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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  October 13, 2012

Topic category:  Corruption in Government

Despite Skewed Debates, Romney-Ryan Shine

The level of unreported (in major news media) corruption in government has grown to astounding heights. At the same time stories break about the attempted cover-up of the complete failure of the Obama administration to protect our ambassador to Libya on the anniversary of 9/11/01, in the Vice Presidential debate Vice President Biden lies through his shining, smirking teeth, claiming the administration knew nothing of the ambassador's concerns for his safety.

The 2012 debates we've witnessed so far have revealed on the one hand a lackluster, detached, inept performance by President Obama and on the other hand an energized, engaged, animated performance by Vice President Biden. But both performances shared some things in common. Both Obama and Biden tried to bully their opponents by using more time than their opponents, Obama through motor-mouthing and running on beyond his time and Biden through constant interruptions (aided by the moderator's own interruptions) to prevent Ryan from completing points he was making. Both Obama and Biden repeated the Obama campaign's misrepresentations (lies) of the Romney-Ryan positions. Following his massive loss to Romney in the first debate, Obama and his campaign decided the best tactic was to simply claim Romney "lied" because he did not agree with the gross misrepresentation of his plan and positions.

Evidently, the dismal record of Obama's presidency is so horrific that it must be avoided at all costs, so the Obama team focuses on misrepresenting the Romney-Ryan approach to getting our nation back on track economically and financially. Because the Romney-Ryan plan is a solid and sound approach to job growth, energy independence, resurgent economic growth, significant federal revenue from new jobs and business activity, and fiscal responsibility, it must be demonized with false claims and blatant lies.

Is this the kind of corruption you want in government? Can you imagine the corruption that will emerge from implementing Obamacare with this crowd in charge?

I don't know if anyone else noticed through the distraction created by the glare off Biden's teeth and his constant bullying interruptions of Paul Ryan, but didn't Biden seem to be very well prepared for someone who normally has trouble putting together a coherent sentence? You might chalk it up to the six days he was sequestered preparing for the debate. But it seems to me that his preparation smacked of having had access to the questions that would be asked beforehand. Is that possible?

Consider the following connection of the 2012 debates to far-left associates of President Obama:

William Ayers, 60's radical leftist and close friend of Obama is the son of Thomas Ayers who was a close friend of Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was chosen to mentor the young Obama after he returned at age ten to Hawaii from Indonesia as Barry Soetoro, adopted son of his stepfather. Davis had worked at the Chicago Defender (a communist sympathizing newspaper) with Vernon Jarrett, father of Iranian-born leftist Valerie Jarrett. When Valerie Jarrett worked for the City of Chicago, she hired Michelle LaVaughan Robinson (later to become Michelle Obama) who had previously worked at the Sidley Austin law firm with Bernardine Dohrn, a far left radical and wife of William Ayers. Valerie Jarrett followed Obama as Board member of the Joyce Foundation, where she served with Michael Brewer, husband of Janet Brown, current Executive Director of the Commission on Presidential Debates who selected four leftist journalists to moderate the 2012 debates![1]

Lest you think this is coincidental, there is a lot more to these associations. For example, when on the Board of the Joyce Foundation, Obama funneled money to William Ayer's brother to form the now-defunct Chicago Climate Exchange.

Do you recall during the 2008 campaign that Obama claimed he barely knew William Ayers (he was just a guy who happened to live down the street). Turns out the connections are a lot more than the casual nature Obama led Americans to believe. In fact, Obama's Illinois Senate campaign was launched in Ayer's living room!

Now we know why there is not a single moderator from the staff of FOX News, the only "Fair and Balanced" media outlet on TV.

Remember how the Left faulted moderator Jim Lehrer for not helping Obama more (they didn't actually use that term, but considering Obama received several minutes more time than Romney, what else could they mean). Evidently, they expected Lehrer to badger Romney with contentious questions about his answers. But Jim Lehrer is simply too much of a gentlemen to play that game. Raddatz's style, on the other hand, was to be more involved - which is unfortunate because most people would prefer to hear what the candidates believe are important issues. I couldn't care less about what Raddatz believes is important. On several occasions she attempted to bully Ryan with contentious follow-up questions that gave the impression she was part of the Obama campaign staff. Little of such behavior was directed at Biden.

While the Debate Commission (understandably) dismissed the linkage of Raddatz and Obama through her first marriage (where Obama was a guest), the linkage of Obama and the Commission through Valerie Jarrett justifies the accusation of a skewed process as a consequence of the insider status Obama has with the Debate Commission.

After Obama's complaints that he couldn't use a teleprompter during the first debate, will the Commission allow them in either of the remaining presidential debates? Does anyone seriously think a president can use a teleprompter to resolve crises? A president needs to be able to think on his feet. Any use of a teleprompter during the debates simply opens the door to abuse and charges of favoritism. Such devices are entirely inappropriate for any political debate.

Failure to see a skewed favoritism toward the Obama campaign in these debates (particularly after reading the referenced material below and using your own common sense) would strongly suggest someone who is a highly partisan Democrat and/or is in serious denial.

Despite the obstacles, then, it is remarkable that Romney-Ryan have come out of the first two debates stronger than at any time in the campaign. Biden has been exposed as an uncivil liar, a buffoon and a poor actor. Obama has been shown to be out of his element when he tries to campaign without a teleprompter.

In short, Obama-Biden have been exposed as the empty suits and Romney-Ryan have shone as men of substance and honor.

Clint Eastwood was on to something with his empty chair act.

Bob Webster
WEBCommentary (Editor, Publisher)


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[2]Scandal: Obama, Gore, Goldman, Joyce Foundation CCX partners to fleece USA (http://www.examiner.com/article/scandal-obama-gore-goldman-joyce-foundation-ccx-partners-to-fleece-usa) by Gregory Dail

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