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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  October 7, 2008

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McCain Flubs Again

At least in the first debate, McCain found his stride and wiped Obama up on foreign affairs. In their second "debate" Obama continued his "smooth-talk express" sprinkled with assorted lies while McCain's performance was robotic, lacked spirit, and was, quite frankly, bland. Who is advising McCain to pull his punches and try to come across as a "nice guy"? Nice guys finish last.

McCain needed a good night. Not just a fair night. In fact, he needed a VERY good night. What we witnessed was at best a "fair" night.

For some reason, McCain seems unwilling to pounce on Obama's many mistakes, lies, and weaknesses. Either he doesn't recognize them, or simply cannot formulate an argument on the fly.

Whatever the reason, the sad reality is that McCain's inability to debate in any of these formats will likely doom his far superior candidacy. That is very bad news for the American people.

There really isn't much more anyone can say about this dismal performance.

Maybe the last debate should be between Obama and Sarah Palin.

Bob Webster
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