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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  November 7, 2012

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Obama Wins! America Loses!
Was our electoral process "stuxnetted", or are Americans really this ignorant?

Until today I had not believed it possible the American people were so utterly ignorant that they could actually re-elect the absolute worst president in American history. How wrong I was. Or was the bizarre electoral result produced by sophisticated malware fraudulently altering electronic vote totals?

Now that American voters have rejected the one best-qualified man who might have saved our once-great nation from utter ruin, and instead re-elected the candidate with the absolute worst record for any presidency, it is clear that the state of education and news presentation in the United States has fallen to a depth from which it is not likely to recover.

There is also a very real possibility that our election was compromised by very sophisticated vote count fraud in the form of malware residing in electronic voting devices.

Our education system no longer teaches history, our Constitution, or civics. Evidently, it doesn't teach responsibility either.

Today, students graduate with no clue about the form of government our Constitution created. Instead, they are taught to believe our nation was conceived as a "democracy" where voters elect representatives to go to Washington to vote goodies for the general public's benefit. This naive and immature view of governance has been the foundation for our nation's ruination.

We no longer have a news media in the United States. We have a de facto "ministry of propaganda," without whose full-time help, Barack Hussein Obama could not possibly have won either a first or a second term.

Was our election "stuxnetted" (or "obamanetted")?

The bizarre results in both Ohio and Florida strongly suggest that our election process was distorted by sophisticated electronic vote count fraud.

Voters using electronic voting devices on election day could well have had their votes switched despite their display indicating a proper vote. Such a result could be obtained by "stuxnetting" the process.

Let me explain. The "stuxnet" worm is a sophisticated piece of malware code that was used to infiltrate Iranian computers used to enrich uranium to weapons grade. Stuxnet essentially prevented centrifuges from performing at the capacity required to yield the needed enrichment.

So how could such malware (we'll call ours "obamanet") affect our election? Actually, very easily.

"Obamanet" malware could be carried from device to device (as was stuxnet). Because voting devices are electronically connected to other tabulation devices to tally up vote totals, the obamanet worm could easily have been introduced at any time during the period of testing and verifying equipment prior to the election.

This is how it would work:

The obamanet malware would spread to the programming of each voting device. It would be designed to become effective the day and time voting begins on election day and terminate and erase all traces of itself within 24 hours of when voting ends. This would leave no trace of the worm in the device's code and nothing to detect.

The code would be designed to randomly convert a confirmed vote (in the eyes of the voter) for Mitt Romney to a vote for Barack Obama in the vote tabulation process. Such conversions would be designed to occur with a certain frequency so that, say 2%, of votes cast for Romney would randomly be tallied as votes cast for Obama. As this would happen only after a voter had confirmed his vote, the only information actually recorded in the device would be a vote cast for Obama, not the apparently confirmed vote cast for Romney.

A 2% conversion frequency (a setting built-into obamanet malware) would yield a net 4% swing to Obama.

The beauty of this sophisticated fraud is that it is impossible to detect since it occurs only during voting, confirms a vote the voter intended, records an opposite vote, then, after polls close and all voting is completed, it annihilates itself leaving no trace of any fraud and no way to detect the problem!

If such an obamanet malware was used in the states of Florida, Virginia, and Ohio (and possibly several other key states), the results seen for those states would resolve the following mysteries:

Early voting (unaffected by any malware) in both Ohio and Florida showed much tighter results in 2012 than in 2008. This was anticipated as was a much better performance on election day for the Republican candidate (based on historical voting trends and increases in the proportion of registered Republicans statewide).

Election day voting was massive in Republican areas of Ohio and Florida while at the same time "disappointing" in Democrat areas of both states. In fact, the turnout in Republican areas was described as "unprecedented" and mirroring the massive "Chick-fil-A" turnouts nationwide on August 1, 2012.

Yet the tallies in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia showed no corresponding massive surge for the Romney vote, a surge that, given the turnout, should have easily produced a Romney victory margin in those states of from 3% to 5%.

The existence (and subsequent self-annihilation) of an "obamanet" malware worm that altered voting device tallies is a plausible explanation for what otherwise can only be viewed as a bizarre act of national suicide by the electorate.

With all the polls again trending up for Romney following the absurd "bump" Obama received from Sandy (another bizarre moment for the electorate), there has to be some rational explanation for Obama's totals exceeding Rommey's when Obama would do more poorly with every demographic than he did in 2008 and the vote turnout rate in Democrat areas was well below what the turnout rate was in Republican areas of Ohio and Florida (according to observers at polling sites).

To avoid a conclusion of some form of vote tally fraud, one would have to believe it plausible that a portion of the massive and enthusiastic Republican vote turnout was for the purpose of voting for Obama!

The beauty of using an obamanet malware is that it's existence is an easy hypothesis for the "ministry of propaganda" to ridicule because there is no residual evidence that it ever existed beyond the baffling vote totals that defy any other plausible analysis or explanation.

Well, whatever the cause of this bizarre election result, at this point I've had it with politics.

Whether our election has been sabotaged by malware or public stupidity, I find sufficient reason to believe neither the American people nor the current unconstitutional United States government are worthy of any effort to remediate. There can be no helping a willfully ignorant people. There is simply nothing left worth saving.

Finally, I strongly suspected the election was going to go well for this mediocre empty suit who masquerades as President when exit polling claimed 63% of the people said that superstorm Sandy influenced their vote! If that was anything other than a manufactured statistic, I can only conclude, "good grief!" The pathetic response of Obama to the ongoing crisis of Sandy's destruction was limited to an opportune photo-op with New Jersey's fawning Governor Christie (a man who should have zero future in national politics) followed by a quick jet trip to Nevada to resume campaigning! Evidently, the people really are that shallow.

A people so pathetically simple that they would allow a single storm, no matter how severe, to erase the disaster of four years of gross mismanagement of our federal government, is a people not worth lifting a finger to help.

That Americans would sacrifice future opportunities for their children and all future generations, and continue saddling them with an unprecedented debt burden, simply to re-elect the least qualified and most disastrous President in our history, betrays a citizenry not worthy of salvation.

It's time to find John Galt.

Or, as they say south of the border, adios amigos!

Bob Webster
WEBCommentary (Editor, Publisher)

Notes:  This is likely my last commentary. I fully intend to drop out of any political activities and cease writing for the benefit of far too few who can do far too little to try to re-establish the great constitutional republic of the United States.

I will continue to maintain the WEBCommentary site until such time as rates skyrocket with inflation or the domain name lease runs out.

It has been fun.

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