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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  February 16, 2012

Topic category:  Environmental Extremism

MoveOn.org's Childish Nonsense!

A recent MoveOn.org email claims to be fighting "noise of Fox News." Evidently, the folks at George Soros' MoveOn.org (aka, MorOn.org) are afraid of the truth getting out. To realize how truly ignorant these people are, I've reproduced their appeal. It would be laughable were it not reaching the politically illiterate and scientifically ignorant by the millions.

Below is a recent MoveOn.org email claiming to be fighting the "noise of Fox News." To realize how truly ignorant these people are, I've reproduced their email appeal. Links have been removed. One of them led to a video by scientifically illiterate Robert Redford praising Obama's blocking of the Keystone Pipeline as a conduit for "dirty oil". Well, I suppose any unrefined oil might be termed "dirty."

Redford's tirade was steeped in ignorance and out-and-out lies. The fact is, the propose pipeline would be difficult to find in a map of all existing pipelines that crisscross the midwestern US! Pipelines are notoriously safe. Oil remains one of the least expensive sources of abundant energy. With increasing Middle Eastern tensions and the Obama administration openly encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood to further disruption, there is a strong possibility that Middle Eastern oil production could come to a screeching halt, putting enormous pressure on oil prices to skyrocket, thanks to Democrat's long-standing obstruction of recovery of relatively inexpensive fossil fuels that pose absolutely no significant danger to our environment, but whose lack poses a massive danger for our economic well-being.

The lies and distortions in Redford's calm tirade is matched by the propaganda spouted by this email. They are borderline treasonous to the future safety and well-being of all Americans, including the dupes who actually believe such trash.

The MoveOn.org email [my comments and clarifications of progressive-speak interjected in italicized brackets]:

Dear MoveOn member,

These people are either completely ignorant of truth and reality, or they are consciously aiding and abetting the attempted destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Progressivism and American Constitutionalism opposing philosophies that are incompatible and, for that reason, so-called "progressives" aim to destroy our Constitutional Republic through simple neglect of our Constitution.

If you know anyone who has been taken in by MoveOn.org, please give them help so they might recover from their mental disorder before the November elections. I suggest handing such people a pocket edition of our Constitution (if they can read) for starters.

Bob Webster
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