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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  July 6, 2016

Topic category:  Corruption in Government

Clinton Guilty, But We're Not Recommending Prosecution

After laying out a solid foundation for a massive roundup and prosecution of not only Hillary Clinton but also those who knowingly used her nonsecure servers to transmit or receive classified email, FBI Director James Comey inexplicably announced he would not recommend prosecution! What is the likely "behind the scenes" untold story of this bizarre development?

What could possibly make an honorable man like FBI Director James Comey make a public presentation outlining the clear guilt of both Hillary Clinton and those who routinely sent or received classified email from her nonsecure email account, and then announce he would not be recommending prosecution?

The following hypothetical series of events represent the most likely scenario leading up to Comey's bizarre announcement:

  1. Sometime during the past several weeks, information is leaked to the White House, Attorney General (AG), and the Clintons that the evidence obtained by the FBI clearly demonstrates Hillary Clinton's felonious conduct with her serial violations of national security and FOIA laws. As things stood, the FBI Director would be compelled to make a recommendation for criminal prosecution of, not only Hillary Clinton but also those who knowingly used her nonsecure private email servers to send and receive classified email.
  2. The "Clinton machine" went into action. A mud file containing allegations (true or otherwise) against every individual associated with this criminal investigation was prepared to exert pressure if necessary.
  3. A deliberately clumsily staged "coincidental" meeting between Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch was designed to create an issue over the meeting that would provide the AG with an opportunity to claim she likely would rely on the FBI recommendation in determining if Hillary Clinton would be prosecuted. During that meeting, Bill Clinton promised the AG that, in exchange for a simple announcement that she would rely on the recommendation of FBI Director Comey, Hillary would let it be known that Lynch would be retained as her AG. Lynch was made privy to knowledge that Comey would be informed as to the course he must take. Whether Lynch was the actual vehicle through which Director Comey was to be contacted may also have been discussed. Lynch's primary "job" was to announce in the wake of the flap over their meeting, that she would listen to the recommendation of the FBI in determining the future course of the matter. Note that Lynch never promised to actually follow the FBI recommendation, possibly to cover the possibility that Director Comey would not comply with the direction he was to or had already received.
  4. Director Comey would be notified that under no circumstances should he recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton because if he did, his recommendation would not be followed. In all likelihood, Comey was notified that by recommending prosecution he would precipitate a crisis that would likely result in his termination in disgrace and, in any event, would not end in prosecution. Likely Comey was "encouraged" to create whatever rationale he could muster to "justify" his recommendation not to prosecute.
  5. While Comey obediently failed to recommend prosecution, it is clear he was very disturbed by these behind-the-scenes manipulations of the DoJ. So Comey laid out massive evidence of criminal violations of national security laws by Hillary and those privy to her private email containing classified information. The actions by these parties were willful and deliberate. Many current and former prosecutors have come forth over the past 24 hours to emphatically state the evidence provides a solid foundation for a Grand Jury to indict and prosecutors to successfully prosecute criminal charges against Hillary Clinton and her associates who facilitated her criminal actions. Yet Comey obeyed his orders and provided a self-contradictory rationale for not recommending the DoJ prosecute.
  6. We are still to hear from AG Lynch, but it is not difficult to expect she will compliantly "go along" with the FBI's recommendation.

Meanwhile, Democrats who would sell their soul (if they believed they had one) to acquire and hold political power are claiming all kinds of nonsense in defense of Hillary Clinton. We're told that this type of sloppy handling of classified information occurs all the time and is all very innocent. We're told that all this flap is just "political". We're told Hillary Clinton was "exonerated" and "found innocent", neither of which are remotely true.

Apparently, a precondition to being a good Democrat is a demonstrated ability to serially lie with a straight face.

Any other individual (particularly any Republican individual) would have been indicted and prosecuted long ago for just a small fraction of the many criminal violations of both national security and FOIA laws that the FBI has incontrovertible evidence were committed by Hillary Clinton.

Clinton's violations were knowing and deliberate. Her brash use of nonsecure communications while traveling abroad in nations of our adversaries reveals a gross indifference to her obligation to secure information concerning our national security.

As a career Federal Employee of the Department of Defense during which I held a security clearance over a career spanning 33 years, I can unequivocally state that there is no possibility that anyone handling classified documents is not completely aware of the precautions that must be taken.

Those with Federal security clearances are subjected to annual security training. Hillary Clinton was no different. Indeed, she apparently ordered her private server within days of when she had a private security briefing detailing the precautions that must be taken when handling or transmitting classified government information.

It is disturbing to contemplate that there may be sufficient American voters who would jeopardize their own safety and security by helping elect someone who:

Rabid Hillary supporters will not be convinced of anything. They are what they are. Hillary could be seen on camera passing TOP SECRET information to adversarial foreign governments and her supporters would provide some rationale for "moving on".

The biggest story, however, is not that Hillary dodges yet another criminal investigation for which anyone else would be tried, convicted and sent to prison. No, the biggest story is the level of corruption in the Obama Administration. The scandals seem to occur back to back and even simultaneously. Political use of the IRS. The release of terrorists from Guantanamo, one-third of them known to have rejoined terrorist operations. Serial lies about Obamacare. And the untold story of the behind-the-scenes activities that led to Justice Roberts' bizarre Obamacare rulings.

It would be a national disgrace to follow two terms of the most transparently corrupt Administration in our nation's history with the election of the most corrupt candidate to ever seek the Presidency.

This is no election to sit idly by or waste your vote on a fringe candidate when it is imperative that Hillary Clinton not be allowed anywhere near classified information or the reigns of political power.

Bob Webster
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