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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Michael J. Gaynor
Bio: Michael J. Gaynor
Date:  October 7, 2008
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Will the Biased Media Brainwash You About Palin?

Who is dangerous--the woman who eventually replaced an insubordinate subordinate who had not fired her state trooper ex-brother-in-law for misconduct...or a man who really thinks (and foolishly thought he was confiding only to similarly deluded allies at a San Francisco fundraiser) that folks in rural America "cling" to God and guns out of "bitterness" over their economic circumstances? There's no doubt that the folksy Palin, Alaska's favorite "pit bull with lipstick," is true red, white and blue, or that the elitist Ivy League-indoctrined Obama thinks like Karl Marx and voluntarily associates with radicals and former terrorists too.


Since she burst on the national political scene, the Far Left, secular extremist media got especially mean and have been trying hard to brainwash voters about Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican vice president candidate Sarah Palin.

That alleged photo of Palin in a red, white and blue bikini holding a rifle is a fake.

Palin is the loving mother of a Downs Syndrome baby, NOT the grandmother.

Although 90% of such babies are aborted, pro-life Palin kept instead of killed her baby.

THAT choice is killing the pro-abortion forces.

The substantive charge against Palin is that she's not prepared to be president on day 1, but the truth is that as a mayor and governor she has years of executive experience and neither Obama nor Biden has ANY governmental experience as an executive in charge.

Does the biased media realize how absurd it is ridicule Palin while pretending that Obama is prepared and fit to be President of the United States and concealing as fully as possible the whole truth about Obama's connections to ACORN, Wright, Pfleger, Farrakhan and Ayers?

Apparently not.

Did the biased media scrutinize Obama and Palin similarly?

Certainly not.

For example, The New York Times mentioned in an inside article in March 2007 that Obama had dis-invited to his presidential campaign kickoff, because his sermons could be "rough," the America-hating man who supposedly had brought him to Christ and indisputably had conducted his wedding ceremony, baptized his daughters and inspired him to plagiarize the title of his campaign book, The Audacity of Hope, the title of a sermon that Obama admitted hearing "live" in his first book, Dreams From My Father. It took more than a year before the nation learned what "rough" meant! The Times obviously did not deem that readily discoverable news fit to print.

Wikipedia: "Brainwashing (also known as thought reform or as re-education) consists of any effort aimed at instilling certain attitudes and beliefs in a person beliefs sometimes unwelcome or in conflict with the person's prior beliefs and knowledge, in order to affect that individual's value system and subsequent thought-patterns and behaviors."


"On August 31, 1967, Governor Romney made a statement that ruined his chances for getting the [1968 Republican presidential] nomination. In a taped interview..., Romney stated: 'When I came back from Viet Nam [in November 1965], I'd just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get.' He then shifted to opposing the war: 'I no longer believe that it was necessary for us to get involved in South Vietnam to stop Communist aggression in Southeast Asia,' he declared. Decrying the 'tragic' conflict, he urged 'a sound peace in South Vietnam at an early time.' Thus Romney disavowed the war and reversed himself from his earlier stated belief that the war was 'morally right and necessary'.

"The connotations of brainwashing, following the experiences of American prisoners of war (highlighted by the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate), made Romney's comments devastating to his status as the GOP front-runner. The topic of brainwashing quickly became newspaper editorial and television talk show fodder, with Romney bearing the brunt of the topical humor. Republican Congressman (later U.S. Senator) Robert T. Stafford of Vermont sounded a common concern: 'If you're running for the presidency, you are supposed to have too much on the ball to be brainwashed."

This year, instead of warning about the danger of brainwashed presidential candidates, the alphabet networks have been failing to report the whole story about Obama and even brainwashing voters to support Obama with fawning coverage of his campaign.

When The Times does touch on subjects on which Obama is sensitive, it is...selective.

For example, read "N.Y. Times whitewashes Obama-Ayers connection Fails to report key associations, ignores incriminating documents given to paper" by Aaron Klein, which begins as follows:

"JERUSALEM A prominent article by the New York Times this weekend purporting to investigate the connections between Sen. Barack Obama and former Weathermen radical Bill Ayers omits key associations between the two and in some cases seems to minimize their relationship.

"One law professor and blogger who was interviewed for the Times piece says he provided the newspaper with key documentation showing Ayers was directly involved in the formation of the board of an education organization on which Obama served as chairman.

"But the Times did not present that information and instead made the claim Ayers was not involved in the selection of Obama as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, or CAC, which was founded by Ayers."

Is the biased media into brainwashing?

As Palin would put it, "You betcha!"

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" episode after the Biden-Palin vice presidential candidates debate constituted brainwashing couched as humor.

If you watched the debate, you know that moderator Gwen Ifill did NOT mention. much less shamelessly plug, her upcoming book on "The Age of Obama," to be released on Inauguration Day 2009 and orderable now on

If you watched the debate, you know that Gwen did not stare in disbelief at Palin's responses.

If you watched the debate, you know that Palin took control of the debate at the start, asking Biden whether she could call him Joe (Obama had called McCain "John" throughout their debate, while McCain had respectfully referred to his opponent as Senator Obama), but that Palin had not said that she had practiced "zingers" based on calling Biden "Joe" (although I think that Palin was primed to zing Biden for repeatedly looking backward and trying to run against President Bush and was pleased to use "Joe" instead of "Senator Biden" when the opportunity inevitably arose).

