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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  October 27, 2012

Topic category:  Corruption in Government

Benghazi-gate: Obama is a Serial Liar

It is no longer even plausible to believe that President Obama was not behind the denial of a rescue mission that would likely have saved at least two of the four Americans killed on September 11, and it could have saved all four, including Ambassador Stevens. Newest details emerging about this story demonstrate conclusively that the President has lied repeatedly since this incident and must be held accountable. Not only has Obama's lack of decisiveness cost four lives, his coverup has betrayed the trust the American people put in their President.

President Obama must go.

The events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi and the White House are emerging in sufficient detail to conclude President Obama's cowardly inaction is directly responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. Either by the electoral process or by impeachment and removal, Obama must go.

What we now know:

The direct action of the President is required to issue a "stand down" order to those tasked with security and rescue operations for situations of this magnitude. The lack of such an operation being launched is clear evidence the President denied help to those under attack by issuing the "stand down" order.

It is now evident that President Obama put greater effort into covering up the real nature and duration of the Benghazi attack than in trying to minimize the attack's damage. Had Obama allowed an immediate counterattack to be launched, American lives and territory in Libya could have been protected. Instead, a carefully constructed lie was delivered repeatedly over the next two weeks that claimed a YouTube video, online and barely seen since July, had triggered a spontaneous protest that led to violence. Federal officials acted on this lie in arresting and jailing the producer of the YouTube video. That individual is still in jail.

So what was the real reason President Obama followed the bizarre course of action he took?

You might ask, why would the President:

Common with all speculation about Obama's motives is the acknowledgement that his singular positive accomplishment was the Navy Seal operation that killed Osama bin Laden. We now know that Obama did not make the decision that launched that attack. It was made by senior administration officials who were concerned that Obama's aide, Valerie Jarrett, would once again convince Obama not to launch the raid -- just as she had on three prior opportunities during 2012. The raid was launched and then Obama was notified (he was playing golf at the time) so that he could come to the White House (and claim credit, of course). But what was Obama's contribution to that operation? He immediately blabbed the news to CNN, making it instant knowledge throughout the world. This made useless all the key intelligence information obtained from bin Laden's computers and papers that were retrieved. It is entirely possible that had this operation remained secret for several weeks or a month, that those Al Qaeda operatives who participated in the Benghazi raid might have been neutralized to the point the raid would never have happened.

There is a scenario that explains all. His plan for an "October Surprise" to boost his election chances. Such "surprises" have become routine practice for his party over recent Presidential elections.

What scenario explains the bizarre nature of Obama's actions?

Nobody but Obama knows the real truth, but such a scenario explains the lack of security and the denial of a rescue mission, believing the Ambassador would be kidnapped and not killed. But, apparently, in trying to smoke out the Ambassador by setting fires, terrorists did not realize that Ambassador Stevens would not survive the smoke inhalation and that he would remain in a barricaded area they could not penetrate under the prevailing smoky conditions.

Consider what Obama must have known when he made his brief morning-after Rose Garden announcement before flying off to Nevada for an election fundraiser!

The circumstantial evidence is compelling that President Obama is not only a serial liar, but he was willing to jeopardize American lives for a cheap stunt to create an October Surprise.

Bob Webster
WEBCommentary (Editor, Publisher)

Notes:  View a video of former Navy Seal Tyrone Woods' father talking about his son's death during the Benghazi attack:

Tyrone Woods' father speaking about his son's death.

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