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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  May 30, 2019

Topic category:  Partisan Politics

Is Robert Mueller a Trump Operative?
Many Republicans and Conservatives lash out at Robert Mueller's antics, but is he really helping President Trump?

The corpus of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report about his completed investigation of Russian influence during the 2016 election does not support the allegation that the Russian government made any meaningful attempt to subvert or influence the election, nor does it support any allegation that the Trump campaign "colluded with" the Russian government in any way, nor does it support any claim that President Trump obstructed justice in any manner. Yet, House Democrats and their operatives in the Democrat national news media are salivating over Mueller's parting words as if they were sugar-craving diabetics who've just been offered their favorite cake!

While the nation is basking in record employment, the longest economic boom in its history (a boom that began the morning after the election results were known), a tax cut that proportionately provided more relief to low-income earners than the wealthy, rising middle-class income for the first time in more than a decade, and strong international trade actions that have reinvigorated industrial centers while fostering national independence for aluminum, steel, and fossil fuel production, there remain some serious domestic problems for which the Congress refuses to take action.

Among the problems requiring swift action:  (1) a border crisis that has caused an invasion of foreign nationals illegally crossing our border with Mexico, (2) drug smuggling and human trafficking across the Mexican border, (3) a long-neglected infrastructure in desperate need of repair and replacement in areas long-controlled by Democrat politicians, (4) a growing national debt, and (5) an increasing culture of "the end justifies the means" as indicated by the criminal actions of parents and school administrators in a "pay to enroll" scheme, lying and leaking by unelected bureaucrats entrusted to serve the public yet who serve themselves, public schools and universities that preach socialism, and a "fake news media" whose extremely biased "reporting" justifies their being compelled to register as political operatives of the Democrat Party.

Yet (other than the tax cut) what has the former Republican House led by Paul Ryan and what has the current Nancy Pelosi-led Democrat House done to address these problems as President Trump has addressed taxation, fossil fuel production, the return of industry to our nation, and international trade agreements that look after American national interests?

Absolutely nothing.

Fortunately, Paul Ryan is gone for good from American politics. Yet one disaster was replaced by an even more partisan disaster when owing to an unprecedented number of Republicans retiring from the House in 2018, Democrats took control and reinserted Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House (a grave mistake that will be corrected in 2020).

While our nation enjoys an unprecedented economic boom, House Democrats ignore the serious problems facing our nation while obsessing over a mirage that President Trump "colluded" with Russia to defeat a candidate known to have committed criminal espionage against the United States while lining the pockets of her "foundation" by selling favors to foreign interests while she was Secretary of State. Sane, ethical people wanted no part of an ethically-challenged criminal as their chief executive.

It is ironic that Democrats cannot see the plain criminal actions of their 2016 candidate while Secretary of State and as a candidate who attempted to subvert the election process by colluding with foreign nationals to create a false dossier targeting her opponent, yet they can clearly see the mirage of President Trump's "collusion" and "obstruction of justice" where none really exists!

To help create the illusion Democrats and their servile "fake news" media agents salivate over, Robert Mueller was named Special Counsel to "investigate" the allegations stemming from the carefully contrived illusion concocted by the Obama Administration working with the DNC and Clinton campaign. To make certain the illusion was exploited to the hilt, Special Counsel Mueller assembled the most partisan ethically-challenged group of prosecutor-investigators he could find to help sustain the mirage.

Knowing within the first year of his "investigation" that no evidence existed to support the mirage, Mueller nonetheless persisted in an effort to elicit statements from a frustrated innocent President Trump that might be twisted into a claim of "obstruction" while knowing full-well no obstruction existed.

Imagine that House Democrats, 2020 Democrat presidential-hopefuls, and the Democrat-news-media were all seriously overweight diabetics. What Robert Mueller did for more than two years was to keep tossing them their favorite cupcakes.

Having written a lengthy report that boiled down to "innocent of all accusations," nevertheless, Robert Mueller's tome did succeed in whetting the sugar-deprived appetites of House Democrats, 2020 hopefuls, and Democrat-news-media for more cake. But alas, Mueller had run out of cupcakes.

Not to be deterred, the sugar-craving House Democrats began salivating over their newest illusion, a grand impeachment cake they hastily baked from a collection of falsified claims, various mirages of their own creation, far too much sugar, and a good dose of personal hatred. This cake, in addition to lacking any frosting, was missing a key ingredient. Evidence. Yet the cabal of diabetics knew they needed no evidence; accusations would do so long as they all chimed in together, repeatedly, in an attempt to brainwash those pesky 2020 voters.

Itching to dive into that cake, all they needed was a sugary frosting.

Enter the exodus of Robert Mueller from the Department of Justice with all the ingredients for that frosting. In a statement divorced from constitutional realities and spun from a collection of mirages, Robert Mueller delivered the sugary frosting that salivating House Democrats, 2020 hopefuls, and fulminating Democrat-news-media were craving.

The question now becomes, to what extent will these overweight diabetics feast on this cake of their own making?

If they do, who will benefit? President Donald J. Trump!

Eating the impeachment cake will send House Democrats, 2020 hopefuls, and the Democrat-news-media into a diabetic coma from which they may never recover.

These three groups have already had a near scare after the Mueller Report was first released. However, quick resuscitative work brought them back to action and they have essentially doubled down on stupid. Playing into the hands of a President who continues his agenda of Making America Great Again, they are fighting each other for a piece of the impeachment cake, thinking they can get away with just one more piece.

Let them eat their impeachment cake. Impeachment will fail and America will be the stronger for it.

So the question remains. Was Robert Mueller really a Trump operative all the time?

Mueller could not have done a more masterful job setting up the Democrats and their Democrat-new-media quislings for a massive collapse.

Bob Webster
WEBCommentary (Editor, Publisher)

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Bob Webster, a 12th-generation descendent of both the Darte family (Connecticut, 1630s) and the Webster family (Massachusetts, 1630s) is a descendant of Daniel Webster's father, Revolutionary War patriot Ebenezer Webster, who served with General Washington. Bob has always had a strong interest in early American history, our Constitution, U.S. politics, and law. Politically he is a constitutional republican with objectivist and libertarian roots. He has faith in the ultimate triumph of truth and reason over deception and emotion. He is a strong believer in our Constitution as written and views the abandonment of constitutional restraint by the regressive Progressive movement as a great danger to our Republic. His favorite novel is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and believes it should be required reading for all high school students so they can appreciate the cost of tolerating the growth of unconstitutional crushingly powerful central government. He strongly believes, as our Constitution enshrines, that the interests of the individual should be held superior to the interests of the state.

A lifelong interest in meteorology and climatology spurred his strong interest in science. Bob earned his degree in Mathematics at Virginia Tech, graduating in 1964.

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