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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  March 3, 2010
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #13

Frau Obama denounces her daughter as overweight. No doubt this was a dry run for the Khmeresque plans they have for the rest of us where, in good Communist fashion, we will be forced to sit in a circle and criticize our friends and family as our Maoist overlords look in, taking careful notes for each of our files.

The Obama hag's obesity initiative is called "Let's Move". How about another called "Let's mind our own business". Better yet, "Let's Stick To The Constitution".

If it's right for a 16 year old girl to have the baby inside of her salted, hacked to pieces, and vacuumed out without her parents knowing about it because it's "her body", isn't it her right to be overweight whether the Obamas like it or not?

A margarine ad lauds Denmark for banning transfats. Since gay marriage and prostitution is legal there, perhaps the Danes should be as selective about what else they put in their mouths.

If homeowners can be liable for and potentially fined over snow not removed from the sidewalk within 24 hours of a snowfall, shouldn't some sort of penalty be assessed against a municipality failing to clear the streets within the same time frame?

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" insinuates that questioning global warming is nearly unpatriotic. MSNBC certainly scrapes the bottom of the barrell in search of talent. Even PBS stopped paying attention to this quack in the mid 90's.

School systems considered canceling President's Day in order to make up a snow day. Would they consider doing this with Martin Luther King Day? More importantly, could it be done without a riot resulting?

If the Biology faculty at the University of Alabama where their colleague denied tenure went on a shooting rampage wants to condemn her for the act, they must renounce the materialistic determinism inherent to the Darwinistic wing controlling the academic discipline.

The homicidal University of Alabama professor was a devoted Obama supporter. While Obama can't be held responsible for the shooting at the University of Alabama, the media certainly doesn't mind attempting to link conservative populist thought with acts of violence. So we should certainly return the favor by highlighting one of their's when there is a rampage.

Until Oprah gives up her personal chef, she should keep her mouth shut about the rest of us "living simply". That is just another euphemism for communitarian wealth redistribution.

"Know Your Heritage" is a quiz show "focusing on Black History". With majority Black teams and a token White that wants to be Black, isn't such a program inherently racist by co-opting the pronoun "Your". Could one name a White-themed show that without Sharpton working the crowd into a homicidal froth?

Interesting how in a Howard Kurtz Washington Post profile admitted dyke Rachel Madcow criticizes Fox News of activist journalism that "inspires political participation". Yet she herself was applauded throughout the piece for advocating unbridled buggery in the military.

If Biden thinks we are not in danger of another terrorist attack, he's even more of a doofus than originally estimated. To make such an assessment of the world in which we live that he did makes Forest Gump seem like Sun Tzu.

If Biden is going to wear his Catholicism on his sleeve (or rather his forehead as evidenced by Lenten ashes), perhaps he should consistently embrace the more important aspects of that faith, transcending gaudy ostentations rituals, such as opposition to abortion and sodomy

Hopefully for the sake of America, Biden will give up stupidity for Lent. Biden with his ashes looked like one of those “Indian fellas” he said worked down at the 7-11.

Stephen Colbert called Palin a "F-ing retard". Seems the appellation is more suited for Biden regarding his assessment regarding the terrorist threat.

The New York Times insinuated that the Tea Party movement is violent through the headline "Tea Party Movement Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right". Can't say I closely monitor this media dinosaur, but one must ask if the old gray lady, as the paper is called, pointed out during the presidential campaign that some of Obama's supporters such as Bill Ayers have lit more actual fuses than any Tea Party attendee

If Disney is giving admission tickets in an exchange for a day of "service" to approved organizations, how is this different than providing these individuals with a day's wage? Better yet, how is charitable labor in exchange for an amusement park ticket any more noble than the compensated services Americans perform on a daily basis as part of their regular employment?

