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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  May 5, 2013
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Topic category:  News

Headline Potpourri #34

Musician Kid Rock says he is embarrassed to be a Republican. Maybe most Republicans are embarrassed that Kid Rock is a Republican.

It is heralded in celebration that requiring Virginia abortion clinics to abide by hospital hygiene standards will protect the lives of WOMENNNNN. The morality rates for infants entering such facilities will no doubt remain abysmal.

I think I may need some of the drugs candidates for the town council are on. From the enthusiasm expressed in each of their profiles in the local newspaper, it doesn’t even sound like the same city. Most gush how they deliberately picked this municipality. If I had not literally been conceived in this town and lived here my entire life, there is no way in Ghenna I’d pick it to live in.

That is certainly a money-making scam where "digitally remastered" episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation are being shown in movie theaters. Some are duped into thinking these are entirely new productions. My brother turned to me and asked if I was going to go see it. I told him no, even though it was "The Best Of Both Worlds", usually considered the best of the series. I saw it nearly 25 years ago (and so many times since then I can probably quote of reasonable approximation of the dialogue when watching it). I remember back when, from a worldview standpoint if the conflict depicted actually took place in real life, most would route for the victory of the Enterprise before these Transhumanists rose to prominence literally aspiring to become members of the Borg collective.

Why tip toe around verbally acknowledging that the limbs of innocents were blown off and mutilated in the Boston Marathon terrorist attack? Is that done to protect the victims or to prevent the facade of multiculturalism from collapsing?

Obama says those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing will feel the full weight of the United States. I guess those fighter jets being given to the Egyptians are quite heavy.

In the future, liberals will no doubt equate those complaining about Tax Day with the human scumbags that attacked Boston.

So I guess the Boston Marathon bombing is the result of what happens when pacifist quiltmaking grandmothers form an alliance with cloistered Bingo playing nuns.

Following Pearl Harbor, wonder if journalists sat around trying to hypothesize scenarios for the attackers being anything other than the Japanese?

The cover of the April 22, 2013 issue of New York Magazine asserts that "Andrew Cuomo may be the shrewdest American politician since LBJ." Should that be taken as a warning to presidential candidates that they shouldn't consider the New York governor as a running mate if they hope to make it through their term of office alive?

It is claimed that a greater number of vets are coming back mentally scarred from the Wars on Terror than from previous conflicts such as World War II. Or is it rather society didn't care as much about psychology and emotions back then with the shattered deemed at fault if they could not move beyond such trauma?

Barney Frank insists that we should thank liberals for the government spending that allowed for a prompt response to the Boston Marathon Bombing. So does that balance out with the lax immigration standards that have allowed violent undesirables to flood across the borders or the establishment of an educational system reluctant to label as wrong a considerable number of behavioral deviancies?

Following the Boston Marathon Bombing, liberals were quick to take to the airwaves counseling as to the necessity of a strong government in times of such public emergency. However, most of the programs, policies, and agencies these statists are eager to finance have little to do with preventing or responding to a terrorist attack.

How do we know the existence of other bombs wasn't denied simply to prevent widespread panic? How long until government operatives start threatening those insisting they saw additional devices the way those were threatened insisting there was a third Oklahoma City Bomber?

ABC News has labeled the search for the Boston Marathon Bomber as a "21st century investigation". They've got that right. Do you think in decades past that the intellectual elites would have postulated elaborate scenarios to finger anyone but the likely foreign perpetrators or devise justification as to why we should thank these destructive subversives for attempting to destroy the American way of life?

So what if the ban on public movement is never lifted in Boston? And what legal protections are in place to prevent an at will employer from using your failure to show up to work during such a crisis as an excuse to terminate your position?

As police go from house to house searching for the Boston Marathon Bombing suspect, will they also be gathering intelligence regarding infractions and violations on the part of the homeowners. It's a valid question. For if you call the police regarding a complaint with a neighbor or to report suspicious activity, you also get your name filtered through the system for potential warrants and the like. So you better really stop to consider whether complying with “See Something, Say Something” is worth the effort.

Bet acolytes of the New World Order are watching with rapt attention this ban on public movement in Boston, studying it intensely just how long they can spook the masses into compliance of staying indoors.

A candidate running for the DC city council claims pot should be decriminalized since possess it can prevent offenders from ever finding a decent job. There are plenty that have never used marijuana that can’t find decent jobs these days either.

In the coming years, will the victims of the Boston terrorist attack have their access to medical treatment curtailed by Obama like every other American?

If New York City raises the legal smoking age to 21, why should those younger than that in that jurisdiction be required to comply with jury duty?

Under Obamacare, the scumbag terrorist will probably get better medical treatment than the victims.

It is claimed that the Boston Marathon bombers were not particularly devout as Muslims. Does that mean their victims are somehow less dead or that, instead of an entire leg being blown off, they only end up losing a toe or two?

Doctors are warning against the so-called "Cinnamon Challenge". This dare occurs when a child or a teen attempts to swallow a spoonful of sugar without water in under a minute. This foolhardy act can result in a medical emergency such as choking, vomiting, or even collapsing a lung. How long until consumers, as in the case of common decongestants, are required to show a photo ID in order to purchase this product and have their named added to yet an additional government database?

The 2001 edition of an academic literary journal has finally been published in 2013. And I get mocked for how far behind I get in posting some of my columns. The subject of the long-awaited edition is “Food Theory”. That certainly sounds like some pretentious leftwing swill.

