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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  May 24, 2013
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Topic category:  Culture

Headline Potpourri #35

Because of the case of three women held captive for a decade in Ohio, we will probably now be subject to a litany of sermons and lectures heaping condemnation upon those not snooping around their neighbors' homes and even greater scrutiny upon those refusing to open their doors short of a police warrant authorizing the neighbors to barge right in.

A caller to Chris Plant on WMAL remarked that, from her viewpoint, things are deteriorating so badly in the United States that her family is thinking about leaving the country. Just where does she think she is going to go? In many countries, if you are White, you will stick out like such a sore thumb that you will become a target of crime from both the common scumbag element as well as from those within the government. And if you think things are bad here, they are even worse in the semi-civilized lands of Europe. In such social democracies, one is even more curtailed in terms of those thoughts you can vocalize free of statutory reprisal than you are here.

The government is demanding that plans on how to make a gun with a 3D printer (essentially a primitive Star Trek replicator) be removed from the Internet. Too bad the feds aren't as eager to suppress the even more destructive guides on how to produce the implements of mayhem posted on Jihadist websites. More importantly, if the government can ban these blueprints, what is to prevent it from censoring other forms of information? Should shop class be abolished and science education severely restricted so students don't synthesize what they've learned in chemistry, physics, and metallurgy to produce their own firearms? Already a teacher has been reprimanded for bringing weapons to school for merely showing his second grade class run of the mill garden and household tools. If the government is demanding that plans on how to construct a gun from a 3D printer be removed from the Internet in the name of public safety, what is to prevent these authorities from demanding websites opposing gay marriage or insisting that belief upon the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation also be removed for similar reasons?

If cripples want to be treated like normal people, shouldn’t they have to wait in the lines at Disney World like everybody else? If cripples are so disabled that they can't endure lines at Disney World live the rest of the human race, aren't they really too sick to be on vacation any way?

A fuss is being made that the good Samaritan assisting in the escape of the abducted Ohio women detained for over a decade has a criminal record. Should these women have instead refused emancipation until Sir Galahad or Percival came along?

The ones making a fuss over scholarships reserved exclusively for Whites are the same ones that voted for Obama simply because he was half Black.

A school district insists that a student's oration regarding insufficient pedagogy that went viral on the Internet could have been expressed more appropriately. That is a euphemism that administrators have no intention to address the criticisms raised.

A propagandistic jingle broadcast over the radio attempting to lure tourists back to the Jersey Shore assures that the region is "Stronger Than The Storm." One has to wonder if residents whose rebuilding efforts are in all likelihood bogged down in red tape feel the same way.

Media dinosaur Morley Safer has remarked on a number of occasions he would trust citizen journalism about as much as he would trust citizen surgery. However, given the way institutionalized medicine has botched the health of numerous patients over the years, isn't there a role for the citizen to play in monitoring the healthcare industry short of full blown surgery? Thus, in attempting to construct an analogy dismissive of the common American exercising his First Amendment rights, doesn't the aged 60 Minutes correspondent inadvertently create a justification as to why citizens utilizing Internet as an alternative to concentrated mass media is essential to the survival of the Republic itself? Contrary to Morley Safer, why shouldn't the person believing aliens are out to get them be allowed to use advanced technology capable of presenting the arguments and evidence in a manner as visually attractive as the New York Times?

Technically, isn't viewing crimes of greed as intrinsic to the shortcomings of capitalism akin to viewing the incidents of child predation on the part of its functionaries as intrinsic to the shortcomings of the Roman Catholic Church?

The spring 2013 cover of Ms. Magazine declares “Fracking Is A Feminist Issue”. Watchful eyes should remain focused on this technology’s impact on the environment and the health of those in areas where the process is taking place. However, aren’t skyrocketing fuel costs and America’s growing dependence on Islamist and other tyrannical regimes that don’t really care about the fundamental rights of women as clearly defined by the first ten amendments to the Constitution also “feminist issues”?

If the Vatican is going to denounce free market economics as a cult of money for the way in which global finance treats the poor, wouldn't the nearly $1 million the Pontifical Council For Culture shoved down the crapper for an art exhibit in Vienna, Austria consisting primarily of an out of focus photograph of a gaggle of disembodied hands have been better spent actually assisting the destitute? My in focus postcards sell for only a buck a piece.

A prison poetry website has received a $75,000 government grant for the preservations of such masterpieces as "Ghetto Bastard". I was not aware that what flew off my tongue while being cuttoff in DC area traffic constituted literary accomplishment. Did Johnny Cash get this much from the taxpayer for "Fulson Prison"? I guess whatever the Man In Black made off that classic would be the greater outrage in Vatican eyes since that would have been acquired through free enterprise whereas the prison poetry consists of the kind of bureaucratic patronage that that particular institution seems to smile upon.

The Fort Hood shooter has made nearly $300,000 since his incarceration and yet his trial proceedings once ground to a screeching halt because he refused to shave his beard. That is why his co-religionists now feel comfortable enough to start hacking heads off on Western streets.

Too bad Pope Francis isn't as quick to condemn Islam on a nearly constant basis as he is free market capitalism.

Police have used Twitter to nab a motorist confessing in a tweet to perpetrating a hit and run against a bicyclist. Does law enforcement intend to peruse social media to capture the increasing number of bicyclists that run down pedestrians on sidewalks or that deliberately block traffic as a form of deliberate anti-automobile protest?

So which is it? According to Pope Francis, atheists who perform good acts are not only exhibiting the common grace bestowed by God upon all of His creation but also redeemed. However, in regards to Protestants, towards the end of his tenure, Pope Benedict reiterated that Protestant churches aren't really churches but at best merely "ecclesiastical associations". According to official Roman Catholic teaching, there is no salvation outside of the Church. This is symbolized by refusing the sacraments (especially the Lord's Supper) to those not on its official membership roles. It, therefore, follows that Protestants can't be saved because they do not belong to an actual church. Despite claiming to be the repository of the unchanging faith once delivered unto the saints and the inerrant voice of Christ upon the earth, these popes are as vacillating as the Mormon god who is pretty much feeling around in the metaphysical dark really no smarter than the remainder of us finite slobs still struggling to figure things out.

by Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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