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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  August 12, 2009

Topic category:  Government/Politics

Political Correctness & Multiculturalism = National Suicide
How cultural distortions dull senses and inhibit appropriate responses to the Islamic terrorist threat

Several generations of young Americans have grown up believing they should be politically correct and embrace multiculturalism. To the extent this campaign has been successful, the United States is culturally weakened against the greatest threat to its existence since its founding.

Under the banners of "political correctness"[1] and "multiculturalism"[2] the United States has experienced cultural shifts that have led to the perversion of rational information processing. These banners are waved most violently by the political Left who are ardently pursuing a course designed to destroy traditional American values that are essential for the preservation of the United States as a free and prosperous nation.

Fostered by radical teachers and professors in public schools and universities, conformance to political correctness and multiculturalism have worked into the mainstream of our culture in ways that short-circuit the public's consciousness of threats both from within and of foreign origin.

The very nature of political correctness acts to inhibit free expression of ideas. This is done with the notion that it is more important to protect someone's feelings than to allow ideas to be freely expressed. Such repression of normal discourse is never beneficial. Let ideas be expressed freely so they can stand on their merits. We need to get over this idea that people don't have the common sense to separate nonsense from legitimate commentary.

Look around and the signs of cultural weakness and loss of the American identity are everywhere. The language is perverted by avoidance of gender-neutral forms of male pronouns so as not to offend women who haven't the maturity to get beyond superficial symbolism. Public documents are available in a variety of languages so that immigrants do not have to learn the nation's language. While tourist and diplomatic areas should be applauded for providing useful information to foreign nationals, it is completely inappropriate to bend over backwards and provide a host of public documents, including voting materials, to immigrant citizens so they can remain illiterate in the nation's language.

It is easy to overlook the insidious designs of multiculturalism. After all, isn't the United States the great "melting pot" of the world? Certainly there is more diversity of backgrounds and cultures living within the United States than any other country on Earth. But the distinction between multiculturalism and the great melting pot is that the former aims to replace celebrating the American culture while the latter is characterized by foreign-born citizens embracing American culture.

Toleration in the extreme is as dangerous as complete intolerance. Both political correctness and multiculturalism are prime examples of overly extreme toleration that threatens our nation's existence.

Without question, the two biggest threats to our Constitutional Republic come from: (1) barbaric Islamic terrorists, and, (2) self-serving politicians in Washington, DC who ignore constitutional limitations of their power and who work tirelessly to increase government's domination over every facet of American life. The latter's incompetence and arrogant self-interest plays into the hands of the former. Taken together, this nation is in deep peril for its survival.

Fortunately, we have a solution for self-serving politicians. It's called the ballot. But will Americans be sufficiently aroused to throw out incumbants in the 2010 elections? If not, the peril from both threats will increase dramatically.

Half of the battle is becoming aware of the nature of those who threaten our existence as a nation. There is no question that with tea parties and townhall meetings, signs indicate the great "silent majority" is waking up and will no longer sit idly by in silence. More important, these mostly independent voters will not sit out coming election cycles. For our political crisis the solution may be at hand. It will take hard work and continued public diligence and demonstrations to overcome the irresponsible media who have been supporting the political destruction of this nation. Fortunately, the power of media is becoming less and less potent as people simply switch off and search for the truth where they are not subjected to constant bias and propaganda.

The most difficult and perhaps greatest threat comes from barbaric Islamic terrorism. Much of the power Islamic terrorists have comes from the abdication of the American news media from performing their duty as informer of the people. Despite the horrors of 9/11, the public simply is not aware of the extent of barbaric Islamic hatred of western civilization and the United States.

Are all Muslims barbaric? No. Do all Muslims hate the United States? No. But the threat is enhanced by a combined lack of any public effort of moderate Muslims to distance themselves from barbaric Islamic terrorists coupled with the dismal effort made by the American media to expose and keep in the public forefront this great danger that lurks in our country. There is a clear and present danger from barbaric Islamic terrorists who live and work among us, awaiting the day when they can do their duty to Allah and kill as many American innocents as possible.

Everyone will benefit from watching the compelling series of seven YouTube® videos linked below. These videos should be particularly helpful to those who have any doubt about the severity of the threat. Brigitte Gabriel is a passionate survivor of barbaric Islamic terrorist brutality in Lebanon. Hear in her own words the horrors that are routinely inflicted on innocents by these barbaric Islamic terrorists, all in the name of Allah.

Anyone who watches these videos through to the end (including the Q&A videos) will understand that it is no longer acceptable to have an American president bowing to radical Islamic kings and apologizing to radical Islamic clerics and politicians for American efforts to preserve and defend freedom, while concurrently snubbing the Israelis, our greatest ally in the area.

Brigitte Gabriel:

Brigitte Gabriel on Barbaric Islamic Terrorists - Part 1

Brigitte Gabriel on Barbaric Islamic Terrorists - Part 2

Brigitte Gabriel on Barbaric Islamic Terrorists - Part 3

Brigitte Gabriel on Barbaric Islamic Terrorists - Part 4

Brigitte Gabriel on Barbaric Islamic Terrorists - Part 5

Brigitte Gabriel on Barbaric Islamic Terrorists - Part 6

Brigitte Gabriel on Barbaric Islamic Terrorists - Part 7
Brigitte has two websites that are highly recommended for those who understand that the time for vigilance is now.
  1. American Congress For Truth
  2. Act for America
I urge everyone to join in the crusade to raise awareness of this barbaric threat to civilization. Please circulate this commentary freely to friends and family. Encourage everyone to take the time to watch each of Brigitte's YouTube® videos.

It was never so true as it is today. "United we stand."

Bob Webster
WEBCommentary (Editor, Publisher)


  1. political correctness - the avoidance, often considered taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

  2. multicultural - of, relating to, or constituting several cultural or ethnic groups within a society.

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