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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  January 1, 2013
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Topic category:  Current Events - News, Sports, Weather

Let's Not Be Nutty Because of the Actions of a Nutcase

Fanatic homeschooler Kevin Swanson is categorizing the tragic Connecticut elementary school shooting as 27 reasons why to abandon the public school system. Twenty-seven is the number slaughtered by the gunman. So should the shooting at the Amish school some time ago be categorized as whatever the number murdered reasons why to abandon private Christian education? Likewise, should someone ever go off at some kind of homeschool or church function, should such an incident be invoked as to why homeschooling or even church attendance should be abandoned?

Fanatic homeschooler Kevin Swanson is categorizing the tragic Connecticut elementary school shooting as 27 reasons why to abandon the public school system. Twenty-seven is the number slaughtered by the gunman. So should the shooting at the Amish school some time ago be categorized as whatever the number murdered reasons why to abandon private Christian education? Likewise, should someone ever go off at some kind of homeschool or church function, should such an incident be invoked as to why homeschooling or even church attendance should be abandoned?

A fuss is being made that it was difficult to identify the gunman of the Connecticut elementary school system because he was carrying his brother's ID. Thus, when the time comes for the Mark of the Beast to be implemented, those opposed to what will likely be a biochip identification system will be castigated as encouraging schoolhouse massacres.

Too bad Obama does not get as choked up over the young lives cut short by having their skulls cracked open and brains sucked out through the procedure of partial birth abortion.

Contrary to the mantra harped in the media, just because one has procreated that does not make the outrage one feels in regards to the Connecticut elementary school shooting morally superior to and more worthy of accolades than that experienced by someone that has not.

So when no one is allowed to own a firearm, will law enforcement also surrender their weapons?

In an article attempting to paint the Connecticut school gunman as a crazed loner, the text is worded that Adam Lanza at 20 still lived with his mother. Why should that be seen as something deviant when Obamacare allows young adults to leech off their parents insurance until they are 26?

From the way the media depicts the situation, you'd think childless single people were sitting around applauding the Connecticut elementary school shooting.

Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza couldn't have been that much of a mental defective to pull off such a multiphased act of brutality.

According to government propaganda, if we see something say, something (unless it’s a third Oklahoma City bomber and if you do you’ll quietly be disposed of if you don’t recant your story). So in light of headlines condemning the Connecticut school shooter not so much for slaughtering 27 people but rather for being “painfully shy”, what is to prevent busybodies from turning in neighbors that stay to themselves?

So if it is proper to point out that the Connecticut school shooter was pale, perhaps news accounts should now emphasize how most terrorists are swarthy or that most inner city violent offenders are as Black as sin?

If Adam Lanza had shot up Congress rather than an elementary school, would his victims have been left to commence the process of decomposition over the weekend wherever their bodies hit the floor or would they have been quickly removed in a dignified fashion for return to their respective families?

Geraldo suggested that, as an owner of an extensive firearms collection, Adam Lanza's mother might have been a survivalist. Thus the media edges ever closer to blaming the Connecticut school shooting tragedy on the Tea Party movement.

Geraldo instructed that, if we see something aberrant, we must say something. Does that include him signing the thighs of Hooter’s waitresses during the Beltway sniper crisis?

According to Dominionist theologian Don Paulk, average Americans should be denied access to so-called “assault weapons” because the only purpose for such firearms is to quickly kill large numbers of people. However, he does not have a problem with police or military having access to such implements of carnage. Thus, how are innocent citizens suppose to protect themselves should the day eventually arrive when government forces are turned against innocent civilians?

If the purpose of police strategy and tactics is to subdue suspects with minimal force, law enforcement doesn't need "assault weapons" either.

Liberals are going to need to make a decision. Are we still going to go with the line of just be yourself and everything will work out fine (one of the greatest loads of excrement pounded into children's heads)? Or should we put up enough of a front that we really give a crap so as to avoid being categorized by intelligence agencies as subversively introverted or reclusive?

So if fanatic homeschooler Kevin Swanson initially summarized that the Connecticut elementary school massacre represents 27 reasons why to abandon the public education system, does he intend to modify his original claim and say the same thing about homeschooling since reports seem to indicate that Adam Lanza was educated in part through that form of pedagogy as well?

