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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  January 12, 2013
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri # 25: Harvesting Chan, The Pope’s Toilet & Intoxicated Paul

One feels sorry for the baby. However, pregnant American women deliberately traveling to Afghanistan are the kind of mental defectives that do not need to be putting a further strain on the gene pool.

To the Calvinist, since we are little more than puppets with the hand of deity shoved up our backsides, whatever those of the Calvinist perspective have to say on the matter of soteriology has all the impact of flatulence in a wind tunnel.

Those that repeatedly go out of their way to tell people there is no proof that we will recognize our loved ones in Heaven have reached a point in their own lives where about the only joy they are capable of experiencing is crapping all over the only solace and comfort some might be able to find to make it day to day.

Salvation is granted for professing belief in the work of Jesus Christ as the only Begotten Son of God dying upon the cross and rising from the dead, not for assenting to Calvin's speculations as to how that belief comes about.

The prudes and the pervs together ruin nearly everything they touch. In Utah, a thoroughfare named Morning Glory Road (one of the most beautiful flowers in all of God's creation) has been renamed because the term is also a euphemism for the awakening stiffness of the male appendage of the type one is suppose to seek medical attention for if it lasts more than four hours.

In light of the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre, an increasing number of gun shows are being cancelled. So should small children die in a horrific alcohol fueled automobile accident, does that mean liqueur stores should be shut down and booze ads pulled from the broadcast airwaves?

Congress swears in first Hindu member of the House of Representatives. The institution should celebrate with a nice steak dinner.

A Georgia woman shooting an intruder in the face five times should be a top contender for the Mother of the Year award.

The problem with a house ON the water is the likelihood of it becoming a house IN the water.

If the Pope has come out in calling for the end of the gap in global wealth, perhaps he should sell off the golden toilet in the bathroom with pagan nudie pictures scrawled all over the wall.

Given his stated positions, Ron Paul should feel nothing but pride over his grandson being arrested for intoxication at a Charlotte, North Carolina airport.

Would liberals jacked out of shape about a police officer shooting an elk that wandered into a Colorado neighborhood be as quick in their condemnation if such swift action had prevented the rampaging ruminant from trampling an abortion clinic to smithereens?

The cover article of the 11/19/12 issue of Broadcasting & Cable is titled “The New Faces Of Talk: Why Programmers Are Courting African American Viewers With Their Choices Of Talent.” Probably because they are primarily the ones at home during the day enjoying their Obamaphones and other assorted handouts provided by working Americans.

If newspapers are going to run the names and addresses of those holding firearms permits, will they also run the names and addresses of same sex couples filing for marriage licenses?

If Al Gore was allowed not to sell his failed cable network to Glenn Beck, despite the fact that the former Fox host offered more money, because it was important to maintain the legacy of the network’s founder, why should homeowners be forced to sell properties to minorities that often have little intention of maintaining the upkeep?

If columnists in the mainstream media are suggesting that pro-Second Amendment Republicans should be tied to the back of a pickup and dragged down the street until the victims acquiesce to the demands of leftwing mobs, why should we get so worked up over George W. Bush thinking life sentences for similar actions without hate crime penalties tacked on is sufficient punishment?

Former General Stanly McChrystal insists that certain weapons should only be carried by soldiers and never civilians. Given that his expertise is in a theater of operations where the goal was to pacify an insurgent population likely by disarming them, what guarantees, other than the word of a government and administration that regularly reneges on its promises, are there that armed forces won’t one day use these weapons on American civilian populations denied access to such means of defense?

The halls of the National Cathedral are to be desecrated by Sodomite nuptials. Should we be surprised when the next earthquake topples more than the structure’s spire tips?

Too bad Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor was not as concerned about protecting the border in California as he is as the sheriff of a town in his latest movie.

In formulating the Obama administration’s gun control policy, isn’t Biden about the last one that should lecture the rest of us as to what constitutes acceptable mental health?

You aren’t going to convince me that Hannity had little idea who Alex Jones was before the Piers Morgan interview. Hannity use to play the Twilight Zone theme whenever anyone would raise issues such as the Bilderbergers or Bohemian Grove.

By hinting that he may act without Congressional authorization on the matter, doesn’t that mean the only thing that might be backing up Obama’s potential gun control directives is the threat of executive branch guns used against the people of the United States?

Even as a Christian, when one’s mind wanders and ponders the unending nature of Hell, it’s nearly enough to give the contemplative an anxiety attack.

So in regards to the Scholastic publishing math book assignment urging students to “Distribute The Wealth”, does that include the fortune the corporation has made off of Harry Potter?

If the government comes around to take away guns, how long after that until the government comes around to take away Bibles?

Technically, an executive order can't supersede the Constitution. However, if the only ones with guns are those implementing an unconstitutional executive order, what is there to stop such a policy?

A new kind of brain scan is being advertised as being capable of detecting the early stages of Alzheimer's. What guarantees will there be that these results of this examination will not be used to deny care on the part of insurance companies and bureaucrats before the disease progresses to its more destructive phases?

It's certainly a splendid idea to deprive a child of a sense of self-esteem. The true Christian certainly wants their offspring to think of themselves as worthless as to be easily controlled by church or governmental authorities and, especially if they are female, to accept the first marriage proposal that comes along irrespective of whether or not the person will be a spouse beater.

The Obama administration is spending $100,000 on the development of an ecofeminist video game. Of course, without the subsidy the game would likely be a flop. What gamer is going to want to put up with a mouthy nagging Black woman? Even if you have jungle fever, I doubt your fantasy is to hear her droning on about this foolishness. If the government continues in this fiscal profligacy, you won't need a video game to encounter a variety of post-apocalyptic horrors and deprivations. In all likelihood, you will be living them.

So if Greta Van Sustern or Chris Wallace had brought a high capacity magazine clip into the Fox News studio in DC would the district attorney just wave the charges as was done in the case of David Gregory at NBC?

If Jackie Chan thinks the United States is the most corrupt country on earth, perhaps having his organs harvested in a Red Chinese prison camp would help change his mind.

by Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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