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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  April 4, 2006
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White House To Measure Sewer Piss To Determine Levels Of Drug Use

Those more concerned about feigned gentility than the loss of human liberty will probably be offended by my earthy language. But the term is used in the King James Bible so I am going to use it here.

Rather, such offense should be directed towards those in government no longer viewing American citizens as free people but rather as one massive prison population to be corralled, monitored, and experimented upon.

All in the name of monitoring drug use (the old for the sake of the children argument), the Bush Administration has launched a program to measure the levels of cocaine byproducts in the wastewater around the Potomac River Basin. According to the Washington Post as of March 27, 2006, thus far only Fairfax County has received the results of its collective drug test.

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy told the Post that other Metropolitan Area utilities were participating in the project but refused to name specific ones. You know, probably the old tired song and dance about homeland security and all that blather no doubt. Can’t impede that planned Patriot Act interdiction of illicit Sudafed use, now can we?

Administration propagandists assure that the samples are taken solely for research purposes and not intended to single out specific localities. But as the technology continues to be refined whose to say the results gathered could not be use to justify additional policy and enforcement measures.

Janet C. Phelan of the Human Extermination Project , on the March 21 through 23, 2006 episodes of P.I.D. Radio, hypothesized classified public utility upgrades could be used by nefarious operatives to introduce poisons and substances to specific residences. If the engineering is now that sensitive as to direct where certain things can flow, could they just as easily monitor things flowing from the other direction.

This is especially troubling in light of the lackadaisical response to the unsettling revelation that authorities were monitoring the most basic way each and everyone one of us, to use popular socialist platitudes, gives back to the COMMUNITY, namely our personal contributions to the replenishment of the water supply.

The chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, like a good little Berlin Gauleiter, enthusiastically quipped in the Washington Post, “We’re ready to do anything and everything we can do to eliminate illicit drug use.”

Just how far are we willing to take “anything” and “everything”; those words are quite all-encompassing. Of course, more careful monitoring of the borders is automatically off the table since it is our duty to be compliant little one-worlders.

With refined sensors, one could place these devices at various intervals in neighborhoods and housing developments to monitor the flow of controlled substances in and out of neighborhoods. When amounts are detected, alarms could be set off alerting law enforcement personnel to cordon off specific communities and conduct searches house to house in search of drugs with all the tasering of bodies, the ransacking of drawers, and the looting of property such actions usually entail.

In light of the recent backlash against the Kelo ruling authorizing piracy against private property against the will of homeowners, an expansion of community drug monitoring could render any legislation or Constitutional amendments that might diminish the impact of this miscarriage of justice as impotent as a chronic steroid abuser. Developers and assorted community planners would merely have to produce the statistical proof that drugs are being used in a particular grouping of structures in order to justify bringing urban renewal to blighted communities.

And the homeowner won’t even have to be compensated. Under assorted asset forfeiture scenarios, you can end up losing your property even if proven you are not guilty of a crime yourself.

Those whose innocent minds are mired in a more wholesome era and until now been privileged to ramble down life’s road in a state of blissful ignorance will ask, “But how can an innocent individual be punished.” That response will be enough to get one sent for reeducation in the era dawning before us.

For you see, the above query is based on the assumption of an individual being innocent. My friends, the era of the individual as the font of moral concern and reflection is coming to an end.

Instead, you are merely a component of a much larger group or entity popularly referred to in the discourse and literature as the COMMUNITY. Already, since one is now rewarded on the basis of what groups one happens to belong to without merit of achievement or character as in the case of affirmative action and the like, it won’t be long until society reverts back to the inimical practice of punishing people collectively like an old hag school marm canceling recess on a beautiful spring day for the entire class because one or two whelps talk out of turn.

Have drugs been detected in your neighborhood sewer? Fine, you forfeit the domicile you reside in (note I did not say own as that denotes individuality) as pursuit to the association agreement you signed in order to enjoy the privilege (note not a right) of living in a particular area. You should have been more active in community policing efforts.

Entire undesirable populations could be easily moved around in the name of drug prevention all with the wave of the bureaucrat’s pen. Why stop with drugs and urine?

Too much fatty stool pulsing through the sewer pipes? In the name of preventing obesity and heart disease, sector 6 is hereby sentenced to eat nothing but beansprouts and tofu for the next month or (even worse) forced to participate in community calishtethics.

Many frightened by the plague of drugs will argue that we must relinquish still more of our liberties to bring an end to this crisis. However, it must be remembered that the most dangerous narcotic of all is none other than unbridled power.

Copyright 2006 by Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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