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Author: Jim Wrenn
Date:  February 17, 2014

Topic category:  Other/General

Ice-Age 5: The UnWarming-- The Polar Vortex of 2014 versus "Claim-It Changes."
GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report on Ice-Age 5-- the UnWarming and its effect on Climate Change, now known as Claim-It Changes.

First, there was Global Warming; then there was Climate Change; then there was ClaimIt Changes a.k.a., Claim-It Changes; and now there's Ice-Age 5 caused by Global UnWarming. Now, get ready for the blockbuster hit movie coming for the Summer of 2014 (from the Winter of 2014): "Ice-Age 5-- The Unwarming"

            Blockbuster Hit Coming for the Summer of 2014 (From the Winter of 2014): 
Ice-Age 5-- The UnWarming
               First, there was Global Warming; then there was Climate Change; then there was ClaimIt Changes a.k.a., Claim-It Changes; and now there's Ice-Age 5 caused by Global UnWarming.
Now, get ready for the blockbuster hit movie coming for the Summer of 2014 (from the Winter of 2014): "Ice-Age 5-- The Unwarming" :

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               This brand-new GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report is also in a brand-new genré known as the "VideOccumentary." The Executive Producer is GAIA Minister Neytiri; the Director is Al Gore; the Screenwriter is Al Gore. 

               Just as that "Downton Abbey" actor's Christmas video as "Santa Claus" warned children that Global Warming was bringing an end to the North Pole in order to "Wake Up the Children" in order for them to "Wake Up Their Parents," this VideOccumentary shows how Global Warming made the Winter of 2014 the most severe winter in many decades and how we are on the verge of entering Ice-Age 5 as a reslt of Man-Made Global Warming, and this will wake-up Millenials so they will wake up the Millynials in time to stop Global Warming.
               It graphically illustrates how the Polar Vortex of 2014 turned GAIA frigid.   Can the Bi-Polar Bear ever hope to reverse the Polar Vortex?   Can Al Gore make GAIA hot again?  What will happen to Mankind ... Humankind ... Humynkind ... Humanity ... Humynity ... Womynity?

               It features an exciting set of characters against the backdrop of Global Catastrophe played by an all-star cast:   GAIA played by Neytiri, Gore played by Al Gore, Bi-Polar Bear played by Al Gore, Hot-Air Vortex played by Al Gore, All Scientists played by Al Gore.

               Credits for this VideOccumentary go to people universally recognized as the best in their fields:  Viral-Video Promotion by Hillary Clinton; Frost-Bite Treatment by ObamaCare; Gaffer-- Joe Biden; Cosmetics by Nancy Pelosi (with Face-Warming Assistance from Newt Gingrich); Costumes by Michelle Obama; Distribution by Al's Jazeera; Trailers by Wendy Davis; Twerking by Sandra Fluke, Lighting by Solyndra.

               Even Claim-It-Changes Deniers will find themselves captivated by the heady visual effects of Double-D in 3-D featuring two of Neytiri's three most important parts illustrating the Science of Curvature on which the Preeminent Global Warming Scientist, James Cameron, relied for conveying to Millenians the Hard Science of Global Warming in his scientific tour-de-force known as "AVATAR."

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            For More Naked Truth, go to GAIA Minister Neytiri's Naked Truth Report:

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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