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Author: Bob Webster
Date:  March 14, 2007

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Senators Wrong on Global Warming

Senators Boxer and Edwards mount a scare campaign on global warming that reveals their gross ignorance about climate change.

Within the past few days I've received e-mail messages from both Sen. Boxer and Sen. Edwards who echo the monumental ignorance of former VP Al Gore with respect to climate and climate change.

Here is part of the scare campaign e-mail message from Boxer:

Boxer's message was followed closely by Edwards' that contained the following: Note the use of scare tactics by both Senators in an attempt to motivate.

I responded to both these message knowing that nobody will pay any attention because these Senators are not interested in anything but abusing real science to their own political ends. Nevertheless, if just one staffer actually takes the time to read and think, perhaps a light will go on.

Here is my reply to Edwards:

It is unreasonable for politically-motivated Senators who have staked out a scare campaign to leverage political advantage to stop and think about the danger and disservice they perform by sending such scare tactic messages to their followers.

While Senators may be incapable of real thought, you are capable of thinking and doing your own research to verify the emptiness of the Gore-Boxer-Edwards campaign to cripple the American economy using a fear campaign about global warming.

Don't be fooled by the doomsayers spreading their ignorance about climate change.

Bob Webster
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