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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  B. Cayenne Bird
Bio: B. Cayenne Bird
Date:  May 2, 2007
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Prison Plan is Embarrasing to Thinking People Everywhere
Thinking people know that the practice of locking people in cages is from the dark ages.

Even so, most politicians do not have the courage to admit that such a primitive action is a non-solution to crime. Now that $7 billion has been robbed from education, with more billions to be borrowed against our children's futures to maintain this ugly machine, students are more likely to become inmates than graduates. What we’re doing in California is spending billions of dollars to punish sick people who are being released to our neighborhoods worse off than before they were confined to a prison cage.

It is not impossible to overcome these primitive practices, but it does take courageous trailblazers to get it started by standing up to the punisher crowd. People once thought that the world was flat and it took quite a lot to convince them otherwise. This is an example of a wrong belief, a paradigm, which is very hard to get people to accept, especially if they’re making a great deal of money by perpetuating a lie.

A brilliant book about paradigms entitled "Conspiracy of Paradigms" was written by Denise Breton and Christopher Largent (link) which explains a bit about how oppressive people use wrong ideas to control and abuse souls.

At the link there is quite a bit of detail about how prisoners’ normal emotions are removed and camp emotions are implanted, and how after the shock of the prison experience sets in, apathy takes over which is the inability to care about anything.

Those who are parasites feeding off the human misery which is at the core of the prison industry have little or no conscience about breaking the prisoners in body, mind and spirit.

These “punishers” promote that abuse is the only way to teach the mentally ill and addicts which make up 70% of the prison population (or more) a lesson they will never forget. But the fact remains that no matter how hard anyone tries, you cannot punish a sick person into being well. If anything, abundant credible research teaches us that punishing the mentally ill only makes them much sicker.

The current legislature had a chance to re-examine this faulty thinking and replace the primitive “punisher” mentality with a more enlightened one of treating and healing the sick in our society who cannot follow the rules. I would like you to see a page I am updating on our site which shows the names, the lawsuits filed and the photos of real people who have been destroyed for life over the unbearable incompetence taking place in the

These are but a few of the campaigns in the past three years that my UNION volunteers and I did in a desperate struggle to save lives, better conditions and plead to the lawmakers for justice. Keep in mind that every taxpayer who cooperates with this inhumanity by not showing up to vote or speak out in the media with simple letters to editor is as responsible as CDC and the legislators who support this brutality.

We were hoping and praying for relief which isn’t coming because our side isn’t one of the 134 mobilized voting machines that count in Sacramento . Even though we number in the millions of citizens, we are not loud enough or writing enough checks to matter to law enforcement’s puppets sitting in elected office. The builder’s are also pulling the Governor’s strings, licking their chops at the fresh human slaves that will be caged in their billion dollar prison building projects.

In the dark of the night, your elected officials conspired and agreed to pass a ridiculous bill which Senator Perata admits in his speech is bad. I am disturbed by all the fast-tracking and “cooperation” between the Repuglicrats on new laws that are of life and death importance.

When the Assembly passed the bill to mortgage our children’s future by agreeing to allocate $7 billion dollars on a 69-0 vote with no debate, I felt a cold shiver run throughout my patriotic soul. The Democratic legislators have sold out to the Republican politicos this time.

For years Republicans have exposed the Democrats for stealing the public’s hard earned money through redistribution tax schemes and wasteful spending projects in an effort to buy votes. Today Republicans who run for office on “no new taxes” platforms have stolen the public hard earned money by creating bonds, which are nothing more than a form of new taxes.

Future taxes will pay the principal and interest and the future is our children and grandchildren. Without sentencing reform, the new beds will fill up quickly. The Democrats in supporting this so-called compromise have sold out to the “tough on crime” mindless Republicans. I was so hopeful that the 34 new people elected to office were going to be of the same cloth of other great leaders, but I can see that they are just followers of the filthy lucre mindset.

No debate by the Assembly members over the allocation of $7 billion in new cages when there is no basis that locking people in cages does one thing to prevent or deter crime? This is a time when we desperately need money for education which is a very wise crime prevention tool. Instead our lawmakers robbed us of precious education dollars in a stealth move by raising taxes via a bond and there was NO DEBATE? How utterly revolting and unrepresentative of the best interests of the citizenry. Who are these people we've put in power over our lives?

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Biography - B. Cayenne Bird

B. Cayenne Bird is a 45-year veteran op-ed journalist and publisher. A descendant of Mary Todd Lincoln, and General Andrew Porter, she is passionate about human rights and criminal justice issues. A mother and grandmother with advanced degrees in Journalism, Liberal Studies, and Humanities (Cultural Anthropology) she has focused on prison reform making great strides in Calif. supporting the landmark Plata-Coleman case for a decade which resulted in major prison reform. She writes scholarly articles too but prefers op-eds.

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