So if firearms magazines should be limited to ten rounds, is someone less dead if they are shot by a lunatic carrying three guns rather than one gun with thirty rounds in the chamber?

So if survivalism is such a horrible thing, does that mean we are all suppose to fall over dead willingly at government's command?

When liberals say they want an open debate, that is euphemism that anyone not agreeing with them will be accused of whatever outrage or tragedy they are preparing to hand down an edict regarding.

Analysts and pundits are suggesting that eliminating the Second Amendment may be the best way to prevent incidents of mass violence such as the Connecticut elementary school massacre. When that does not work as a cure, what will be there to protect the American people when it is argued that what is really need to make the United States safe is the elimination of the First Amendment?

A caller to WMAL's Chris Plante program argued against citizens possessing weapons technologically beyond those available to the Founding Fathers at the time the Constitution was adopted. Only White property holders could vote back then also. Should we return to that arrangement as well? That might relieve America of deadbeats voting themselves lavish welfare benefits.

Once access to firearms is eliminated, the next thing to be eliminated in the name of public safety and social cohesion will be access to non-government approved news and policy information websites.

If social ineptitude is to be an indicator as to whether or not someone is likely to go postal according to the advocates of Minority Report style crime prevention, will adolescents fidgeting awkwardly in the school cafeteria eventually provoke the same response as two suspects exchanging wads of cash that bolt like deer when a police cruiser turns down the street?

Since the Occupy Movement weaponizes human fecal matter, does that mean the government should outlaw bowel movements?

Spineless effettes are in an uproar over the possibility of arming school personnel as a deterrent against deranged gunmen. As if reason has been all that successful in dissuading such rampaging demoniacs.

If Nancy Pelosi possesses all the eloquence of a slurring drink in enunciating the technical specifics of the firearms debate, do we really want this woman mutilating our Constitutional liberties?

In questioning how many single woman in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s protect themselves with a bushmaster rifle, Joe Scarborough revealed that he joined this mentioned demographic since it is quite obvious that his manhood shriveled and fell off some time ago.

A fuss is made that the United States has a higher homicide rate than other wealthy nations. But doesn't the US has a higher percentage of non-Whites other than Japan?

Why doesn't the world come to a screeching half with a moment of silence for every other innocent murder victim?

The world is so philosophically warped that contemporary culture is on the verge of categorizing men that recreationally wear camouflage as threats to public safety largely on account that they are individualists but applauds and protects with special laws the men that wear frilly dresses because they are souls willing to follow their own path.

I do hope most realize the definition of mental illness is going to be written so broadly that everyone will be caught up in the dragnet that does not have a silly brainwashed grin plastered across their faces over the direction in which the country is headed.

Eventually, it will be designated a symptom of mental illness if you would rather live in your own house on private property rather than in a resettlement and reeducation COMMUNITY.

Wayne LaPiere of the of the NRA astutely observed that, if the President is worthy of being protected by armed security, why not the nation’s school children. However, a number of issues need to be addressed before his proposal of a national school security force is implemented throughout the country. For example, what if the administrators of a private school do not want such federal operatives roaming their halls? Furthermore, will the purview of their authority be restricted to stopping actual gun incidents as they unfold or will they also be trolling for the crimes of thought and non-sociability many are being duped into believing are even greater threats than the actual discharge of a firearm.

It is quite instructive regarding the nature of the age of socialistic deadbeats in which we currently find ourselves how many are making a fuss that Adam Lanza for the most part didn't interact with anyone and how his mother was obsessively guarded regarding the family's private affairs. However, not very much is being said about this 20 year old human turd being productive with his life such as going to school, working for a living, or looking for a job.

If armed guards patrol the halls of Sidwell Friends Academy, apparently Quaker educators believe that other people's children should die for the principles of that warped and deficient brand of spirituality.

Some liberal on the O'Reilly Factor about had a fit of the vapors because a weapon had a pistol grip. Would he have felt better if the handle was lubed with petroleum jelly?

The conservatives and Republicans condemning Wayne LaPierre over his press conference performance are the useless behind smoochers that have lost the presidency the past two elections.

Shouldn't there be a greater outrage at Feinstien's proposal to militarize the nation's schools with national guardsmen patrolling public school hallways rather than a few trained teachers packing heat?

by Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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