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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  February 27, 2019

Topic category:  Partisan Politics

Cohen's testimony written for him by "deep state" colluders?

Disgraced disbarred former attorney Michael Cohen (soon to be "inmate" in a penitentiary for lying to Congress) sang the song written for him by colluding members of Congress and "deep state" operatives within the DoJ. It would be easy to accuse Adam Schiff, except for the fact that Mr. Schiff doesn't have the skills to compose the necessary song Cohen sang.

A confirmed liar, disbarred and disgraced, heading for a well-deserved stint in prison provided the Trump Delusion Syndrome said exactly what they wanted him to say in his "testimony" today before a committee of Congress.

Judging from the reactions of "the usual suspects" in fake news media, Michael Cohen sang the song composed for him with the skill of an accomplished crooner. As is usual for the crazed Left, they have allowed themselves (once again) to be led by their own hubris. Add a large dosage of chutzpah to the mix, and you have the prescription for overdoing it to the point where it is obvious that Cohen's material was spoon-fed him.

There is enough swill in the slop served up by Mr. Cohen for Mr. Schiff and others to feast on for some time. Yet there is no real substance to anything Cohen spoke of and, in fact, nothing really new was revealed. No doubt, rehashing old news is enough for the sensationalist-crazed fake news media to hammer away on this old material to keep their delusional followers in tow, at least a little longer.

Meanwhile, in the real world, President Donald J. Trump is redefining the U.S.A. as a nation willing to work with others to solve common problems to the mutual benefit of both parties. But hey, that isn't real news, according to purveyors of fake news.

And so the TRS crowd will drone on. Yawn.

Bob Webster
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