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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  March 1, 2016

Topic category:  Elections - Politics, Polling, etc.

Marco Rubio - Playing Both Ends Against the Middle
Rubio appears to be disintegrating under pressure. Can the GOP continue to push this unstable candidate?

By selling his soul to the GOP establishment and its donor-class big money contributors, Marco Rubio has left himself no course but to follow the demands of those desperately trying to cling to control of the GOP. This is a huge miscalculation for both the young Senator and the GOP establishment. Coming from Tea Party roots and carrying a banner proclaiming his "conservatism", Rubio is, at the same time, taking money and direction from the insider GOP establishment beholden to their big donor class. Rubio has embarked on a classic course of playing both ends against the middle.

Marco Rubio is running a self-contradictory campaign.

On the one hand, he postures himself as a Tea Party conservative, standing up for traditional conservative values.

On the other hand, he willingly takes donor-class money to fund his campaign and is being put forward as the darling of the GOP "establishment".

Does the GOP really believe people are so naive they will not see just how transparent Rubio has become?

Rubio sold his soul to the GOP establishment and is now taking his cues from them.

This fact is revealed in Rubio's desperate attempt to make himself the least bit relevant on the eve of Super Tuesday.

Americans do not like two-faced individuals. And they utterly despise two-faced politicians with a vengeance.

Rubio's new tactic will not succeed. His childish, sixth-grade name-calling negativism is a major turn-off to people who want to hear clear policy statements from candidates.

We are NOT interested in childish bickering. From ANY candidate. And least of all from a too-young inexperienced Senator who has not really distinguished himself in politics and has no real executive experience.

Rubio's latest assaults on the GOP front-runner has all the earmarks of a GOP establishment that has lost track of reality.

In promoting the Rubio campaign's negative attacks, the GOP establishment has seriously miscalculated the consequences.

Rubio's two-faced tactic will backfire. Rubio will lose some of his support and that which he loses will be shared by the two candidates who are ahead of him in the primary campaigin (Trump and Cruz).

A more fitting consequence cannot be imagined.

Who is left around which the GOP establishment can rally?


There is some justice in politics after all.

Bob Webster
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