued for violating the civil rights of Trayvon Martin, he should counter sue Trayvon Martin's parents for failing to control their hooligan son if the liberal media continues to propagate the fiction of what a young child he was.

It was suggested by a media talking head that me must never profile someone on the basis of what they wear. So does that mean we must hold no preconceptions about someone covered in a pointed white sheet with two eyeholes carrying a lit torch galloping down the street on the back of a horse?

If Paula Deen is supposed to be destroyed professionally over a comment made following a gun thrust into her face, why not these athletes and celebrities threatening and advocating violence following the George Zimmerman verdict?

Do these celebrities campaigning against Stand Your Ground and self defense laws intend to renounce their own use of armed body guards and personnel protection details?

So at what age would 17 year old Trayvon Martin no longer be considered a “little boy”? In legal proceedings, are we going to start applying the 26 year old standard advocated by Obamacare?

Eric Holder announced before the coven of an Afrosupremacist secret society his concern about violence directed at young people. What about violence directed on the part of the young at the chronologically advanced?

It would have made for a fascinating experiment for police to have allowed Trayvonite hooligans to do as they pleased to the CNN building and to see if Van Jones would have been allowed to stay in the network's employ suggesting that ghetto youth should be allowed to run wild terrorizing whomever they please.

If these mobs are so peaceful as propagandists in the mainstream media assure Americans, what did CNN have to fear from these exuberant pleas for “social justice”?

If we are expected to say the names of foreign countries with the same accent and pronunciation as the natives, how about cashiers in fast food establishments enunciate the names of the item in understandable American English?

And will 10% smaller Twinkies cost 10% less?

If neighborhood watch volunteers shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns, why should any rational person volunteer to serve on a neighborhood watch? Police are authorized to carry guns, but if they get killed in the line of duty, their wives get a hefty pension and the officer a gaudy funeral that blocks traffic for miles around. Can that be guaranteed for an unarmed neighborhood watch volunteer?

So, if a 17 year old attacked an elected official, would it be an outrage if the Secret Service agent on duty was required to utilize his sidearm to neutralize the threat posed by such a small child?

We have been lectured on how an "a" rather than an "er" makes a difference to a word by someone that can't even speak clearly. Its amazing how easily the most "accomplished" of White folks are easily swayed by the dumbest of Black people.

Stevie Wonder vows to boycott Florida until self defense laws repealed. Technically, how does Stevie Wonder really even know where he is?

The primary lesson to take away from the George Zimmerman saga is to never go out of your way to volunteer to do something good for your COMMUNITY.

In reference to an image morphing together Trayvon Martin's trademark hoodie and Martin Luther King's visage, King's niece Alveda assures that her uncle would have never worn one. But is there something inherently immoral about a hoodie? The garment meets nearly every conceivable standard of modesty. The garment is merely a sweatshirt/jacket with a hood attached and predates the ascent of ghetto culture. In Martin Luther King's time frame, gangsters often wore suits, ties, and fedoras. Does that mean that under those circumstances that honest upstanding citizens should never be found with those items in their wardrobe?

If media liberals lament lack of coverage of black on black crime, isn't that lack of coverage their own fault?

Eric Holder at the NAACP convention lamented laws that “senselessly expand” the concept of self defense. Does the Attorney General condemn measures senselessly expanding the concept of national security? Does he condemn measures senselessly expanding the concept of RACISM?

Eric Holder proclaims we must have a dialog as to what constitutes violence. In other words, Whites are to be brainwashed why rampaging Blacks should be allowed to loot, pillage, and rape wherever they please and why Whites had better have a chicken-excrement grin on their faces about it.

If Black teens don't want to be accosted late at night by law enforcement, perhaps they should sit home like the White folks that no longer feel safe going out at night thanks in large part to Black youths that refuse to control their baser impulses.

A caller to the Chris Plante radio show said that ones does not have a right to self defense if one provoked an attack. Like nearly all forms of revolutionary socialism, on the surface such a claim sounds reasonable. However, to comprehend what the radicals are really advocating, one must peer behind the curtain. To fanatic Obama Voters and Trayvonites, the fact that you even exist, White and Black conservative, is itself a provocation. Therefore, whatever criminality these frothing ne'erdowells inflict upon you is justified in their eyes. Any response on your part but passive acceptance and gratitude will be deemed as illegtimate.

If a conservative talk show host would be condemned for explicitly distributing scholarships only to White students, why isn't Tom Joyner condemned for deliberately furthering the education of only Black students?

Interesting how Piers Morgan is smitten by the intellect of Trayvon's wench but for years mocked as utterly stupid numerous contestants on America's Got Talent.

Contrary to a remark between Albert Mohler and a caller regarding her grandchildren, there is no reason to lament if the young are less than fanatically eager for Jesus to return right this very second. Isn't it a good thing for the young to look forward to the blessings and joys of this life? Doesn't the Bible say that all those that hate God love death? Maybe if Muslims weren't so worked up into a froth for the next world, there might be a little less heartache in this one now in terms of violent conflict. Frankly, isn't it a little hypocritical for those that have experienced and gotten what they have wanted out of life to expect those that have not yet to be as eager for it to come to its conclusion?

In his reflections upon the George Zimmerman verdict, President Obama insinuated that it is racist to lock one's car doors in the presence of suspicious individuals. So not only is it impermissible to defend oneself against assailants as authorized under the stand your ground protections, but apparently one is not even allowed to take the commonsense safety precautions that cut down on a significant number of crimes. If we are not allowed to stand our ground or even lock the door, why is there a fence around the White House and snipers patrolling the rooftop?

So when Stand Your Ground Laws are repealed, are we going to have to endure the likes of Al Shaprton and Jesse Jackson droning on incessantly about the Blacks that will be incarcerating for defending themselves since that demographic has disproportionately benefited from those statutory protections?

Attorney General Eric Holder enunciated a strong condemnation of violence inflicted upon the young. With the exception of course of young Mexicans in Mexico caught in the crossfires of that nation's drug war.

Guess it will be those vile White people that will be picking up the tab for the deadbeats that get heat exhaustion at the Sharpton riots this weekend.

Even a number of conservatives have been duped into joining the pity party and sob fests about Black parents having to discuss with their children about having to behave deferentially around police officers. Will there be similar focus on the discussions Whites living in or near Afrosupremacist enclaves have about watching what they say around Blacks for fear of violence, economic repercussions such as being kicked out of school, or ostracism by other Whites that have their noses lodged up the backsides of the multicultrualists that can result from comments far below the threshold over which one will usually earn a ride in the back of a police cruiser, a taste of pepper spray, or a handshake from Old Sparky the electronic cattle prod.

If the President and Attorney General think that it it is wrong to profile “urban youth” exhibiting certain traits and behaviors, then on what grounds is it proper to encourage federal employees to snitch on their coworkers to the extent that those failing to report “suspicious behaviors” can themselves be subject to an assortment of punitive measures?

So the citizens of Detroit should be denied the right of self defense when it takes police there nearly an hour to respond?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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