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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  April 25, 2009

Topic category:  Military/Defense

The Real History of Navy SEALS Making Three Somali Pirates "History"
Barack Hussein Obama's overcautious approach nearly cost Captain Phillips his life

The writer of the "real story" is a former Green Beret Captain who served three tours in Vietnam. He then spent 20 years with Az DPS, part of which time he was on the department SWAT team. Retired as a District Commander in Tucson, he now lives in Oklahoma. This is the account given to him by his Special Ops contacts of what the American crew went through off the coast of Somalia. Interesting stuff! For those of you who don't know, POTUS is an acronym for President Of The United States.

The following is a detailed account from a highly reliable source describing the actions that led up to the demise of three Somali pirates. This story is in response to an earlier story circulating the internet that was politically-charged and is inaccurate in key areas. This version is based on reports from the writer's (a former Green Beret Captain) contacts at NSWC Norfolk and at SOCOM Tampa.

That is the complete story as relayed to me.

Bob Webster
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This information was received from an American Patriot, Jim Coles, and came to him from highly reliable sources.

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