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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Andrew T. Durham
Bio: Andrew T. Durham
Date:  November 10, 2010
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People Who Should Not, Under Any Circumstances, Run For President In 2012

Republicans shot themselves in the foot in 2008. Let's take the target tattoos off in 2012.

Now that the American public has resoundingly given thumbs down to the Congress and the Obama Administration, there is going to be much talk about the 2012 election. To anyone who has read me in the past, you already know I think voting for President is mere theater. That choice is made by old money and old blood long before the ultimate November. The only reason I vote in a presidential election is out of respect for my mother, who was the Commissioner of the Board of Elections where I grew up.

But even with that said, I want to weigh in on those who, under no circumstances, should run for President of the United States in 2012. And these are very obvious.

First, Sarah Palin should just forget about it. She has been made such a profound joke by the primates in the media and the liberal entertainment industry, she absolutely will not survive another onslaught. Which is too bad because I like her. In fact, after her address to the Republican Convention in 2008, the astoundingly uneducated, pseudo-beatnik man I worked for waddled into work proclaiming Palin was a Nazi. What amazes me about liberals is they throw around the word Nazi or fascist without any knowledge whatsoever of history. None. First, anyone with half a brain knows that when Hitler came into power among the first things he did was to have his government take over the automobile industry and the healthcare industry. Further, he almost immediately removed the right for common citizens to own firearms. Now, just WHAT does that sound like? Or whom?

Professional moron Bill Maher once defined fascism as the corporate control of government. It is exactly the opposite. But then I’m not a traitor to my own ethnicity.

Now, second, Newt Gingrich needs to go away. He may be correct in many things in which he believes, but he is a singularly unappealing person. He is a poor public speaker, he had an extramarital affair (which the career hypocrites in the media will exploit, unless you’re a Clinton) and he has absolutely no physical presence at all. None. In fact, I would go so far as to say Gingrich is less presidential material than the fruitcake who’s in office now.

Third, John Boehner. And we know he will do it. My logic on this is very simple. Looking at his last name, there simply is no other way to pronounce it. It can be repeated correctly over and over again, but the leftist name-callers (which is all a liberal can do, because they can’t possibly defend what they think they believe) will pound their cultists over the head with the obvious phonetic pronunciation. Shallow? Maybe. But mark my words, this is what will happen when, not if, Boehner decides to run. Just wait for it.

Now even writing about the above will make many brand me as a conservative. I am an Independent. This means – oh my God – I actually think for myself. And as an Independent I am one of those to whom the likes of Limbaugh and his lapdog Hannity wish to commit political genocide. Let me be clear about one thing: if you adhere completely to a party platform blindly, you are a ROBOT. Period.

It was the Republicans that blew the 2008 election. Conservative receptacles like American Thinker and the Limbaugh/Hannity circus did nothing – nothing – but criticize Obama. When you’re preaching to the choir you need to freakin’ shut up if you are saying things they already know. Nearly nothing was done to support McCain. Why? Because he wasn’t the cookie cutter conservative.

Are you happy now? Boy, things worked out famously, didn’t they? But there will be some mouthpiece who will say “Well, it solidified the Conservative Movement.”

At what cost? Countless trillions of dollars in debt, 34 warships accompanying Obama to India (for absolutely no reason) and inarguably the worst Congress in American history.

Do I have a suggestion for who should run in 2012? Frankly, I don’t have a spare rat’s backside to give about that. Even with all of the above being said, a national election is ultimately meaningless. If you are for sale, you’re a whore. If you’re seeking power in government, you have no conscience. If you are both, you are either in Congress or the White House.

So, as unsolicited advice I will say this: if the so-called Conservative Movement wants to put their money where their mouth is, they need to get rid of their problems concerning social issues and jettison the religious right. And that is somewhat painful for me to say because I am a profound believer in God. Those who proclaim they believe in limited government (no such thing) have to come to the realization that they are the representatives of all of the people, not just the ones they would invite to Thanksgiving Dinner.

Yes, that’s the inherent bitch of it all.

But being unwilling to read the writing on the wall will make whatever Conservative Movement into, um, another kind of “movement” altogether.

Make no mistake: to be voluntarily ignorant is both the back-stab to intelligence and the rape of reality.

Andrew T. Durham

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Biography - Andrew T. Durham

Andrew T.Durham is a graduate of State University at Albany, with a degree in Psychology/Philosophy. In the late 80's to mid 90's he was instrumental in creating ground-breaking outreach/prevention programs, as well as being a highly successful public speaker. A former acupuncturist and clinician (primarily to inner city adolescents), he has also been a consultant to the Massachusetts State Department of Public Health and several non-profit organizations. He is an accomplished musician - proficient in 7 instruments - ,actor and author of 10 plays, 5 of which have been produced. He is currently a consultant for small non-profit agencies and lives in Rochester, NY

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