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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  February 22, 2013
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Topic category:  Other/General

Freezing Environmentalists, Lice Drones & Obama’s Pitches Expensive Woo
Headline Potpourri #30

A caller to WMAL said we all need to stop disgracing President Obama. He’s pretty much did that all on his own.

After blowing $900 on a Valentine's Dinner (more than most Americans spend on vacations in these troubled economic times if they go on vacations at all anymore), President Obama and the First Lady each set out on journeys to separate recreational destinations. Yet it is the average American that the President condemns for eating what they want, driving around in SUV's and heating their homes to 70 degrees and whose supporters insist the individualism embodied by such acts will bring about the extinction of the human species.

Obama enjoys $1000 per hour golf lessons. Yet he condemned the American people for eating what they want, driving around in SUV's, and heating our homes to 70 degrees? You get tired of me harping on this? I stop when the President starts either living like a regular struggling American or shuts his blubbery lips condemning the average Americans for attempting to survive on their own.

Few things are as amusing as environmentalists freezing their asses off at a rally on global warming.

A article insists that you avoid "dead end jobs". How about an article telling people to take any job available to stop sucking off the public teat?

Obama voter Beyonce spends nearly $900 for manicure. President Obama thinks artificial limbs are a luxury you don't need and should likely be subject to additional taxation.

In light of certain technological developments, the Little Jimmy Dickens song could be altered to "May Drones The Size Of Lice Fly Up Your Nose".

One should be mindful of not being a stumbling block to a fellow Christian. However, at some point this concern can become an excuse to meddle in an individual's private affairs. And what about the codification of arbitrary standards commonly referred to as legalism itself becoming a stumbling block?

To deter rapists, liberals are counseling that, instead of caring a firearm, victims should instead urinate on their attackers. Haven't Democrats especially been doing that to America for quite awhile now?

In the February 2013 issue of Perspectives On History, a letter to the editor reflecting on the future of the discipline suggests that intellectual and religious history be grouped together under the rubric the history of orientations to better focus on how over time how people made sense of the immaterial aspects of existence. However, one must ask is this also being done to further legitimize the academic study of the history of homosexuality elevating it to a status shared by the examination of ecclesiastical and philosophical pursuits?

Joe Biden insists you have no right to be defended by high powered weapons. Then why should the highest office holders of the executive branch be allowed to enjoy such a privilege?

In the 2/18/13 issue of America: The National Catholic Weekly, an article on the entitlement's society and the devaluation of labor concludes, "When social policies encourage the cessation of work at midlife, those early retirees no longer have access to work's non-material benefits." Interestingly, nothing was said about the able-bodied young, especially among the migrant groups pandered to by certain factions within the Catholic church, sucking off the system. The Pope would have stepped down long before reaching the age of 85 if the extent of his daily physical exertion went beyond waving at the assembled throng outside his balcony.

If Adam Lanza during his attack on Sandy Hook elementary was changing magazines more frequently than required, then why all the fuss over high capacity magazines to the extent that we are required to alter our way of life when the technology wasn't even being utilized?

In an article chronicling the slide of Adam Lanza into homicidal violence, a fuss is made that his family's home cost $500,000. Would radical collectivists have preferred that his mass murderer dwelt in a less expensive domicile? Do they now intend to point out which inner city murders are on public assistance despite owning the latest IPhone and gold plated teeth?

Contrary to Chuck Hagel, sometimes you are better off if you are thought of as the meanest cowboy on the block.

Liberals are throwing a hissy fit over North Carolina drivers' licenses specifically designed for illegals, claiming such an identification demarcating an individual as such will result in being stigmatized. This story is indeed an outrage. THESE DEADBEATS SHOULDN'T GET A LICENSE IN ANY FORM!

If Orson Scott Card is to be omitted from the public relations campaign for the cinematic adaptation of his novel Ender's Game because of his opposition to gay marriage, why should we give a flip when liberals whine about "blacklisting" in Hollywood during the "McCarthy Era"?

Seems a bigger fuss has been made over Scott Peterson raising his voice at his sentencing hearing rather than over that he was convicted of murdering his wife. It is a typically feminist response that the loss of temper at the realization that he will likely spend the next thirty years in prison is proof that he was capable of murdering his wife. According to these radicals, failure to reply to one's wife with anything other than "Yes, dear" with a cheesy, plastered on Oral Robert's singer smiles is grounds for a domestic violence charge. While there is never an excuse for a spouse of either gender to lay their hands on their partner in anger, some of these women need to be yelled at every once in a while.

Would it be proper for a U.S. President to be interviewed by a media personality openly hostile to Black people? Then why did Obama consent to an interview by Al Sharpton that he was so proud to do that it was noted on the official White House schedule for 2/12/13?

A story in the 2/18/13 edition of the Christian Science Monitor examines why the new breed of gun owner has decided to bear arms. The Monitor categorizes such individuals as "mainstream" and "temperate". These are usually terms of approval extended to those agreeing with the bland liberal establishmentarianism espoused by the Christian Science Monitor. The Christian Science Monitor has not usually propagandized on behalf of its eponymous creed. However, the paper is described on its masthead as “An activity of the First Church of Christ, Scientist.” How moderate and temperate is it to believe, as this cult does, that the pain caused by a gunshot doesn’t really exist or that the truly spiritual would overcome such agony through the power of Jedi mind trickery?

Obama threatening to lock the doors of restrooms in national parks. Just give back to nature and relieve yourself behind a tree if you've got to go that badly. It's all organic anyway. Least that's what they say when they try to sell vegetables grown in the stuff at marked up prices in the supermarket.

The Washington Post has threatened that the budget sequestration could undermine aesthetic upkeep of the exhibits at the National Zoo. That place has been deteriorating for years with signs even put up to excuse the lack of landscaping as "urban wildlife habitat".

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Boling denounced most Republican candidates for public office as “too ideological”. In other words, he aspires to be the candidate whose only fixed belief is that he holds no fixed beliefs.

by Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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