If you watched the debate, you know that Palin did not make the gaffes for which Obamatons were hoping, much less "vomit" or flee from the stage, as the imitation Ifill suggested it was reasonable to expect she might do, but "Saturday Night Live" still played it as though Palin did not belong on stage or match up favorably to Biden.

If you watched the debate, you know that Palin was upbeat and comfortable throughout and realized she was winning before the first hour ended, but "Saturday Night Live" portrayed her as a dummy and even had the Biden character use that word to describe her.

The Democrats and their biased media allies love to pretend that Republican presidential and vice presidential candidates may be likeable, but they are dumb.

General of the Army and President Dwight David Eisenhower, the man who successfully led the Great Crusade in Europe, was portrayed as likeable, but not smart, until he warned about the military-industrial complex and then the Democrats and their media allies acknowledged he could be insightful, even smart, if only sometimes.

Leftist Democrats and their media allies called President Ronald Reagan "an amiable dunce," even though, unlike President Jimmy Carter, he won the World War II in Europe and later the Presidency, twice, not once.

Democrats and their media allies depicted Vice Presidential Dan Quayle (whom they referred to as J. Danforth Quayle, just like they referred to President Dick Nixon as Richard Milhouse Nixon, or simply Milhouse, since that name doesn't sound presidential) as a moron. (Now they say Quayle is a genius compared to Palin and complain when Obama's middle name is mentioned, even though he chose to use it when he was admitted to the Illinois state bar.)

Which is scarier--Quayle spelling "potato" with an "e" at the end, or Obama saying in one state that there were 57 other states?

Presidents of the Harvard Law Review who think there are 58 states should not be promoted to President of the United States or whining that he does not look like "other presidents" on "the dollar bills" (as though Harvard Law Review presidents are equivalent to Presidents of the United States.

Who is dangerous--the woman who eventually replaced an insubordinate subordinate who had not fired her state trooper ex-brother-in-law for misconduct...or a man who really thinks (and foolishly thought he was confiding only to similarly deluded allies at a San Francisco fundraiser) that folks in rural America "cling" to God and guns out of "bitterness" over their economic circumstances?

There's no doubt that the folksy Palin, Alaska's favorite "pit bull with lipstick," is true red, white and blue, or that the elitist Ivy League-indoctrined Obama thinks like Karl Marx and voluntarily associates with radicals and former terrorists too.

Is a naval academy man who graduated near the bottom of his class but heroically served his country during wartime and for more than twenty years before retiring with a fully deserved disability benefit and entering politics a better choice than a man who never served in the military, the Peace Corps or Vista, but instead went to law school and allied himself with ACORN, Rev. Jeremiah A. "God damn America" Wright, Jr. and University of Chicago Professor William "domestic terrorist" Ayers"?


Don't be insane! Make it McCain!

McCain's surprising vice presidential choice has proven herself a quick study as well as fit.

Palin's main problem with Democrat partisan and CBS anchor Katie Couric was that Palin was surprised that Couric would think, or pretend to think, that another woman who had become the Governor of Alaska and had earned the highest favorability rating of the governors of the 50 states (50, not 58, Barack!) might not read newspapers and magazines and expect a non-lawyer to recite the titles of cases instead of to discuss judicial philosophy.

A bit of friendly advice for friendly Palin: The presidency of the United States is at stake. "Sarah Barracuda" can swim with and around the media sharks. But she should not be surprised that the sharks are out for her blood or expect a fair shake. She should be her cheerful, confident, genuine, God-loving and patriotic self, speak to the American people directly when possible and through others when necessary and tell the snide sharks to go jump in the lake, for heaven's sake.

Michael J. Gaynor

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Biography - Michael J. Gaynor

Michael J. Gaynor has been practicing law in New York since 1973. A former partner at Fulton, Duncombe & Rowe and Gaynor & Bass, he is a solo practitioner admitted to practice in New York state and federal courts and an Association of the Bar of the City of New York member.

Gaynor graduated magna cum laude, with Honors in Social Science, from Hofstra University's New College, and received his J.D. degree from St. John's Law School, where he won the American Jurisprudence Award in Evidence and served as an editor of the Law Review and the St. Thomas More Institute for Legal Research. He wrote on the Pentagon Papers case for the Review and obscenity law for The Catholic Lawyer and edited the Law Review's commentary on significant developments in New York law.

The day after graduating, Gaynor joined the Fulton firm, where he focused on litigation and corporate law. In 1997 Gaynor and Emily Bass formed Gaynor & Bass and then conducted a general legal practice, emphasizing litigation, and represented corporations, individuals and a New York City labor union. Notably, Gaynor & Bass prevailed in the Second Circuit in a seminal copyright infringement case, Tasini v. New York Times, against newspaper and magazine publishers and Lexis-Nexis. The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed, 7 to 2, holding that the copyrights of freelance writers had been infringed when their work was put online without permission or compensation.

Gaynor currently contributes regularly to,,, and and has contributed to many other websites. He has written extensively on political and religious issues, notably the Terry Schiavo case, the Duke "no rape" case, ACORN and canon law, and appeared as a guest on television and radio. He was acknowledged in Until Proven Innocent, by Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson, and Culture of Corruption, by Michelle Malkin. He appeared on "Your World With Cavuto" to promote an eBay boycott that he initiated and "The World Over With Raymond Arroyo" (EWTN) to discuss the legal implications of the Schiavo case. On October 22, 2008, Gaynor was the first to report that The New York Times had killed an Obama/ACORN expose on which a Times reporter had been working with ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief.

Gaynor's email address is

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