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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  October 17, 2012

Topic category:  Elections - Politics, Polling, etc.

Presidential Debate #2: Obama Pegs the BS Meter

If this is what we get when Obama shows up awake for a debate, maybe he better take a sleeping pill before the final debate. His performance was certainly animated. But his familiarity with truth was fleeting at best as he repeatedly dealt in fantasyland with question after question. I'm sure the Left will be jumping with joy and declare Obama the "winner" for the mere fact that he was a boisterous, obnoxious proponent of The Big Lie campaign about Romney.

If lying wins points in a debate, then Obama was the clear winner of the second presidential debate, pegging the BS meter repeatedly. Such behavior will no doubt receive robust cheers from his hard core supporters, but it will not stop the steady migration of thoughtful voters to Romney from both those who were leaning to Obama and the undecided.

In this townhall format (a format that should be scrapped), Obama was clearly aided time and again by the moderator resulting in, yet again, more speaking time for the Democrat candidate. So for the second debate in a row, the Republican representative had to debate two opponents simultaneously. Even with that handicap, Romney was the clear winner on substance whereas Obama improved his performance just for staying awake.

However, when it came to speaking the truth, Obama had virtually nothing to offer.

Obama lied about:

This debate, once again, made very clear the enormous distinction between the two candidates for President. On the one hand, we have a challenger who is an accomplished, successful executive who has vast experience solving debt problems and energizing business and who has no desire to become a career politician because he considers public service an act of sacrifice and service to his country and who will put his considerable talent to work to get America back on the right track to economic strength, real private sector job growth, and free-market economics. On the other hand, we have a President who presided over four years of the worst economic malaise this country has experienced in 80 years and whose only campaign strategy he has is to lie about his opponent, repeatedly, and claim his opponent is lying when he corrects the record. Does anyone seriously want four more years of that?

In summary, every salient point truthfully made, every clear and succinct statement of where we are today and how we can recover from this economic and foreign policy malaise was made by Mitt Romney. Obama, while animated during this debate, nevertheless was crass, overbearing, and repeatedly bullied Romney by grossly misrepresenting him as some absurd caricature created by the fertile imaginations of Obama's campaign managers. But worst of all, the President lied to the American people and he did it deliberately and repeatedly. We can do much better. We must do much better.

With Romney, we have clarity, consistency, and honesty. With Obama we have more of the same double-talk, dodging, and blatant lying.

The right choice on November 6 becomes more clear each day. It is a no-brainer.

Let us come together to get our nation back on track to a bright future. Let's all do our part to assure that four months from today we're all excited about the bold start of the new Romney administration.

Bob Webster
WEBCommentary (Editor, Publisher)


[1] Marginal tax rate: The incremental tax rate that gets progressively higher as income bracket increases and which applies only to the portion of total income that falls within a particular bracket (range of income). Most taxpayers have a marginal rate (highest bracket rate they are subjected to) of 25%. For the 2012 tax year there will be six tax brackets ranging from 10% to 35% with taxes on income after deductions calculated by summing:

Your marginal tax rate is the highest bracket rate to which your taxable income is subjected.

[2] Net tax rate: Sometimes called "total" tax rate, net rate is computed by adding taxes due within each income bracket to produce the total tax due and then dividing that figure into the total income subject to taxes (after deductions). For most taxpayers this figure ranges from 0% to 10%. Typically, very high income taxpayers (e.g., the 1%) generally pay at a higher net rate. For example, MItt Romney, at a 14% net tax rate, paid a 40% higher net rate than most people.

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