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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  September 5, 2008

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An Alaskan Writes About Sarah Palin

Here is the inside story on Sarah Palin -- the story the liberal media won't be writing about.

I received the following message in my email today. It is the response of an Alaskan to the question from a friend in the lower 48 (or, as Barack Obama might say, from the lower 57), who is Sarah Palin?

The Alaskan's answer is quite interesting and instructive.

Message follows:

That is how typical Alaskans view Gov. Sarah Palin.

Not quite the same picture painted by the sneering, smarmy liberal media "know-nothings", is it?

Here's a thought. How about each of us making a big effort to get out the vote for McCain-Palin in November just so that on election night we can all enjoy watching the smarmy liberal media stew in their own juices? How sweet that would be.

Bob Webster
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