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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Pierre R Latour
Bio: Pierre R Latour
Date:  December 15, 2014
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Topic category:  Racial Issues

Ferguson Grand Jury Report, Brown vs. Wilson
Takeaway Lessons Learned

I watched St Louis PA Bob McCulloch report Grand Jury no indictment against Officer Wilson decision 2015-2100, 24Nov14. McCulloch, Obama & Michael Brown's parents emphasized finding lessons learned takeaway. Here are mine.

1. Obey the law 2. Do not smoke pot 3. Do not consume unhealthy drugs 4. Thou shalt not steal 5. Walk on city sidewalks, not down middle of vehicle roads 6. Thou shalt not bear false witness 7. Do not fight armed police officers inside their patrol cars 8. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods 9. Honor thy father and thy mother 10. Thou shalt love one another

Particular note, some eyewitnesses originally testified Michael Brown was shot in back for no reason. Upon cross examination about evidence, they recanted and changed testimony to fit evidence. This was a major reason GJ did not indict. Witnesses prejudiced against police destroyed any possibility to indict. I hope they change and learn about the value of #6. They stand indicted before the sweep of history. Their leader is “Rev” Al Sharpton. He is guilty of inciting riots.

Obama comments after GJ announcement started out very well, appropriate and helpful. But rather than stopping when he finished his prepared remarks, he drifted off into fumbling around in his verbal swamp for way too long; it was incoherent, boring and painful to watch.

I predicted the GJ would let political pressure trump Justice and indict Wilson. That gets them off the hook, kicks can down road, prolongs controversy, punts to jury trial, and gives rioters more opportunities to riot as this case rips the fabric of the rule of law for two more years. Fortunately I was wrong and some of my faith in Judicial system is restored. Ensuing riots are inevitable, but will cause less long term damage now than an indictment would have.

My argument is: honesty is the best policy; facts trump emotion; obey Ten Commandments, the Law of God. At least that’s how I see it. Rest, assured. 25Nov2014

Pierre R Latour

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