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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  June 19, 2008

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A Review: Energy Keepers, Energy Killers by Roy Innis, Chairman, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
The New Civil Rights Battle

If you are at all upset about catastrophic rising fuel and energy prices, then you must read Roy Innis' latest book to learn how and why lily-white wealthy elitist enviro-terrorists controlling most "environmental" organizations have conspired to drive up the price of your fossil fuel and electricity.

Reviewing author preface:

[Throughout this review, I use my own term, "enviro-terrorist" to describe energy terrorists (Innis' "Energy Killers") who hide behind the label "environmentalist" to disguise their real objective, which is to strangle the American economy by denying needed fossil fuel energy in order to destroy capitalist America in favor of a subdued nation subservient to UN designs and socialist redistribution of wealth. These people are also known as "liberal Democrats", "progressives", and "enlightened intellectuals" (to themselves). In reality, they are self-delusional pseudo-intellectuals who believe their own propaganda in order to pray at the altar of the temple of socialist-environmentalism. To them, the environment is merely a tool to achieve their nefarious objectives.-- Bob Webster]

Roy Innis' new book, Energy Keepers, Energy Killers is essential reading for anyone who might vote in November. With the information you'll obtain by reading this excellent investigative work, you'll know how to question candidates and understand their campaign literature and advertising so that you can vote for candidates who will solve our fuel and energy crisis, not those who are contributing to it.

Innis reveals how devious wealthy elites who control environmental organizations use organization funds (much of which come from government grants and contributions from trust funds controlled by liberals) to find fossil fuel deposits, then use their organization to lobby Congress to put such lands into preservation so that those energy resources cannot be tapped. By abusing federal programs designed to protect environmentally sensitive areas and/or special sites that are unique (e.g., Devil's Tower), these organizations have been instrumental in convincing politicians (usually Democrat) to put massive deposits of fossil fuel energy sources off limits to energy providers. They "convince" politicians by waging war on their opponents at election time, using any means possible, including lies, deceit, and suggestions of scandal where none exist. Once elected, these politicians owe their allegiance to the enviro-terrorist organizations and, to show their appreciation, appoint "enviro-terrorists" to key staff positions and government jobs. This kind of political chicanery is not in the best interests of constituents, but from the politician's perspective virtually guarantees re-election.

This excellent book has two parts, each with four chapters. Part One, "Energy Keepers", devotes chapters to "The Energy Problem", "The Political Problem", "Global Warming Horror Movies", and, "Renewable Fantasies". Each chapter clearly presents the fundamental problems facing our energy supply, and one of them is not a lack of resources for the simple reason that this country is awash in fossil fuel deposits that will last it well into the 23rd century. Political deceit, scams like "global warming" that demonize fossil fuels, anti-energy enviro-terrorist organizations posing as stewards of the environment in concert with liberal politicians are all at the root of our current energy problems. There is plenty of potential energy but far too little political will to serve the American people by eliminating artificial barriers to extracting and using fossil fuel energy resources. Instead, politicians serve their own interests by allying themselves with enviro-terrorists to assure their continued election and a continuing crisis that they can blame on the "oil companies"!

Recall the recent Senate sessions where oil company executives were brought before the Senate so Democrat Senators could create "sound bites" for their election campaigns showing them berating "big oil" by implying that oil companies were responsible for the rapid and unprecedented increase in gasoline and diesel fuel prices. It was pointed out to the imperious Senators that both federal and state taxes each take more out of each dollar of gasoline than do oil company profits. It was Senate Democrats who have told the American people to "drop dead" by voting down Republican proposals to open a tiny fraction of the ANWR and offshore continental shelf for oil recovery! But there they were, those same Democart Senators pointing accusing fingers at oil company executives while steadfastly refusing to relax refinery construction regulations and open known areas of fossil fuels to extraction of our resources!

In Part Two, "Energy Killers", Innis has chapters devoted to "Energy Graveyards", "Killing Oil and Gas", "No-Energy Tactics", and "Fighting Back", a proposal for what citizens can do to break the bond between politicians and enviro-terrorists. You will learn about the "NoDOG" ("NO Dirty Oil or Gas") memo, written by a disenchanted environmentalist insider that describes an enviro-terrorist scheme designed to stop any use of oil and gas. In chapter 5, "Energy Graveyards", Innis describes how enviro-terrorists manipulate elections to put their stooges in power and how, in turn, their stooge then installs enviro-terrorists in key staff and other government jobs where policy can be manipulated to serve enviro-terrorist objectives. Innis recounts the following chilling story of how these enviro-terrorists work to prevent energy resources from ever being used (this material is found on pages 63-66) :

This is but one example of the inordinate power of environmental elitists who use that power to deprive you of your right to abundant energy at affordable prices.

This book is devastating in its revelations about how Washington is broken when it comes to energy policy. It is a call to action and those who value our nation's future had better get serious about our energy and political problems and heed Innis' advice to become involved with the solution.

This book is only 89 pages, but it is packed with information you need to cast an informed vote this November.

Before voting, Innis advises you to view candidates in light of their answers to these questions:

I suggest you might also learn whether the candidate you vote for:This new book by Roy Innis is a must read for anyone preparing to vote in November. Read it yourself. Pass along a copy to friends and relatives. Buy extra copies for gifts.

We are involved in an energy war with enviro-terrorists and it is a war that this nation cannot lose and survive as a first rate nation.

Do your part to fight back for lower energy prices and a better economic future.

Buying and reading Energy Keepers, Energy Killers should be your first act of fighting back.

Bob Webster
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