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Author:  Andrew T. Durham
Bio: Andrew T. Durham
Date:  June 21, 2011
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Topic category:  Other/General

Go Away, Roger Ebert
There Is No Honor in Slandering a Dead Man

"The sound you make is Musak to my ears. You must have learned something in all those years. How do you sleep at night?" - John Lennon

Roger Ebert has long been a nobody. Now he's slandering/libeling Ryan Dunn of Jackass fame for dying in a car accident. Now, I want you to sit and think about this for a minute. A cancer-infested hasbeen is putting down the dead. Blaming them for something that - Oh, I don't know - doesn't involve the Rambles in Central Park, NYC.

Now, I have to admit I didn't like Jackass, but I did think it was hilarious. You NEVER take joy in someone's death. EVER.


Roger Ebert is checking out, which is not a bad thing, as we don't need another ass-licking pervert who shines to every Independent Film that nobody EVER sees.

Robert, Ryan died LIVING. What will you die of,Bobby? Merely surviving? Bacteria do that.

Andrew T. Durham

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Biography - Andrew T. Durham

Andrew T.Durham is a graduate of State University at Albany, with a degree in Psychology/Philosophy. In the late 80's to mid 90's he was instrumental in creating ground-breaking outreach/prevention programs, as well as being a highly successful public speaker. A former acupuncturist and clinician (primarily to inner city adolescents), he has also been a consultant to the Massachusetts State Department of Public Health and several non-profit organizations. He is an accomplished musician - proficient in 7 instruments - ,actor and author of 10 plays, 5 of which have been produced. He is currently a consultant for small non-profit agencies and lives in Rochester, NY

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