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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  March 16, 2007

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More Climate Change Delusion from Senator Boxer

In a mass emailing to the mind-numbed robots who actually believe the human-caused climate change hoax, Senator Boxer shows once again how abysmally ignorant she can be.

Senator Boxer's latest folly is laughable.

Boxer continues to delude herself about the veracity of Al Gore's "humans are causing climate change" propaganda campaign. She has shown she hasn't a scintilla of scientific knowledge, nor is it likely she's ever picked up an authoritative book on climatology or meteorology.

Yet Boxer presses for federal legislation to combat that which is impossible ... human-caused climate change!

In her latest missive to the faithful, she writes:

Al Gore leading Barbara Boxer on global warming? Talk about the blind leading the blind.

What Boxer doesn't tell us is just how many people have NOT sponsored her bill. Let's see, 44,000 people sounds like a lot of people. But then there are over 300 milliion in the USA alone. Hmmmmmm. Well, let's say that of the 300 million in the USA only one-third (100 million) have internet connectivity. Let's assume that roughly half that number are loyal Democrats (50 million with internet connectivity). What percent of internet-connected Democrats in the USA have sponsored Boxer's silly bill? Roughly speaking, that would be 44,000 out of 50,000,000 or just 0.088%. Not even close to 1%. Hardly a ground swell.

Now, suppose we rewrite Boxer's message to reflect our estimate of the internet-connected population of Democrats in the USA. It would read:

Puts things in perspective doesn't it? This illustrates just how silly Senator Boxer's campaign of ignorance based on propaganda can be.

Unfortunately, backed by a similar campaign of ignorance based on propaganda by the major news media outlets and mind-numbed robots in the teaching world, this campaign could succeed as the effect of continual and massive misrepresentations of scientific reality takes its toll on the general population.

A bookstore in the heart of liberaldom (Brookline, Massachusetts) that promotes anti-Bush propaganda and liberal authors demonstrates how incapable the liberal mindset is to being exposed to anything that does not comport with liberal ideological tenets. Perusing the section on political science titles, there wasn't a single conservative writer represented. Not a one. I decided to check their section devoted to scientific issues to see what titles I could find that deal with climate change or global warming. Despite global warming and climate change being in the forefront of liberal scare tactics in recent years, there was not a single title devoted to climatology, meteorology, or climate change. Yet I would be willing to bet that a street poll in this neighborhood would find a massive majority believing the propaganda about climate change being spouted by Gore and Boxer!

If ignorance is bliss, then liberals must be among the most blissful people on this planet!

So much for liberals having even the slightest desire to be adequately informed on issues. Much better to simply follow the mind-numbed robots' marching orders that issue from "liberalism central" at the Democrat National Committee headquarters.

Like lemmings marching to their death at cliff's edge, liberals will dutifully follow the Gore's and Boxer's of the world because they really have no idea what they are supporting. All they need to know is that the position they support is the popular position on NPR, PBS, CNN, Time magazine, The New York Times, Washington Post, and the propaganda ministry at the DNC.

How shallow the Left can be. But they make up for it with their determination to prevail. Ignorance at all costs!

Bob Webster
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