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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  February 8, 2013
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #28

So will Tina Turner becoming a Swiss citizen evoke as much outrage as golfer Phil Mickelson merely considering moving to another state to avoid crippling tax rates?

If you were married to Hillary Clinton, you'd probably steal a glimpse of Kelly Clarkson's backside at the Inauguration as well.

If NFL players are suing on the grounds that they were never told the game could result in series injury, they were pretty much brain damaged before they ever set foot onto the field.

Would the sending of the woman clamoring to be on the frontlines of combat to actually fight be much of a loss to the gene pool anyway?

President Obama gave the first look of his immigration reform to Hispanic members of Congress. Could a President give White members of Congress a sneak peek at proposed legislation ahead of the members of other races without the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP, and La Razzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza calling for upheaval in the streets?

Retired police officers should no more be exempt from gun bans violating the Second Amendment than any other citizen.

In calling for a GOP for everyone, does that include child molesters, terrorists and dog eaters?

The Department of Homeland Security urges citizens to say something if they see something. However, what if what you have to say in regards to a potential incident that you witnessed is at odds with the official narrative promoted by the intelligence and security establishments such as those that claim to have seen a third bomber or assailants of Middle Eastern origins around the time of the Oklahoma City bombing?

In the January 2013 issue of Human Rights Magazine, the American Bar Association praised up one end and down the other Americans United For The Separation Of Church And State. Does the publication intend to lavish similar praise upon the American Center For Law & Justice, The Beckett Fund For Religious Liberty, and the Alliance Defense Fund?

What exactly does one hope to accomplish by repeatedly emphasizing that not even believing in Christ is sufficient in order to achieve salvation other than to reduce your congregation (either electronic or [for lack of a better term] embodied) to the status of foundlings rocking back and forth in a Romanian orphanage or perhaps to be fawned over as to how obtusely you can deconstruct the vagaries of Calvinist theology?

I'll admit that I am not the most positive person on the face of the earth and have been told I have a dark side to my personality. However, I would never dare take away anyone's hope that they can call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. I can think of no reason for doing so unless one desires to exert a cultic hold and oppressiveness over someone insinuating that, if they do exactly as the demagogue asserting such demands, that there might be a slim chance those falling under such a poisonous sway might rank among the select chosen.

So will Christian Reconstructionists condemning French intervention in Mali be as vocal in their condemnation of Islamist savages deliberately setting fire to a library filled with rare ancient manuscripts? Or is that more the kind of act they applaud on the part of other extreme religionists?

A number of thinkers opposed to the idea of women in combat bring up the analogy of how if an intruder breaks into one's home that a true man would not send his wife to confront the brigand. They further justify their argument with the Biblical admonition of the husband loving his wife the way Christ loved the Church, meaning a willingness to die for one's spouse. The operative word in this argument is "wife". Unless I have solemnized breeding rights and carnal privileges with someone outside my genetic line, I am not obligated to die for them.

So if illegals shouldn't be deported or detained if they are not here legally, why should the Secret Service get all jacked out of shape if you leap over the fence surrounding the White House? Those that do so might not have any previous criminal record. So why shouldn't they be allowed to set up a tent in the Rose Garden?

The Iranians have launched a monkey into space. Most countries would be quite reluctant to send their president on such a dangerous journey beyond the confines of the earth.

If police can issue fines to adults for smoking while operating a motor vehicle carrying children because it endangers the health of the children, if police officers see overweight children riding in an automobile does that mean they can issue tickets because the obesity is harming the health of the children especially if the vehicle wreaks of fastfood?

If it’s wrong for the government to hunt down illegals, why is it OK for the IRS to track down taxcheats?

These women acting like only men should be drafted to die as canon fodder for the state aren't exactly clamoring to renounce the right to vote and embrace their role as breeding sows.

Being drafted in a number of ways would be similar to jury duty, just far worse. If selected, you go if you can’t get out of it, gripe the whole time about it, do the bare minimum required of you because those running the place can place a gun to your head if you don’t cooperate, and the only ones really wanting to be there are the ones that run the show.

During his first campaign for the presidency, Obama criticized individuals and corporate executives traveling to Las Vegas. Then why did the President travel there for his immigration oration? The policies would have gotten a similar reaction in the slums of Langley Park, Silver Spring, and Tacoma Park just mere miles from the White House.

A story in Forbes 2013 extols the wonders of the “share economy”. So what happens when drugs or illegal pornography are found on your property or in driving someone somewhere you get in a massive traffic accident?

If the state of Maryland takes no steps to deport illegals that are pursuing higher education in compliance with its “Dream Act”, isn’t that a greater interference in federal immigration law than the Arizona ID check law? A caller to WMAL claimed immigrants are good Christian people trying to find work. So I guess those are hymns blaring at 2 am and they are whizzing on the fence because they've had too much communion grape juice.

So are high paid media personalities clamoring for immigration reform willing to take a cut in pay or hand their positions over to podcasters and bloggers who would be willing to do much of the work for free if that is what the free market requires?

