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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  April 29, 2006
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Congress Draws Up Declaration Of Surrender As Human Rabble Takes To The Streets

Throughout much of the 1990’s, prescient social analysts such as Pat Buchanan and Michael Savage warned of the changes that would take place in our nation should the government of the United States fail to get control over the flood of immigration that was pouring across the border. At the time, those viewing radical hypertolerance as more important than cultural survival dismissed such warnings as the ravings of lunatics. However, now that increasing numbers of Americans finally want something done about the matter, it may be too late.

In response to certain provisions of the so-called “immigration reform” being considered in Congress that would have criminalized being in the United States illegally, mobs of radical malcontents have taken to the streets no doubt to insinuate violence should political leaders refuse to acquiesce to their demands. Most accounts from the media infiltrated by internationalist sympathizers claim that these demonstrations are expressions of peaceful dissent concerned for the rights of all living within (for at least a few more days) this great country. However, upon closer examination, nothing could be farther from the truth.

For starters, a number of the protests could hardly be classified as orderly or even peaceful. Across the nation, teenage and even elementary aged pismires bolted from their classrooms in violation of school attendance policies, often with the support of their teachers and no doubt egged on by these pedagogical revolutionaries.

Those given over to mass demonstrations no doubt find their wicked hearts leaping in joy. However, would those for such unfettered democracy be as supportive had the students rushed the schoolhouse doors in support of massive deportations and the implementation of English as the official language? If not, such aged beatniks are not really the custodians of the First Amendment but rather thought police of the first order.

It must be noted that many of these youngsters were not on their best behavior but rather comported themselves in a fashion reflective of the ideals and attitudes promoted by the contemporary public school system. Apparently unable to express themselves through the use of words no doubt as a result second rate phonics and reading comprehension instruction, a number of these darlings had to resort hurling projectiles such as fruit and rocks at law enforcement personnel, according to Larry Altman and Doug Irving in their account, and some even blocked freeway traffic. Too bad some of them weren’t rundown by motorists, but then again why ruin a perfectly good automobile?

Fortunately, police were able to teach some of the hooligans by dousing them with pepper spray and firing beanbags at them. Hopefully, they’ve learned that, if someone can’t picket back and forth in front of an abortion clinic, then others should not have the right to block traffic because the average citizen has more of a divine right to drive to work unmolested than some skank that wants her unborn baby hacked to pieces.

Despite the significant nuisances spawned by these naïve whelps, the real threat lies with the organized subversives pulling their strings. For even though the American people have been duped into believing these mass demonstrations represent spontaneous grassroots outbursts, they are in fact being orchestrated by forces whose intent is nothing short of the destruction of human liberty and the American way of life.

One of the groups pulling the strings is MECHA. Mecha or Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán is a revolutionary front group dedicated to the secession of the American Southwest from the United States and its ultimate reunification with Mexico through either peaceful or violent means. Funny, I remember vaguely that when White Southerners wanted to do something similar there was a little skirmish or whatnot. This movement glorifies pre-Columbian civilization and would no doubt reinstitute the ancient pagan beliefs of the area they seek to reconqueor. Wouldn’t surprise me someday if they didn’t start sacrificing Whites to their heathen deities if ever allowed as it is their ultimate goal to expel “Anglo-Americans” from the face of the continent and many feel more of an affinity for their Aztec heritage rather than the Spanish component of their identity.

At a number of the rallies across the country were banners reading, “This Is Our Continent. Not Yours”, “Brown Is Beautiful”, and North American maps with the United States crossed out. According to Tammy Bruce, American flags were burned. Mike Savage marked he believed in nonviolent protest, so Mexican flags should be burned in retaliation.

In her column posted at, Michelle Malkin observed , “Can you imagine the uproar if someone had come to a rally holding up a sign reading, ‘White is Beautiful’.” Nowadays White folk are considered racist if they hold a position anything short of compulsory miscegenation yet our leaders stand passively by as these radicals rub their brown rearends in our faces constantly telling us what they are while expecting the rest of us to open not only are arms but apparently our very homeland in a union of mandatory brotherhood.

