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Author:  Pierre R Latour
Bio: Pierre R Latour
Date:  March 3, 2017
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Topic category:  Science

The Effect of CO2 on Earth's Temperatures - A Primer
Conclusion:  Increasing atmospheric CO2 causes minor cooling of Earth's atmosphere and surface.

I developed a rigorous model of the Earth’s coupled radiating atmosphere and surface system that gives explicit algebraic equations for average surface and atmosphere temperatures. The model is based on the well-established physics of radiant energy transfer that is applied commercially by chemical engineers.

My latest paper on the effect of atmospheric CO2 on Earth’s temperatures was recently published by Principia Scientific International (PSI). (see

The full paper is available for downloading. (

This paper only deals with physical properties of the system, specifically absorptivity and emissivity. No empiricism; no statistical data fitting.

Since the paper is based on scientific laws of nature verified by experience and mathematics, it is not a theory. It is a law of nature.

When properties affected by increased CO2, a radiating gas, are increased 1%, surface temperature changes - 0.762˚ C and atmospheric temperature changes - 0.392˚ C. Slight cooling.

The Earthly globe radiates to space with temperature change -0.6606˚ C because its emissivity increases. That's a slight global cooling.

To quantify the effect of CO2 on temperatures, all that remains is the effect of CO2 on atmospheric absorptivity and emissivity, already dominated by H2O vapor.

This provides a strong foundation for skepticism of catastrophic, fossil fuel induced, global warming and hence climate change poorly forecast by UN empirical CO2 Green House Gas Theory since 1997. QED.

I hope this work resolves the controversy and creates more consensus that CO2 is harmless green plant food with a vanishingly small effect on Earth’s temperatures. The sun rules.

Before 1997 Kyoto Protocol, using systems engineering I proved that a proposed Earthly thermostat adjusting fossil fuel combustion was unmeasurable, unobservable and uncontrollable; it will never work. No matter how much research is done or how many laws are passed. Never. After 20 years, my prediction is right so far.

All you need to know is you have found the only rigorous, pure physics model of Earth's surface and atmosphere temperatures.

And it says if you only look narrowly at radiant transfer from surface to the atmosphere as GHGT does, you would conclude increasing CO2 increases surface temperature. But if you look at the whole interacting Earth system, you see other variables compensate and the net effect is slight cooling.

I think AGW promoters will have trouble shooting holes in my bullet proof model.

Pierre R Latour

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Biography - Pierre R Latour

Chemical Process Control Engineer. PE Texas and California. BS Honors Chemical Engineering VaTech, 1962, MS, PhD Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, 1964, 1966.

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