Interesting how the human leeches assembled to bask before President Obama's oration on immigration cheered in reference to handouts promised but grew noticeably silent when the issue of increased border security was mentioned.

Able to parade Gabby Giffords around for some quick pity cash, how long until Mark Kelly absconds with the funds to lavish on a less damaged model?

The word "Islamist" has been deemed racist. Fine. Perhaps we were mistaken trying to differentiate those of that religion that advocated violence from those that did not. For our own good, perhaps we should lump together all that profess to be part of that faith as potential terrorists.

If a department of homeland security video insinuates that we should protect ourselves through hiding and with scissors, shouldn’t the President be required to protect himself in the same manner?

Wonder what else is shriveled on those that sit on the Federal Raisin Administrative Committee? According to Mark Levin, these tyrants seize nearly 1/2 of all raisins to be distributed to deadbeats (who probably just chuck them in the trash) or foreign countries (whose heathens will no doubt be imbued with the nutrients necessary to burn flags, cut the heads of journalists, and to rant how evil America is).

The IRS speculates that the average family of four will likely be required to dish out $20,000 per year so Sandra Fluke can lay on her back with legs spread apart or with her backside in the air.

Legislators from Montgomery County have submitted to the Maryland General Assembly a proposal to outlaw fracking. Given that this particular fuel extraction method will for the most part effect areas in the far western areas of the state, shouldn't representatives from that area be the ones to determine the propriety of this technology for their region? After all, I am sure Montgomery County would be quite offended if these rednecks and hillbillies took it upon themselves as to what was to be done about the metropolitan area’s foreigners and queers.

The Prince George's County Board of Education is considering a policy that would assert a copyright claim over student produced intellectual property that are a part of homework assignments. No doubt, these educrats are trying to steak a claim in the growing self-publishing movement. In the past, a student could produce a work of genius but would not be able to capitalize on it. But with advances in technology, students at all levels can theoretically profit if their works of creativity and research are commercially viable in the marketplace of ideas. But if this policy goes into effect, why should students turn in anything but second rate work?

According to the story about the Wounded Warrior Project turning down a church that wanted to raise money on behalf of the organization, the church initially submitted a fee in order to do so. The point of where one is required to pay a fee for the privilege of raising money for an organization is where the organization goes from being a charity to being a racket.

Scholars are investigating the cause behind the blindness of Mary Ingalls from the Little House On The Prairie. From the attitude copped in a number of these news accounts, you would have thought Ma and Pa were perpetrating child abuse for not having a pathology laboratory pinpoint the exact diagnosis in a time when you didn't have Obamacare paying for all the tests and that decades later Laura was engaged in the greatest hoax ever committed in the pages of American Literature. In flippantly dismissing the possibility of scarlet fever and almost coming to the defense of pestilence as if it were an aggrieved minority, one must wonder if such is being done so in order to condition the American people into accepting epidemics once nearly eradicated being reintroduced by out of control immigration.

According to the story about the Wounded Warrior Project turning down a church that wanted to raise money on behalf of the organization, the church initially submitted a fee in order to do so. The point of where one is required to pay a fee for the privilege of raising money for an organization is where the organization goes from being a charity to being a racket.

Mark my words. Before it's over with, the same crowd praising the murder of sniper Chris Kylie will mourn the death of the whackjob that held the toddler hostage for a week.

Given the reaction, on the part of chicks without enough housework to do, to the advertising campaign where the "i" in Florida was altered to look like a necktie, it is a wonder that the Sunshine State isn't required to redraw its boundaries because of its resemblance to a dangling male appendage.

According to a fanatic homeschooler, now you are a failure as a Christian if you are not able to live your children a significant financial inheritance. To fulfill this command of the legalists, perhaps what you would otherwise put into the offering plate might be better set aside for your own children later down the road since your primary responsibility is to them rather than a mere administrative structure.

Would Marco Rubio, pale as your run of the mill White guy, have been selected to give the Republican response to the state of the union if his name was Mark Ruby?

So instead of hurling an imaginary grenade at bad guys, I guess the suspended pupil should have instead lavished his adversaries with pretend foreign aide payments and a lengthy oration denouncing an American way of life. Thankfully, at least his school's prohibition against imaginary weapons would have prevented him from sending pretend tanks and fighter jets to his antagonists.

Regarding these healthcare savings account Ben Carson is calling for: I hope he realizes most of us aren't multimillionaires.

In light of a congressional staffer being fired over a Tweet, why is it somehow lewder to say you like a commercial featuring two woman seductively disrobing than that the commercial was actually broadcast? Is the truly shocking outrage that a commercial with two disrobing woman caught the eye of a man or rather that a member of Congress was forced to admit to the public that they are not intelligent enough to compose their own Tweets.

An article in the 2/1/13 issue of the Sword of the Lord details why the publication doesn’t recommend the works of C.S. Lewis. Interesting that, along with that explication as to the shortcomings of these texts, there was no call for Independent Fundamentalist Baptists to try their own hand at doctrinally improved speculative fiction. Nor was there an examination as to why the presuppositions of this particular religious movement have resulted in theologians and scholars coming up short in the realm of literary imagination.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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