In his lecture "The Church & The Arts", cultural analyst Ken Meyers laments how in the New World we did not inherit the mother continents more contemplative disposition. I guess dirt poor pioneers carving out an existence would have been too tired by the end of the day. Besides, before more contemporary times Europe's more reflective classes built their lives of leisure on the backs of those that couldn't otherwise get ahead along various cultural fronts from religion, to political freedom, to economic opportunities. What do you think drove those dullard working stiffs here in the first place?

Regarding the Mother Teresa Stamp. How many other U.S. postage stamps are there of non-American citizens (those once broadly categorized as foreigners. Furthermore, are there any commemorating Protestants or do we only pander to Catholics in this manner? If not, where are the C.S. Lewis or Francis Schaffer stamps?

Olympic uniforms should not be cluttered with all kinds of extraneous personal messages no matter how patriotic such sentiments might be. That is why they are called “uniforms“. Supporting the troops should not be invoked as justification for wiggling out of reasonably agreed-upon rules. The flags of their respective countries is the extent of the pride athletes should be permitted to exhibit. We don’t need members of the Afghan or Pakistani delegations wearing “The Taliban Rocks” decals.

In response to their antics at the dog show, someone should unfurl a banner at a PETA event pointing out that organizations alleged involvement in atrocities against animals.

Interesting how one day the Huffington Post can distribute a mass email of Bill Maher mocking Sarah Palin’s baby and the next another condemning a speaker at C-PAC for joking about President Obama’s former drug use. Disabled babies had no choice about being born with a deformity. Crackheads make a choice to shove narcotics up their noses.

Liberals are free to verbalize the vilest of things regarding Sarah Palin’s baby. Yet no one was suppose to admit what a homely teen Chelsea Clinton was or even comment on the obvious that the Obama whelps enjoy school lunches markedly superior to those ingested by the average American school child.

A cyber-attack on world computers has been traced back to a Chinese vocational school. Students in that country learn to take down their enemies' electronic infrastructure. American students here learn that Heather has two mommies, to despise the Founding Fathers as slaving holding Whites, and how to slip a condom over a cucumber. What nation do you think will dominate the globe by the second half of the 21st century?

Unlike Michael Savage or Mark Levin, Glenn Beck almost sounds giddy and enthusiastic about the prospect of socioeconomic collapse. As in the case of Pat Robertson, if there is a silly grin plastered across your face when discussing a topic that is going to result in massive casualties whether you explicitly mention body counts or not, discerning people are going to find you a tad disturbing.

A documentary about Yellowstone on Animal Planet said bull elk roll in their own urine to increase their masculine appeal. One might not want to read the ingredients on a bottle of Old Spice too closely.

A Dodge advertisement claims Presidents' Day commemorates George Washington purchasing his first truck. Could similar Madison Avenue frivolity be broadcast regarding Martin Luther King Day?

To refute the illogic of racism, it's pointed out that if you needed a doctor you wouldn't care about the physician's ethnicity? Then why should I care if my pizza is made by real Italians? Besides, what would an "artificial Italian" be? To carry this to it's logical conclusion, ought a hamburger made by an authentic German actually be more desirable?

Letterman thinks the Iraqi rabble-rouser tossing a shoe at President Bush is still comical. What would be really funny would be a process sever tossing a summons at Letterman to appear at a paternity hearing or sexual harassment trial.

A Maryland municipality plans to provide $10,000 to local merchants to replace plastic and neon signs with ones complying with anti-capitalist, Bohemian aesthetics. Things might be going to Ghenna in a handbasket, but the important thing is to look artsy in our destitution and insolvency. Am sure our Red Chinese masters will require nothing less.

A friend of the pilot flying a plane into an IRS building said on Greta that the kook was neither an introvert or extrovert. Is refreshing to learn of a mass murderer not accused of being a loner, quiet, or staying to himself.

If Maryland Delegate Henry Heller wants to ban marriages between first cousins with the exception of those unable to reproduce and he has in the past supported legislation authorizing gay marriage, logically he would have to extend his blessing to gay first cousins that want to get married. While we are abolishing taboos, why doesn’t he go ahead and endorse marriage between gay siblings.

by Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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