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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  August 29, 2008

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McCain's Excellent VP Choice: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin
Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!

The debris has not been cleaned in Colorado and already the major news story is Republican nominee-elect John McCain's surprising choice for his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

Until McCain announced his running mate, I must admit that I'd been somewhat lukewarm to the candidacy of Sen. John McCain. I'd been most apprehensive about his running mate selection. There are many opportunities to make the wrong statement by choosing someone who might do more damage than good. Clearly, Sen. McCain has had a problem with the conservative base of the Republican Party. How would his choice affect that base?

With his selection of Alaska's Gov. Sarah Palin for his Vice-Presidential running mate, Sen. McCain has made a brilliant choice that will re-energize the support of the large conservative majority in the United States.

The timing of Sen. McCain's decision could not have been better, either. Coming the morning after the Democrat Party anointed first-term Senator Barack Obama as their candidate for President, McCain's selection has snatched the news focus from the Obama campaign to his own. This could well be one of the most briliiant strokes of genius of any Republican presidential candidate in memory.

Reasons why Palin is a great selection:

Enthusiasm for McCain's selection must be tempered by a recognition that no matter how appealing the Republican ticket has become, until votes are counted nothing is a sure thing. Let Liberal Democrats maintain their corner on the market for hubris. Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, and independents who are energized by the McCain-Palin ticket need to do what they do best. Work hard for what is best for our country.

Sen. McCain has done his part. Now let's all do ours and enthusiastically support McCain-Palin.

Bob Webster
WEBCommentary (Editor, Publisher)

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