The average American of commonsense and decency thinking their elected officials will come to the rescue in the nick of time are in for a rude awakening. For instead of defending the nation and its people from the marauding hordes, our so-called leaders are using the situation to transition the United States into the pending global order where American standards of living and liberty will be dragged down to Third World levels.

As with most other issues being used to whip the American people into compliance, they will be manipulated through a campaign of misdirected guilt blaming everything on their own prosperity and “greed”. At a ceremony swearing in thirty new American citizens, the President (no doubt thronged by his Secret Service detail, chided, “No one should play on people’s fears or try to pit neighbor against neighbor. No one should pretend that immigrants are a threat to the American identity, because immigrants have shaped America’s identity.”

Apparently, his infamously limited mind has never heard the old adage about too much of a good thing. I bet something would be done if this transborder rabble guffed up the White House lawn the way many immigrants have done to many of our suburban neighborhoods. Maybe when members of Congress come home to find illegals rummaging through their houses and ravishing their wives as occurs in border regions such as Arizona, something will finally be done about the issue.

Encase the President has already forgotten, each and everyone of the 9/11 hijackers was an immigrant as well as are many of the notorious street gangs prowling our cities and suburbs. Perhaps Ted Kennedy would like to invite some of them to dwell at the various family compounds if such souls pose no threat to anyone.

One of the primary justifications for allowing the invasion to continue is that the illegals do jobs Americans won’t do. Once again the blame has been shifted to the average American rather than placed squarely upon those it actually belongs.

Actually, the issue is not so much that Americans won’t do certain jobs, but rather that often times the rich are not willing to pay more to have these tasks done. While one must vigorously stand against any legislative efforts to mandate a living wage, if we are to be lectured as to how it is our duty as to embrace all immigrants irrespective of their intentions or desire to whether or not become Americans, what about the patriotic obligation of the well-to-do to share some of the sacrifice for the benefit of their countryman to earn an honorable living? As Mike Savage has asked of the luxury class, is a 50 foot yacht not sufficient and now you need an 80 footer?

Even if one were to admit that there was a need for immigrant labor for jobs pampered Americans simply refuse to do, such a market imbalance owes itself a great deal to undue government interference in the economy. For at one time, it was argued the nation needed a social welfare safety net to prevent the downtrodden from falling through the cracks; but as both the waistlines of those receiving such entitlements and the bureaucracies that administer them continued to expand, more and more such beneficences have come to pay for the luxuries of those unwilling to work for them than the bare essentials to squeak by for those unable to provide for them.

If the government simply eliminated most of these programs, those at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder as a result of their own diminished intelligences or poor decisions made in their lives would be forced to fill the positions now occupied by illegals. It will be that or starve; it is that simple.

“BUT SUCH CRUELTY, you heartless conservative!!!!” those given over to making sure everyone far and wide knows just how compassionate they think there are. But will anyone really starve?

Those that despise America, especially those aspects of derided as “White” middle class values, regularly admonish us how much we have to learn from backwards cultures and the like. Therefore, if we are to assume that the illegals dwelling in our midst really work as hard as their apologists claim they do, then they show how one can work multiple jobs and survive (though perhaps not luxuriously, but survive nonetheless) without handouts.

Think you deserve higher then minimum wage? Good, don’t drop out of school, keep your pants on, and don’t start having babies until you are married and can afford it.

More importantly, since we are constantly being told about the importance of giving back to the COMMUNITY, perhaps the multigenerational hyper-rich such as the Kennedys, Bushes, and Rockerfellers whose primary right to their vast fortunes stems from having fortuitously sprung from their parents loins should dedicate themselves as an example making their life’s work those tasks no one else wants to do since those from these families could continue to live comfortable lives without making an additional cent because of their vast fortunes. If a life of picking tomatoes for a pittance is not good enough for the Bush children, why should it be good enough for yours?

Like it or not, nationhood is the result of a blend of the religion, language, and ethnic mix of people living in a particular geographic location. Since the 1960’s, liberals have been at war to remove our religious heritage. Now they are about to lay siege to its linguistic identity and racial balance as well in order to commence the final demise of this once great nation.

Copyright 2006 by Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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