Journalist Bob Woodward insists that the Boston Marathon bombing wasn't that big of an event. Yet when the Obama administration insinuated Woodward would regret criticizing the President, one would have thought journalists were going to be loaded up on boxcars and sent to reeducation camps.

Just think how many other residents of foreign origins on welfare and leeching off of the American system would be willing to blow you to smithereens and are probably actively conspiring to do so.

A discussion on 4/24/13 edition of WMAL's morning show considered whether or not it is proper for parents to pay children for good grades. Fundamentally, shouldn't this be for each family to work out for themselves without the opinion of outsiders carrying much weight one way or the other? What's so wrong for education to be incentivized quantifiably? Those opposed to this economic exchange with the context of one of life’s closest relationships are often at their heart the most avowed adversaries of capitalism and the free market. Often, those opposed to parents providing some kind of tangible motivation encouraging academic achievement insist knowledge ought to be its own reward. But even if knowledge does nothing more than position you to see what frauds most people are and to be able to sneer down your nose at the duped condescendingly, what’s the point of acquiring knowledge if not for some kind of advantage?

Instructive. In the name of “market fairness”, traditional retailers want sales taxes applied to online transactions rather than having taxes on the offline transactions reduced.

A fuss is being made that Tamerlan Tsarnaev listened to Alex Jones. Would as much fuss be raised if terrorists had regularly listened to CNN or especially MSNBC? More importantly, should concerns be raised to what extent Al Jazeera has infiltrated the Democratic Party through the purchase of Al Gore’s Current TV?

In an article titled “What If We Never Run Out Of Oil” published in the May 2013 issue of the Atlantic Monthly, science writer Charles C. Mann longs for a world where America is dependent upon authoritarian Third World regimes for its energy needs and where all but the elite (like himself, I suppose) endure lives of deprivation.

A Chicago Area elementary school teacher was suspended for showing his students an assortment of home and garden tools such as a wrench, pliers, and a screwdriver. The educator of endangering his students and charged with possessing, carrying, storing, or using a weapon. But one has to wonder if the teacher is being punished for encouraging young minds towards useful occupations and careers that will liberate these pupils from lives of government dependence.

Unless the organization is in league with the effort on the part of Vatican elites to undermine America, wouldn't the Knights of Columbus' resources be better spent sending books written in English to libraries rather than in Spanish?

Apparently terrorist is one of those jobs Americans won't take that we need to let immigrants into the country for.

Congress is considering a flu tax to be assessed on vaccinations for the infamous respiratory infection. Is this about raising revenue or about down the road castigating and possibly even punishing as tax cheats those refusing to submit to the inoculation?

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson claims that conservatives don't love freedom. Though said primarily in regards to the uprising in Egypt, conservatives aren't the ones seeking to control what Americans can eat or what kinds of light bulbs we can use. Robinson concludes, "These conservatives are arguing that the world's 1.2 billion Muslims cannot be trusted to govern themselves." Where have they proven that they can without the situation degenerating into violence? Don't come crying to conservatives when these revolutionary regimes start to murder gays and deny women basic opportunities.

Obama has warned his daughters that, if they get a tattoo, he and Michelle will get the same tattoo wherever the daughters do and publicize the event on Youtube. The President is to be commended for such an effort at parenting that would prompt his children to carefully contemplate such a life altering decision. But why is it that their bodies aren't their's to do with as they please when it comes to tattoos but apparently are when it comes to abortion?

If gay men are aroused by naked men and a gay athlete is allowed to shower with other male players, why can't heterosexual athletes shower with the female cheerleaders?

Technically, isn't it in our national interest to just let both scumbag sides go at each other in Syria?

What proof is there that NBA player Jason Collins is really gay? How do we not know that this isn't a publicity stunt so that an aging has-been of declining aptitude can make a transition to the lucrative speaking circuit rather than to late-night gas station attendant?

Obama says no one should go bankrupt if they get sick. However, with insurance premiums predicted to rise between 50 to 100%, he apparently has few qualms about bankrupting the healthy.

Redheads aren't especially valued by society. In Britian, it was nearly categorized as one of the conditions over which one could justifiably terminate a pregnancy. So if an NBA player admitted to an overwhelming attraction to redheads, would the media and even the governmental establishment come out applauding the individual for publicly admitting to this quirky affinity?

A marketing email distributed by WorldNetDaily was titled with the following subject line: “Don’t be the only house without a flag this Memorial Day.” So should mass conformity and the herd mentality be the primary motivations Americans hoist these ensigns on patriotic occasions? I enjoy the season between Memorial Day and Independence Day as the time of year that I wear my flag tie collection. However, those choosing not to display the colors, so long as they are not conspicuously going out of their way to draw attention to how anti-American they are, should not be default have the eye of suspicion and interrogation turned upon them.

In response to an inquiry, Obama's Press Secretary Jay Carney remarked that the events surrounding Benghazi were a long time ago. Yet we are constantly reminded of the deprivations of slavery and Jim Crow like they were last week.

An associate learned that someone on public assistance got an $1800 per month apartment for $180. The mother of this state dependent then informed my associate that welfare isn't what it's cracked up to be, lamenting that somehow her progeny actually deserved more than the rent and other assorted assistance she was receiving for no other reason than failing to curb the reproductive impulse. Neither is having nearly one third of your own salary confiscated to in part finance lives of such indolence all that it's cracked up to be either.

by Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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