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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Michael J. Gaynor
Bio: Michael J. Gaynor
Date:  May 13, 2008
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The Crazed Kenyan or The Boyds: Your Choice

As always, Americans have a choice and they will have themselves to blame if they give the crazed Kenyan instead of the Boyds cause to rejoice.

My email ranges from the hopeful to the hateful, the credible to the crazed, the civil to the crude.

That has been especially true with respect to my articles on the presidential race.

One emailer ardently hoping for an Obama administration emailed me with a succinct subject message—“Stop hallucinating”—followed by this tantruming text:

“I am a Kenyan & I just wanted to welcome you to reality. Mr. Racist, the Kenyan leader (Odinga Oginga) that you & your fellow racists are calling a’"radical Kenyan leader’ & are trying to tie to Mr. Obama, has a status similar to Nelson Mandela's in Kenya. Do you know anything about Kenya & the Kenyan political system, you fool?

“Have you ever heard of Nelson Mandel? The West was calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist & doing business with racists S. Africa Mr. Mandela was in jail fighting to free his black people from the chains of White racist where were you then?

“You can keep attacking Mr. Obama until the cows cow home but you can't keep insulting our leaders without getting a response from us.

“I am now laughing because, despite your racists' untruths, innuendos & outrageous lies about an imagined-Kenyan connectio that only exists in your mind, Mr. Obama is on the verge of making History. What racists like you can't stand is a black man becoming the President USA the most powerful position in the world!

“I can't wait for Obama to take on an ALMOST-ALL WHITE racist Republican party. I can't wait to see the desperation on the faces of all racists like you, as Obama cruises to victory in November!

“Welcome to reality, you racists, all your racists untruths, innuendos & outrageous lies are about to come to NOTHING!”

Then there are the Boyds, Americans who emailed that they now are supporting McCain and explained why as follows:

” My wife and I are both registered as Independents. It has taken us some time to assimilate the information needed to realize that Sen. McCain is the wise choice to be our next president.

”We had previously supported Sen. Clinton because of her plans to bring our troops home, strengthen the middle class, and provide affordable health care for all Americans.

”We disagreed with Sen. Clinton's position on abortion, but we rationalized our decision to support her by thinking that her positions on the other issues trumped her position on abortion.

”After reviewing the election results in the Democratic primaries in North Carolina and Indiana, we are viewing the Democratic party with a different perspective.

”Despite Sen. Obama's personal choices (e.g., choosing the Anti-White/Victimization Ideology of Black Liberation Theology and his Anti-American friends), he did well on 5/6/2008.

”Michael Gaynor, J.D. responded to our request for a resource for spiritual advice concerning our support of Hillary Clinton, even though we disagreed with her view on abortion. Michael referred us to Bishop Rene Henry Gracida at:

”After reading Bishop Gracida's article and articles written by outstanding conservative authors such as Matt Abbott, Pat Buchanan, Linda Chavez, Ann Coulter, Joseph Farah, Michael Gaynor, Laura Ingraham, Jeff Jacoby, Marie Jon', Alan Keyes, Michelle Malkin, Erik Rush, Thomas Sowell, Mark Steyn, Jonathan Tobin, Sher Zieve, etc., we realized a vote for a Democrat is also a vote for abortion, liberal judges, the gay/lesbian agenda, more illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, and a candidate who does not understand the consequences of leaving Iraq and allowing Iran the opportunity to gain control of Iraq's oil.

”If Iran gains control of Iraq's oil, in the future we'll reminisce about the good old days when gasoline was only $4.00 a gallon.

”My mother and father grew up during the Great Depression. My father was a combat veteran in World War II. We grew up in flyover country in a small town in PA. My parents made tremendous sacrifices so we (my sisters and me) could go to college.

”We learned from our parents that our country wasn't perfect, no country is. We were taught that, if a person studies and works hard, he will be able to earn a good living and provide for his family. We were taught that, of all the countries in the world, we were blessed to have been born in the USA. We were taught that if we prospered financially, we should share a portion of that money with people who were less fortunate.

”We believe in Christian capitalism. God has blessed some Christians with the gift of being successful entrepreneurs. Those people share a portion of their financial success, as Christ guides them, with people who have not heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

”Sen. McCain's vision for our nation more closely resembles what my father fought for in World War II.

”The Democratic party's vision for our country is the antithesis of what my father fought for.

”My wife and I believe that many Independent voters are a little to the right of center in their political views. We believe that many Independent voters and Reagan Democrats will vote for Sen. McCain when they learn what the liberal agenda of the Democratic party is.

”We are confident that when Sen. McCain becomes our president, the radicalIslamic extremists will get a loud and clear message - don't mess with the USA.

”Mark Steyn cited the songwriter Frank Loesser: ‘Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition.’

"’Praise the Lord and swing into position.

Can't afford to sit around a-wishin'...


As always, Americans have a choice and they will have themselves to blame if they give the crazed Kenyan instead of the Boyds cause to rejoice.

Michael J. Gaynor

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Biography - Michael J. Gaynor

Michael J. Gaynor has been practicing law in New York since 1973. A former partner at Fulton, Duncombe & Rowe and Gaynor & Bass, he is a solo practitioner admitted to practice in New York state and federal courts and an Association of the Bar of the City of New York member.

Gaynor graduated magna cum laude, with Honors in Social Science, from Hofstra University's New College, and received his J.D. degree from St. John's Law School, where he won the American Jurisprudence Award in Evidence and served as an editor of the Law Review and the St. Thomas More Institute for Legal Research. He wrote on the Pentagon Papers case for the Review and obscenity law for The Catholic Lawyer and edited the Law Review's commentary on significant developments in New York law.

The day after graduating, Gaynor joined the Fulton firm, where he focused on litigation and corporate law. In 1997 Gaynor and Emily Bass formed Gaynor & Bass and then conducted a general legal practice, emphasizing litigation, and represented corporations, individuals and a New York City labor union. Notably, Gaynor & Bass prevailed in the Second Circuit in a seminal copyright infringement case, Tasini v. New York Times, against newspaper and magazine publishers and Lexis-Nexis. The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed, 7 to 2, holding that the copyrights of freelance writers had been infringed when their work was put online without permission or compensation.

Gaynor currently contributes regularly to,,, and and has contributed to many other websites. He has written extensively on political and religious issues, notably the Terry Schiavo case, the Duke "no rape" case, ACORN and canon law, and appeared as a guest on television and radio. He was acknowledged in Until Proven Innocent, by Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson, and Culture of Corruption, by Michelle Malkin. He appeared on "Your World With Cavuto" to promote an eBay boycott that he initiated and "The World Over With Raymond Arroyo" (EWTN) to discuss the legal implications of the Schiavo case. On October 22, 2008, Gaynor was the first to report that The New York Times had killed an Obama/ACORN expose on which a Times reporter had been working with ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief.

Gaynor's email address is

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