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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Andrew T. Durham
Bio: Andrew T. Durham
Date:  September 20, 2014
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Registering No-Party at 50
"As soon as you're born they make you feel small, by giving you no time instead of it all, 'til the pain is so big you feel nothing at all." - John Lennon

The last half-century saw scenes of tumult and very nearly revolution. Unfortunately, those revolutionary times are in no danger of blossoming in these current days.

Having passed the milestone of my 50th birthday this month, I had cause to reflect on the past. I mean, who doesn't do that at 50? But the last half-century saw scenes of tumult and very nearly revolution. Unfortunately, those revolutionary times are in no danger of blossoming in these current days, when they are needed the most.

There are no protests to speak of and no clamoring college students enraged on the state of things, screaming for peace and sudden, violent change simultaneously. No, we have disinterested, dull college children with phones that can take over the United States air defenses. There are no heroes today on the political scene. And our men in uniform overseas are victims to the incompetent Commander in Chief they inherited.

The political state of this country has exposed itself for what it is: a nest of fire-ant whores with no agenda other than personal greed. But even greed is not alone on the warhead of a politician's heat-seeking cultural missile. Lingering like background radiation is the specter of Malthusian sub-politics and the warped ideology of population control. As we continue to entertain the blatantly false notion that the United States exists as a nation in modern times, we run the risk of failing to read history and its subtext.

With the exposed lies of the war on drugs and AIDS, we see the blossoming of the one percent: the tiny group of ultra rich comprised of old blood and old money that controls the very destiny of this world, let alone this country. This one percent is no longer content to lurk in the shadows of history and is now quite brazen in their self-exposure. This is evident in every presidential campaign and one has but to bear witness to the coming of the 2016 election to see the fang marks of the invisible as we are once again appointed another political royal family to power. In this case it will be the Clintons in the form of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The illusion that the populace actually elects a president will again be perpetuated as the latest avenue for "change"; a change that never comes unless it is catastrophic, as evidenced by the disaster of Obama. In Obama's case the "change" was in the form of a dictatorship by executive order. This astounding avoidance of Congress was the perfect example of a dead system completely overshadowed by an inexperienced, unqualified racial figurehead.

In addition the political parties have become nearly identical in their depravity, becoming indistinguishable despite the efforts of conservative talk-radio to polarize them. Personally, I have beliefs consistent with both parties, but I buy no platform hook, line and sinker. And I buy no candidate either, as they were, as I see it, appointed to run and appointed to win, if they in fact make it that far.

I am only speaking of the national stage, but nevertheless I have registered "no-party" with some element of pride. In New York State one cannot register as an Independent, though one can join an Independence Party which is nowhere near the same thing as being truly no party, no investment, and no belief in a dead system.

Which is all a national election is.

Get out while you can, folks. As we teeter towards a North American Union, ushered in by the coming flood of illegal aliens into this country, we will find ourselves left barren. We will stare into the horizon and wonder where it all went and why did we voluntarily give into a lie. By doing this we have all been complicit in the mortal wounding of truth and the rape of reality.

So, quite literally, God help us all.

Andrew T. Durham

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Biography - Andrew T. Durham

Andrew T.Durham is a graduate of State University at Albany, with a degree in Psychology/Philosophy. In the late 80's to mid 90's he was instrumental in creating ground-breaking outreach/prevention programs, as well as being a highly successful public speaker. A former acupuncturist and clinician (primarily to inner city adolescents), he has also been a consultant to the Massachusetts State Department of Public Health and several non-profit organizations. He is an accomplished musician - proficient in 7 instruments - ,actor and author of 10 plays, 5 of which have been produced. He is currently a consultant for small non-profit agencies and lives in Rochester, NY

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