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Author:  Andrew T. Durham
Bio: Andrew T. Durham
Date:  February 9, 2011
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Obama, You're Fired! : Trump Needs to Run for President.

I have to admit, growing up I was never really impressed by Donald Trump. But having actually matured I see the total value in having the greatest businessman on the planet wanting to run for president of the United States. About a year ago I wrote an article titled “Why I Miss George W. Bush”. This is because Bush was our CEO. We didn’t have to see his face plastered all over the TV everyday. He had no Messiah complex, unlike the angry, hateful child that’s in the White House today.

As I see it, there is no downside to Trump as president. First, he is not a politician. Second, he is a shrewd negotiator and deal maker. Judging from his success, and as a CEO, he knows to hire people who are better than he is at what they need to do. And, more importantly, I believe he would appoint people who can actually do things without political considerations. Oh, and we call that running the country.

I also admire Mr. Trump for having the balls to go on the Michael Savage radio show, The Savage Nation. Savage, who is the favorite outcast of our warped media, interviewed Trump on a couple of occasions and was very direct and Trump was just as forthcoming. It’s also interesting to note that Trump doesn’t stumble over his words when interviewed. There are no “um’s” or “uh’s”. The man knows what he’s talking about. Considering the wholesale destruction that is going on with this country under Obama it would be a blessing to have a no-nonsense man running for office who is not beholden to special interests…or former domestic terrorists.

What we need is someone who actually works at the job of president, and not constantly campaigning.

What we need in the White House is a strong, no bull crap CEO…. oh, and someone who actually earned his station in life by hard work and being an SOB when necessary.

I’m just funny that way.

Andrew T. Durham

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Biography - Andrew T. Durham

Andrew T.Durham is a graduate of State University at Albany, with a degree in Psychology/Philosophy. In the late 80's to mid 90's he was instrumental in creating ground-breaking outreach/prevention programs, as well as being a highly successful public speaker. A former acupuncturist and clinician (primarily to inner city adolescents), he has also been a consultant to the Massachusetts State Department of Public Health and several non-profit organizations. He is an accomplished musician - proficient in 7 instruments - ,actor and author of 10 plays, 5 of which have been produced. He is currently a consultant for small non-profit agencies and lives in Rochester, NY

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